8 Foxy Women Who Dared to Go Gray

Have you been thinking about going gray, but just haven’t had the nerve? Here are eight fabulous women who summoned up the courage and went for it.  Check out these silver foxes and pick up a few tips on how to keep your silver streaks looking stunning!

How to go gray gracefully - smiling woman with gray pixie cut@over50_style

Short spikey gray hair can look super chic. Doesn’t this glam gal look positively radiant in this cute pixie cut that shows off her pretty face? I Love the natural look and those fab nails.


How to grow gray gracefully - smiling woman with wavy gray hair

@simone_ i_ jacob

Simone’s swingy hairstyle and her gorgeous smile make it look as though going gray look is easy. Nude lips give a glow, and defined brows prevent her eyes from fading out.


How to go gray gracefully - smiling woman with Snow white hair@embracingfifty

Valerie from the UK has hair is as white as snow, and she plays it up in a pair of hot pink pants. Her lipstick is fresh and clean, and her whole look soft and gentle.

How to Go gray gracefully - woman with long wavy gray hair@carolinelabouchere

Caroline’s gorgeous mane of silver tresses frames her lovely face. Who said you couldn’t have long gray hair at any age?

How to go Gray gracefully - woman with Short gray bob@freshbeautystudio

Nikol looks sensational in this blunt bob that beautifully frames those big soft eyes. Big, bold brows define the look.

How to go gray gracefully - smiling woman with curly gray hair@silvinaneder

Silvina is wild about her curly locks and looks like a gorgeous free spirit in this stunning cut. Love the artsy eye make-up that shows her creative side.

How to go gray gracefully - woman with silver

Helen looks chic in this mod, geometric bob that is upscale and classy. Her pop of pink lipstick looks fresh and youthful worn with her silver hair.

How to Go gray gracefully - Smiling Woman With Gray Streaked Hair@senkayhair

One bold silver streak frames this gal’s face and adds creativity and excitement.

All these women prove that silver hair is sexy, especially when you get a good cut and pay attention to grooming. Going gray gracefully can often mean more maintenance. That’s because gray hair is naturally dull, dry, and coarse, so you need to use clarifying shampoos and deep conditioners to keep it looking soft and shiny. And since your hair becomes such a major focal point, you need to keep it crisp and trimmed and neat at all times.

It’s also worthwhile to devote a little extra time and attention to your make-up. Fashion journalist, Laurn Ezersky warns, ” Gray hair can look haggy if you don’t wear makeup and look put together.”

Here are a few makeup tips for those of you who have decided to join the “Silver Foxes” Club:

  • Start with a sheer to medium foundation and a dab of powder. Just as your hair, grays so does your skin. It becomes pale, spotty, and uneven, so you need foundation to create a smooth base.
  • A good under eye concealer is a must for women with gray hair.
  • Make sure eyebrows are well-defined with a light pencil. Don’t use black. It’s too harsh.
  • Keep blush very soft and subtle. Just a sweep of color, otherwise you’ll look old and hard.
  • Lipstick is key to adding life to your face. The best shades are soft pinks, roses, and peaches. Stay away from anything that screams bright or anything too dark.
  • Also, avoid brown/neutral shades that are too dull and muddy.


  • Eyeshadow -I love make-up artist Bobbi Brown’s advice on this. She says: “I recommend grays, slates, and white for the eyes, which offer a sleek and sexy look without too much drama.” I’ve found that very soft pink can also work well with gray eyeshadow.

I also found a great book you should check out called Going Gray Looking Great. It covers everything to do with style and beauty for gray-haired women.

It a challenge going gray, but the results can be stunning!

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15 thoughts on “8 Foxy Women Who Dared to Go Gray

  1. I decided to go grey at age 62 when I retired and moved to a new city. It took 8 months, and I got a pixie to make it less painful. I felt so old at first until I got used to short AND grey hair! Wearing cute hats helped hide the dyed hair. I discovered that my hair was almost white. Now 10 years later, it is white. I have brown eyes and I don’t think they look good with grey hair. My hairdresser agreed, but told me I was the exception, and he thought I looked great. People compliment my hair all the time, saying it’s gorgeous! Now I would never go back to dying it. It’s so freeing not to have to worry about my grey roots showing right before an event where I want to look pretty.

  2. I decided to go gray at 57 .My natural color was soft black but as you get older your skin loses tone and dark hair actually makes you look harsh.I My roots were coming in every 2 weeks!!! I did it naturally which was tough( I have long hair) but wore it up and braided it during the awkward “growing out phase” I’m so happy I did..! My eyebrows are still dark so the silver white long hair looks very striking . I can wear colors I never would have dreamed to wear like shocking pink! I usually wear a lot of black ,blue/green. and bluish purple(periwinkle?) All look good.
    At 65 I ‘m still getting compliments on my hair and that feels good!

    1. Hi Pati, Congratulations you silver fox! It sounds like your new gray hair has given you a lot of freedom and confidence. I’m so happy for you and I bet the pink looks fab with you hair. Wishing you all the best, Deborah

  3. Almost 9 yearsa ago I stopped coloring my hair. I’ve embraced my gray, and at 70 I have less upkeep….Great pics and great hairdos….Proud to be a part of the Silver Fox group.

  4. I recently took the plunge and grew out the gray. I am 66 and honestly, I have never been happier with my hair. My husband compliments me daily, telling me how “sexy” I look. My friends and family tell me I look younger! Imagine. If you are on the fence, I say just do it! It is absolutely liberating, and the time and money you save is a fabulous bonus.

  5. Hi Deborah great article even though its 10 years old. I took the plunge last year and cut my hair short! I get so many compliments from women my age, which is 53 now! I didn’t want to dye or put chemicals in my hair anymore. I wish I could post a pic to show you lol!

  6. I found a lady to put gray stips into my haïr.. took all afternoon.. and dryed out my hair, but IT did the job, put in daily a wax to help hydrate my haïr..

  7. After years of dying my hair I have been thinking of letting it go back to it’s natural gray. However it looks kind of strange with only the top being gray while the rest is still brunette. Is there a product that I can put on my hair to make the brown it in fade a little faster?

    1. HI Julie,
      Growing out your hair can be one of the most challenging things a woman can do! One idea is to cut your hair short and let it grow out that way.
      There is really no magic, easy thing you can do to help this process at this time. We know many women who have gone through with this and most say it was really hard but well worth it! Good luck! You might want to put in “grey hair” into our SEARCH box at the top, right of the homepage and read a few articles we have written on the topic and other women’s comments! Good luck and let me know how you are coming along!

  8. I’m 43 (44 in April) and I’ve colored my hair for the last time. My colorist tells me that I’m 40 pecent gray. I know the transition is going to be difficult, especially with shoulder-length hair. But, it must be done. I’ll be 45 – 46 by the time it’s all in and that will be a good day!

    1. Hi Demori, Good for you for daring to go gray. I’m seeing more and more photos even in fashion magazines of women embracing their grey. One suggestion – have your hairdresser come up with a good plan to make the transition. One you are gray, keep your hair nice and shiny to look vibrant.
      Best of luck to you!! Enjoy!

  9. I’ll be 40 in June 09 & I’m really considering letting my hair go to gray. I have naturally dark brown hair that I’ve been dying for the last couple of years (I’m trying to stay w/ my natural color) My biggest concern is the salt & pepper stage….I HATE it. How can I do this naturally w/out staying in that stage too long. I’m not apposed to the gray…it’s the middle stage I dread

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