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Pretty Valentine’s Day Lingerie

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Whether you’re dropping a hint to your sweetie about the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, or buying a little something for yourself, here’s a look at the latest styles in lovely lingerie.

Short and Sweet

Short seems to be outselling long these days and for good reason. Short nighties and flirty sleep sets are light and cool when you’re feeling those nighttime hot flashes, and they look pretty darn cute!

Passionate Colors

Classic colors rule on February 14th -Red, pink and black are still the top selling Valentine’s colors by far.

Want to go sexy sheer? #2 Sheer White is always pretty.

Like Florals?  # 4 – Here’s an artistic approach to big blooms.

Ready to make a passion play? You can’t go wrong with racy red satin and red lace #3,9 -very sexy!

Trendy Details

Want something modern and fresh? Try #7 – A hot pink swiss dot robe.

What will you be wearing to bed this Valentine’s Day?

Happy Valentine’s Day, Glam Gal.


10 Ways to Dress Sexy on Valentine’s Day Without Letting it All Hang Out

boomer couple romanticAre you going out for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, and want to look sexy without letting it all hang out?

Here are some tips on How to Dress on Valentine’s Day to look alluring at 40, 50, and beyond.

1.  Show Some Skin

Don’t make the mistake of wearing a  turtleneck on a date if you want to look sexy. This kind of coverage signals stay away! Showing some skin is youthful and alluring. But notice, I said some. Continue reading “10 Ways to Dress Sexy on Valentine’s Day Without Letting it All Hang Out”