10 Major Fashion Trends for Fall 2018 And Ways Women 40, 50 & 60 Can Wear Them

Fall is just around the corner, and so is the new crop of fall fashions that are landing in the stores. Here is a look at the latest trends to freshen up your wardrobe this autumn and how to wear them when you are a mature fashionista.

1. Animal Prints

Animal Print Clothes |10 Major Fashion Trends for Fall 2018 And Ways Women 40, 50 & 60 Can Wear Them | Styled by Fabulous After 40

Animal prints have always been around, but this fall, they are the king of the fashion jungle.  If you have always adored them, you are going to be in animal print heaven, and if you have only watched from afar, you will be tempted to give animal prints a try this fall. Continue reading “10 Major Fashion Trends for Fall 2018 And Ways Women 40, 50 & 60 Can Wear Them”


Cute, Plaid Shirts with a Non-Lumberjack Vibe

If you equate plaid with masculine, flannel lumberjack shirts, then think again. There’s a whole new range of plaid shirts and tops with a pretty new twist.  Here are three cute plaid shirt outfits that are feminine and fashion-forward.

Navy plaid bell sleeve shirt with white skinny jeans

1. Romantic Plaid Shirt with Bell Sleeves

Mix a classic menswear pattern with big bell sleeves and touches of pink for a  casual, romantic vibe. You can shop in this, go out to dinner and look relaxed but current too.


Red Plaid Shirt Leather Pants

2. Sexy Wrap Style Plaid Shirt

A strong plaid print is sleek and sexy when designed as a wrap blouse. This is a blouse is traditional but doesn’t feel it because of that bold pop of red combined with the sexy plaid wrap silhouette. Red is the color of confidence and you will sure look like a boss lady wearing this stunning red plaid blouse with these leather leggings.

SHeer Black and White Plaid Top Black Skinny Jeans

3. Feminine Semi-Sheer Plaid Shirt

If you’ve never worn plaid because it looked and felt too heavy for your taste, then you may be attracted to the plaid done in semi-sheer fabric. This is an interesting twist and one that is very popular especially for gals who are looking for something a little bit different from everyone else.

This particular plaid blouse combines sheer black and white plaid fabric with lace in a very feminine way. Wear this blouse with all black to let the lightness of the top be the focus of your outfit.

Want to see more modern plaid? Check out these bloggers who are mad about plaid!



More Fall Fashion Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

Yesterday I touched on some exciting 2017 Fall Fashion Trends that you’re going to want to start thinking about incorporating into your wardrobe. They were:

  1. Red Trend
  2. 70’s Style
  3. Futuristic Metallics
  4. Classics Deconstructed
  5. Winter Florals

Today, Part II of What’s Trending for September and Beyond…….

Modern Cowboy Trend


6. Modern Cowboy

Also referred to as New Americana, this crafty, homespun trend runs the gamut from kitschy cacti motifs to Texas Tuxedos (a.k.a., head-to-toe denim). For grown-up gals, It’s best served in small doses.

Great fitting jeans with a cowboy-boot-inspired pair of mules, leather vest, or patchwork print scarf will make you look hip and on-trend. A cowhide print prairie dress with cowboy boots, on the other hand, carries the risk of making you look like a long-lost cast member of Little House on the Prairie. Keep it chic, not costumey. Continue reading “More Fall Fashion Trends You Don’t Want to Miss”

Fashion bloggers over 40

Bloggers Who Are Mad About Plaid

You don’t have to be Scottish to be mad about plaid. Here’s a look at this timeless print and how 40+ Instagrammers have added their own modern twist.

Gorgeous red tartan


Jamie from New Mexico looks like she was born to wear plaid in this gorgeous red tartan that makes her look rich and radiant.


Bold plaid shirt with Chelsea boots, leggings and a black bomber jacket


Jeanne, a Boston fashion stylist, has paired her bold plaid shirt with Chelsea boots, leggings, and a black bomber jacket, and the result is a rock n roll, London Beatle’s vibe.


Oversized plaid in modern shades


Here’s a creative spin on plaid. This Spanish Instagrammer takes an oversized plaid in modern shades and mixes it with polka dot nylons for a sit-up- and- take-notice look!


Sweet plaid peplum top with leggings


Who knew plaid could look so flirty and feminine? Kristi, a Dallas fashion blogger, wears a sweet plaid peplum top with edgy leather leggings for a soft meets tough look.


Layered plaid tulip skirt


Sherry from Seattle is a fan of vintage fashion and has recently discovered this interesting layered plaid tulip skirt.  Get to know more about this petite fashionista by reading my Styleblazer interview with Sherry.


Black and white plaid jacket


Diana, NYC, jewelry designer, looks totally chic in a tailored black and white plaid jacket with 80’s inspired cuffs and neckline.


darling plaid scarf


Sheree, a Houston-based blogger, looks “Bonnie,” as the Scots would say, in this darling plaid scarf that steals the spotlight. More about this Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer here!


