Winter Outfit Idea: Start with a Colorful Plaid Coat!

When dreaming up fresh and exciting winter outfit ideas, most of us approach it the same way. We start by thinking about dark winter-colored clothing that we can mix and match. Then, we focus on creating our indoor outfits before considering our outerwear. But what if you switched that up?

long plaid coat

What if you experimented with color, and your outwear inspired your indoor wear? Today I’m sharing how my falling in love with a colorful, plaid winter coat inspired a chic winter outfit.

plaid stadium coat


Although it’s freezing outside, and we are months away from Memorial Day, this patriotic red, white and blue women’s plaid coat got me thinking, why not? Winter can be pretty dreary, and I’ve had enough dark winter coats. This colorful stadium coat is refreshing, and the bright mix of colors makes it artsy and youthful-looking.


plaid stadium coat

I love how modern this jacket is. The sleek, streamlined shape and no-button front with a hidden zipper make it look chic.

shop colorful plaid coats



It’s also ribbed knit trim at the collar and cuffs, a friendly, sporty touch that means you don’t even need a scarf. The simple shape sold me. I feel that if you wear anything with a colorful pattern, keep the cut and details of the garment understated for the most elegant look. You don’t want a lot of color and pattern clashing with a lot of other stuff unless that is the vibe you are going for. A solid colored red sweater like this one  is cheerful

plaid winter coat


This rule applies to how I styled the outfit that goes with the coat too. Since the skin is bright with a bold, busy pattern, I kept everything else bare. I paired the coat with a plain red sweater, black pants, tall black boots, and a black bag. This way, the focus is mainly on the skin.

Some may find the red still a touch too much for their style. If that is the case, you could also go with all black underneath, on top, and bottom. It would make the coat pop even more. Did I mention that I nearly froze my hands off on the day we shot this? They were white and numb, and my speech even started to slur. It was bitterly cold in Toronto last week, -8°C  (17°F)…..but it felt like -23°C (-9°F) !!! Such is the life of a blogger! (Lol!)

plaid winter coat womens

This coat has sold out, but I hope you picked up a couple of good style nuggets, and you start with a colorful plaid coat and style around it.

Look at other bright-colored plaid winter coats trending now that I have linked above, and see what you think. I’d love you to send me a photo and show me how you styled yours.


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  1. Thanks for this post – I was wondering if it’s true to size. I never know whether to order an S or M at BR because I’m often in between…

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