What to Wear to a Rock Concert Over 40 or 50

Your teenage years spent listening to head-banging music while lying in the dark may be far behind you. But that doesn’t mean your soul still doesn’t belong to rock and roll.

If your favorite band is still going strong and you have tickets to see them, what do you wear to look like the cool rocker you’ve always been?  Here are 3 ideas for what to wear to a rock concert when you are over 40 or 50.Rock Concert - Pink Leather Jacket


Leather Jacket + Jeans

A pair of jeans and a cool moto jacket is a no-brainer combo for a rock concert.  Whether you wear skinny jeans or bootcut, dark wash or light wash ripped jeans or clean; it really doesn’t matter. Whatever suits your body type is the best pair for you. Continue reading “What to Wear to a Rock Concert Over 40 or 50”


What To Wear To A Country Music Concert

Hi Deborah,

My husband surprised me with tickets to a country music concert. I’m excited, but I have no idea what to wear. Jeans come to mind, but that’s about it. Any suggestions for cute country concert outfits? Thanks, Dana

Hi Dana,

A country concert is a lot of fun, and part of that fun is dressing up. Jeans or a casual dress are the most popular things to wear.  It’s often tricky to find that fine line between looking country cute and over the top in western wear that makes you look like you just stepped off your horse. Like anything,  balance is key. Here are some country concert outfit ideas to pick and choose from.

What to Wear to a Country Concert | Floral Top, Boot Cut Jeans, Cowwboy booties outfit styled by Fabulous After 40 | Deborah Boland

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1. Denim is the Natural Choice

You’ll never go wrong wearing a great pair of jeans to a country music concert.  Bootcut, flares,  skinny jeans or cropped; they all work. As for color, the general rule of thumb is, the lighter the jean, the more casual the look. Trending at the moment are embroidered jeans, jeans with fringe at the pant hemline, distressed jeans, and rolled cuff jeans. Continue reading “What To Wear To A Country Music Concert”


What to Wear to a Broadway Show: 4 Casually Chic Outfits

No trip to New York would be complete without seeing a Broadway show. If you’ve been lucky enough to get a ticket to one of the hottest shows in town, you might be now wondering what to wear. Is there such thing as a Broadway show dress code?

Surprisingly, there is no Broadway dress code for the theater – except for opening nights and galas which usually consist of business or cocktail attire.

Other than that, anything goes, which can be rather unfortunate when you have some people turning up in sweats, tank tops, skimpy shorts, and flip-flops. Don’t be one of those. It’s still worth it to wear something nice to a Broadway show. It’s a sign of respect for the actors (who can see you), and it makes going to the theatre a special and more memorable experience for you. NYC Theatre Oufit- Red Top Black Pants

Continue reading “What to Wear to a Broadway Show: 4 Casually Chic Outfits”


What to Wear to a Charity Fashion Show

A few weeks ago I posted some photos from Toronto Fashion week where the majority of the city’s top fashionistas were decked out in black.

Funny enough, I was just at a local charity fashion show here in Burlington for Breast Cancer, and it was the same story. It seems like black is the top choice of gals over 40 at evening fashion events. Take a look at the interesting ways these ladies wear black and the few who broke the mold.

women over 40 wearing leggings, riding boots and jackets

These two women at the fashion show fundraiser stood out from the crowd because of their fabulously put together equestrian looks. On the left:  Head to toe black is always slimming, but looks best when you combine various textures and finishes. This gal mixes smooth, shiny patent leather boots, with matte pants and a tweedy, textured jacket. Continue reading “What to Wear to a Charity Fashion Show”


What to Wear on a Casual Day Out to the Museum

The mystery of Cleopatra and the history of Egypt has always been a topic of intrigue. That’s why the Cleopatra Exhibit at the California Science Center has been so popular! Here’s JoBee and 2 of her girlfriends who headed off to see it.

Don’t these ladies look terrific? And these three gals span 3 decades over 50, 60, 70!

One of the questions that I get so often from my more mature readers is:

“Do I have to dress differently when I’m 60 than when I was 40?”

Casual Day Out to the Museum
Here is proof that you can dress comfortably and chic at any age!


Of course I can’t answer that in just a quick yes or no.  When it comes to over 40 style and taste there are so many variables to keep in mind. Continue reading “What to Wear on a Casual Day Out to the Museum”