St. Patrick’s Day – What to Wear

It may seem early, but St Patrick’s Day is coming up! I don’t know if I’m superstitious, or it’s my Irish surname Boland, but I always like to wear a touch of green on St. Patrick’s Day. How about you? Of course, there’s no rule you have to, even if you are Irish, but don’t be surprised to feel a little pinch if you don’t.

Have you ever hear the saying Pinch me, I’m Irish?

It turns out there’s an old American tradition that began in the early 1700s of pinching anyone who forgot to wear green on St. Paddy’s Day.  Irish folk believed wearing green made them invisible to leprechauns and fairy creatures who liked to go around pinching people. St. Patrick’s day partiers soon started pinching those who didn’t wear green to remind them that leprechauns were coming to get them.

You may want to think about that when deciding what to wear on March 17th. (LOL!) It’s coming up soon. Here are a few green ideas for what to wear on St. Patrick’s Day.

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Emerald Green Sparkles this Spring

Emerald is the most beautiful shade of green, the quintessential jewel tone. It’s synonymous with luxury and style and looks chic on women at any age. Wear it with neutrals or give your outfit a bold accent color with emerald accessories.

Right now Ann Taylor is featuring Emerald in their spring collection. They have a lot of beautiful pieces I ran across that work really well to transition you from cooler weather into spring. Here’s a look at some of my favorites.

how to wear emerald green emeralds- emerald green pleated skirt, emerald green striped top

This pretty pleated skirt is a total head-turner! Ladylike knife pleats in floaty fabric contrasted with chic cropped trench jacket give this outfit a cool, sophisticated vibe. Standout stripes in Emerald green always look chic with black pants, especially when you a blouse that has as gorgeous a neckline as this one!

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