Sporty Spring Shoes That Score Big!

The Athleisure trend continues to grow, and with it comes sporty spring shoes that really score!

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of shoes to wear with athleisure clothing and sporty tomboy pieces like bomber jackets, silky track pants, mesh tops, shirt dresses, shorts, yoga wear or just your favorite jeans, here’s your answer.

1. Metallic Slides

Athletic slides have gone mainstream. You’ll find them in tons of colors and prints, so why not slip into this futuristic pair of ultra-lightweight metallic sport slides from Adidas with a contoured, cushioned footbed. The wide, comfy silver strap gives them a glam, feminine touch.

2. Slip-On Sneakers 

Statement sneakers score big this season and the comfiest ones are knit. This easygoing slip-on sneaker comes in 3 colors, but I really like this camo print, which is perfect for transitioning to spring. Wear them with joggers or anything athletic-inspired or even something tailored and feminine for a stylish twist.

3. Birkenstock Sandals

Birkenstocks are tried and true because they deliver what they promise. These ergonomic sandals mold to fit the shape of your feet, making them one of the most comfortable sandals around. The only problem was, they haven’t always been the most attractive shoe. But now it seems Birkenstock is moving from soley practical to more fashionable too.

This rose gold Birkenstock sandal has a more feminine feel to it because of it’s brushed metallic finish and pretty polished buckle, but it still makes your feet feel like you are walking on a cloud.

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10 Dressing Tips To Slim Heavy Calves and Ankles

Can you barely squeeze your legs into a pair of boots because your calves are so wide? Have you given up wearing dresses because you don’t want anyone to see your huge ankles?

You may not be able to change the muscular legs or heavy ankles mother nature gave you, but you can make them a lot less noticeable. Here are 10 Dressing Tips to magically slim heavy calves and thick ankles.

heavy calves and ankles

Jessica Simpson, Ricki Lake, Helen Mirren, Alicia Keys

Flats and ankle straps make wide legs and calves look wider.

1. Avoid Flat Shoes

You may love flats, but they don’t love you. Flat shoes emphasize big calves and ankles and make you look squat. You’re better off with a medium-height heel, which tricks the eye into making your legs look longer and leaner.

Also, the wider your legs, the sturdier your heel should be. A  thick, chunky heel balances out heavy legs. A sturdy wedge or platform shoe works well. Avoid skinny stilettos, spike, or tiny kitten heels, which create too much contrast and exaggerate large calves.

If there’s no way you can wear heels ( even low ones), then a d’Orsay flat or peep-toe flat is a good option. The open part of the shoe exposes more foot elongating your legs and emphasizes heavy ankles and legs. Continue reading “10 Dressing Tips To Slim Heavy Calves and Ankles”


Comfy Fall Shoes and Booties to Wear in NYC

Hi Deborah,

I LOVE your website! I was wondering if you can give me some ideas for an upcoming trip to NYC. I am traveling with my husband, mother, and teenage daughters this fall, and we will be doing a LOT of walking around – visiting museums, going to the theater, and window shopping. Could you please advise me on what shoes (or short booties) to wear in New York? Thanks a lot!~Carol

Hi Carol,

I’m so glad you ask about shoes because they are the most important item you need to pack.  New York is a walking city, and you will be pounding the pavement for blocks on end. If your feet aren’t comfortable, you will be miserable! Continue reading “Comfy Fall Shoes and Booties to Wear in NYC”


D’Orsay Flats – Sexy Must Have Shoes For Spring

shoes. If you read my post on sporty spring shoes, you got a pretty good idea of what’s in style if you want a casual shoe. But what if you are on the lookout for something that’s still relaxed, but more elegant and a little bit sexy?

Dorsay Flats - Floral Dress


The d’Orsay Flat is a lovely solution. The d’Orsay, named after 19th century French noble artist and fashion dandy Count Alfred D’Orsay, was was a solution to ill-fitting shoes of the time. California designer Jenni Kayne is credited for bringing back the look in recent years. Celebrities started turning up in chic Jenni Kayne d’Orsay flats, and we all fell in love. Continue reading “D’Orsay Flats – Sexy Must Have Shoes For Spring”


How to Wear Lace-up Flats

Spring’s newest “it” shoe is the lace-up flat, and boy is it catching on like wildfire! I think there are a few good reasons for this.

pink ballet lace up flat


1) Lace- Up Flats are so darn cute!  – They’re feminine, dainty, and they feel like they’re a precious treasure. When you slip them on you, feel special, and they fulfill that pretty-girl ballerina fantasy in all of us. Continue reading “How to Wear Lace-up Flats”