Polka Dots Pants – 2 Modern Ways to Style Them

Polka dots have been around forever and lend a light and playful feel to any outfit. How playful depends on how you style them. Here are two modern ways to style polka dots, classic and creative.

polka dot pants, green sweater

1.  Modern Classic

If you’ve ever owned a pair of polka dot pants, then you probably styled them the traditional way were all taught. You match the color of your top to the color of your pants. So if you have a blue and white pair of polka dot pants, you would wear a white top or a navy top. Or, if you were more daring, you might wear a red top, since red, white, and blue are such a classic color combination.

These days there’s much more leeway! The current trend is to wear polka dots pants with something colorful and bright to look fresh and updated. I chose this bright green boatneck sweater to go with my stretchy, cropped polka dots pants. The green with the navy is a vibrant, modern color combination that is more youthful-looking than wearing those safe, traditional colors.

I also like to wear my navy and white polka dot pants with this bright lavender top, a popular color right now. This top takes things one step further because it has texture in the way of lace besides being a nice bright color. So a bright color + lace on a t-shirt worn with polka dots jeans seems new and different!

polka dot pants blue striped sweater

2. Modern Creative

Now, I’m someone who, for the most part, prefers solid colors. The odd time I will wear a print, but I don’t usually wear a print top with print pants. This time I thought I’d be a little different and mix stripes with polka dots.

If you are new to mixing prints, and you are not sure how to mix prints, or you like a conservative mixed print look, then stripes with polka dots is easy to do, and always works. The key here is that this time you do want to keep everything in the same color family, so you get a continuous flow from top to bottom.

Mixing prints is a creative look, and by using the same colors, you keep the look elegant instead of confusing to the eye. If you want to take it one step further, you can add a third color, in the way of a bright bag or colorful shoe, but for my taste, doing both would be overkill.

I hope you’ve picked up some good ideas here, and that you try these out if you buy a pair of polka dots pants, shorts, capris, or a dress! This way of styling polka dot pants works for them all.

One more thing. I love getting your photos. If you create a polka dot look, please send me a good quality photo of you in your outfit.  I’d love to see how this worked out for you!

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    First time I have ordered from your blog. It is a pair of casual shoes In green from Noracora. So cute with good reviews. Looking forward to receiving them.
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