D’Orsay Flats – Sexy Must Have Shoes For Spring

shoes. If you read my post on sporty spring shoes, you got a pretty good idea of what’s in style if you want a casual shoe. But what if you are on the lookout for something that’s still relaxed, but more elegant and a little bit sexy?

Dorsay Flats - Floral Dress


The d’Orsay Flat is a lovely solution. The d’Orsay, named after 19th-century French noble artist and fashion dandy Count Alfred D’Orsay, was a solution to ill-fitting shoes of the time. California designer Jenni Kayne is credited for bringing back the look in recent years. Celebrities started turning up in chic Jenni Kayne d’Orsay flats, and we all fell in love.

What is the d’Orsay? 

The d’Orsay is simply an elegant twist on a flat shoe.  You might say it is a cross between a sandal and a ballet flat. It has a toe and a heel cap but not much in between. The vamp of the shoe is cut away very close to the toe cap, and the sides are gracefully cut away to reveal the naked, curved instep of your foot. (The instep is said to mirror the curves of a woman’s body)

D’Orsay flats are very feminine, a little like wearing a low-cut top – slightly revealing. The pointy toe pairs are the most sophisticated because they elongate your leg and foot, making you look slimmer and taller.

Dorsay Flats - White Jeans


How do you wear them?

Flat heel d’Orsay are hot for spring, but they come with heels too. Many of the new d’Orsay flats sport a sexy ankle strap.

You can wear these chic cutout shoes with jeans, cropped pants, or just about anything to add a little French flirtiness to your outfit. (Roll up your pants to reveal your ankle and the sexy cutouts that tease the eye)

Dorsay Flats - Denim Jeans

Why Women love d’Orsay Flats

Besides being so pretty, they’re also practical. They’re fantastic for the in-between spring season when you want to wear a sandal, but it’s too darn cold to expose your toes.  In summer, they’re perfect for the office where strappy sandals aren’t professional, but you want to feel like you are wearing a light and airy shoe.

Be sure to pick up a pair. They’ll add a modern touch to your wardrobe.

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12 thoughts on “D’Orsay Flats – Sexy Must Have Shoes For Spring

  1. Hi, I have a question about the d’Orsay flats. When I wear mine, I need a little toe cover so that I can slide my bare foot into the shoe and protect the leather interior of the shoe from my toe rubbing on it as I walk. However, I can’t find that cover (I have even cut the end off a stocking). What do others wear as a foot covering under their D’orsay flats?

  2. I love the look of the D’Orsay flats, but I’m so sad that I can’t find them in a wide size. It’s tough to find cute, trendy shoes in wide. ;-(

  3. I love the way these look, but I need some more support. Do you have any suggestions for the ladies with larger feet needing arch help? Something pretty?

  4. LOL, I laugh so hard at the very THOUGHT of “pointed toe” shoes or heels these days. He, I’m way past 40, and I decided to hell with any pain and suffering. I do not even care to try to be “sexy” anymore. Oh sure- I want to look “good” but sexy. LOL. I adore the internet because the whole world of WW shoes is open to me now. A blessing. A good thing.

  5. I adore this look and purchased a flat pair last year. However, the brand I bought isn’t the comfiest…not the shoe’s fault…my tootsies are weird. Seeing all the adorable styles you posted has prompted me to try another pair…The two-toned type is calling my name! They’re so chic and look fabulous with skinnies and flirty summer dresses. I love the way they look with a pencil skirt, too. What a versatile little shoe!

  6. Hello Deborah and the Glam Gals!
    Finally, how refreshing it is to look at SPRING AND SUMMER SHOES! YAY!
    The selection you have shown and what to wear with them is excellent. As always, I anticipate receiving your entertaining and informative emails. A breath of spring–just like you ladies are!
    Best to all,

  7. I love these shoes. I have already purchased four pairs. (red, camel, sapphire blue with a silver tip &amp, of course, black patent). They are genuinely a comfortable style. My feet are more comprehensive in front and narrow in the back, and this shoe accommodates both issues. Love, Love, Love them.

  8. These are nice. I find that chunky platform shoes that are so popular don’t look “so great” on anyone, even teenagers! (I was a teen when they first were in fashion in the ’70s.) They make legs look thicker, and since the sole is inflexible, EVERYONE wobbles around while wearing them. Not sexy in the slightest. Also, they make you prone to trip, and older women are more prone to fractures than younger ones (ask me about my last cast).

    1. Hi June,
      Oh no… the hazards of high fashion! You make a good point, don’t wear shoes that you feel unsafe in; they can be dangerous! It is essential to take the wedge styles and gladiator sandals, for that matter, into moderation. If you are still in your early 40s, you can still pull them off; however, as you age, you might want to be more careful. But you would be surprised how many women over 40 are still rocking these styles! I know one 74-year-old gal out in LA that wears sexier shoes than I do, and she has never fallen yet! But to your point, many women have terrible foot problems and can’t wear anything high. As usual, there is no fast or easy rule for all!

  9. Speaking of shoes, Jimmy Choo has come out with tennis shoes. My husband wants to buy me a pair. Now, I am in good shape, and at 52 yrs old-amI, too old to wear these with my Bermuda shorts. I would only wear the “low top” type, and the color would be taupe, only on casual occasions.

    1. Hi Jennell,
      I love the new Jimmy Cho tennis shoe! It is gorgeous. If your husband wants to treat you to a pair …we say GO FOR IT! One note… make sure you wear a very low sock that is not sticking out of the shoe (you should almost look barefoot)… A hose will RUIN the look of these! Also, shorts may not be the best look for these sneakers; we think a pair of straight-legged jeans will work best in white, khaki, or classic jeans. If you try to wear these with shorts, they might look too clunky. Please send pictures!!!

      Cheers, Deb

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