Plaid and khaki



Plaid and khaki are a perfect match, as Jeannie from Orlando shows us. Find out more about what inspires Jeannie’s style in my Fabulous After 40  Styleblazer Feature.

 Cute perky plaid with leggings


Why wear a plaid shirt when you can wear a plaid shirt dress? Carol looks casual and comfy in this cute perky plaid that looks great with black leggings. Carol is another one of my Fabulous After 40 Styleblazers. Be sure to read my interview with her.


Modern Plaid


Jo-Lynne, a Philadelphia style blogger and Styleblazer, makes plaid look modern by choosing to wear this classic print in neon shades.


Oversized lumberjack fleece top


Shauna, 56-year old style  Instagrammer  and another one of my Styleblazers. Her oversized lumberjack fleece top makes a giant fashion statement.


Plaid fashion


Cheryl from Idaho  shows us that even a touch of tartan can be exciting. Fab shoes, Lassie!


Plaid with an Urban twist from NYC blogger Elaine


Plaid with an Urban twist from NYC blogger Elaine.


Fashion forward plaid pieces


This Spanish Instagrammer ( who we saw earlier) seems to have a love affair with plaid and shows a real talent for spotting the more fashion-forward plaid pieces.

Are you mad for plaid? I’m always on the lookout for Stylish women to feature. Be sure to include the #fabulousafter40  HASHTAG to your Instagram posts so I can find you easily!

Fashion bloggers over 40

40+ Fashion Blogger Finds Happiness At Midlife

Creative people need a creative outlet. Alice Warren has found hers. By day, she is a banker, but in her spare time she’s a fashion, blogger. Alice is the founder of  Happiness at Midlife. 


Alice insists she is no fashion guru, and she that she simply started her blog three years ago as a way to exercise the part of her brain that didn’t get used at work. She wanted to prove that even though she worked in a conservative office, she could still be herself and express herself through clothes, while not feeling frumpy or old just because of her age. All of Alice’s posts are of outfits she actually wears to work or plays around in on weekends. Continue reading “40+ Fashion Blogger Finds Happiness At Midlife”


Do’s and Don’ts to Look Perfect in Plaid

There’s no question what the hottest trend in prints is this season. Piles of plaid were spotted on the runways for Fall/Winter. Many designers presented an exaggerated version of the trend by mixing loud plaids and supersizing the print on outerwear.

These looks are innovative, but they’re not always so wearable off the runway. So how do you translate these larger-than-life plaids into a more refined look for women 40, 50, and beyond?

Here are a few Do’s and Dont’s for Wearing Plaid:

1.  Don’t Wear Baggy

Teens this season are doing plaid in a way reminiscent of the 90’s grunge era: baggy and frumpy “chic.” While this look works for the younger crowd,  professional women over 40 should opt for a more sophisticated version of the plaid trend.

Stay away from big and baggy! Instead, try tailored menswear pieces such as structured suits for a more refined look.  Checks, herringbone, and houndstooth are all popular at the moment.


Plaid Scarf

2. Don’t Wear Old Colors

Traditional plaids come in DARK old-world color combos such as dark red, forest green, and navy blue can give off a prim and proper “kilt-ish” vibe (or worse – lumberjack!). These days those color combinations can look pretty drab and dated. Try to turn the dial to now by choosing a scarf that cranks up the color even just a notch.

For example, here’s a scarf in traditional fall colors that uses teal instead of forest green but turned up a notch. Fringe scarves are a wonderful layering piece and a great way to liven up a plain sweater.

3.  Do Think About Scale

Scale is important. Smaller-scale plaids will work best for smaller women, and larger-scale prints will look best on taller and larger women.  Plaid is a definite attention grabber, so make sure you are directing that attention to all the right places by wearing plaid on the parts of your body you want to highlight.

4.  Do Try Mixing Plaid Up


Mixing a casual plaid piece with a dressier classic can yield some interesting results.  For instance, a classic plaid shirt  will look chic and modern when paired with a solid black pencil skirt. Plaid also looks modern when worn, broken up with interesting fabrics like leather. For example, look for a plaid jacket with leather piping.

5.  Do Try a Diagonal Plaid

Diagonal lines have an incredibly slimming effect, and this makes diagonal plaid your new best friend this fall! Create an optical illusion by wearing angled plaid prints that draw the eye inward, emphasizing the narrowest part of your figure. This trick works especially well for garments worn on tops such as jackets and curve-hugging dresses.


Plaid Tweed Pencil Skirt


One of the great things about plaid is its versatility. Plaid can easily translate from classic to casual with the right styling. You can put a fresh twist on this traditional print by experimenting with new colors and accessory combinations. So if you’re feeling bold this Fall/Winter season, don’t be shy; give plaid a try!

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