How to Rock Side-Stripe Pants

Ladies, start your engines and get ready to rock one of the hottest trends this spring, Women’s side-stripe pants.

Whether you call them racing stripe pants, side stripe track pants, or striped joggers, trousers with a stripe down the side are everywhere. This leg-lengthening look is good news for fashionistas, regardless of your age. Oh, and did I mention they’re youthful?

If you’re ready to give it a whirl, here are my picks along with some tips on how to wear this trend at any age. Continue reading “How to Rock Side-Stripe Pants”


50 Shades of Gray Over 40!

Gray is sometimes thought of as dull and conservative, but it’s actually a stunning neutral that can look fabulously rich and dignified. Here’s a look at how some 40+ Instagrammers wear this chic, modern color.

Fashion blogger Germany


Annette, 54, is a German fashion blogger whose glowing pink skin and dark brown hair are illuminated by this pretty pearl cape.

wide leg pants and chunky knit sweater


Patrizia is a Spanish Interior designer with a polished, elegant style. Her gray, wide-leg pants and chunky knit sweater are a modern update of menswear style.


Classic gray coat for women


Yvonne, who is in her 40s, is Kiwi living in Zurich. Her classic gray coat gets an edgy update with the addition of leather leggings.

Travel and fashion blogger


Gray never looked as gorgeous as on this 50+ North Carolina Instagrammer who documents her love of traveling, food, and fashion. Most people think of silver accessories pairing best with gray, but this chic belt with its gold Gucci buckle looks stunning.

Knitted gray jacket


Gray gets funky in this eclectic leopard meets plaid look from Cyndi, a 50+ blogger who reminds us that true beauty begins on the inside.


Hillary’s long silver locks came to life when this model turned Instagrammer slips on a simple gray sweater.

Dutch Fashion blogger


I love this sporty gray look from Petra, 50+ and feeling fabulous. She’s a Dutch blogger and model. Did you ever think orange paired so well with silver tones?


Mixing interesting textures can further the gray palette to pure artistry, as shown by this trendy Instagrammer.

industrial gray parka


Miriam, 55, from the Netherlands, is a creative dresser always looking for inspiration. It looks like she has found it in this industrial gray parka with the playful fur hemline.

Half shoulder gray sweater


Keep it simple seems to be the style mantra of this pretty German lifestyle blogger who looks GREAT in gray.

shaggy gray faux fur vest


A shaggy gray faux fur vest looks hip and cool on this happy Instagrammer who refuses to let her age define her.


soft gray coat and oatmeal sweater dress


Two neutrals unite. A soft gray coat and oatmeal sweater dress worn by this chic Austrian Instagrammer are a classy combination.

Are you a fan of gray? Here are more ideas for how to wear gray now.

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American Style Made Easy

Style is easy when you break it down. So far we’ve looked at the French Way of Dressing, the elements of British Style and how to get a Scandinavian look. Today we decode good old American style.

The world’s powerhouse nation, home to blue jeans and pop music, has also become its own brand of iconic style.  Sporty, sleek and cool, American style is all about taking an athletic sensibility and giving it a glam twist.  Perfect for those who love to look polished but still have a sense of fun about their look, consider it a grown-up spin on tomboy chic.

American-style whit shirt streipe pants



Here’s what’s involved in getting your own version of oh-so-sporty American style! Continue reading “American Style Made Easy”


Dress Sportier to Look Youthful and Modern

woman over 40 wearing sunglassesNo matter your style: elegant, funky, traditional, or dramatic, one way to look more youthful after 40 is to inject a little sportiness into the way you dress.

What is sporty dressing, and how can you borrow from this style but still be true to who you are? Let’s take a look.

Short and Bright is Sporty

Trench coats are a wonderful staple in any wardrobe, but as they are quite traditional and conservative, they can sometimes make you look old boring after 40. That’s not the case with this one!

What keeps this trench looking young and hip?…. The bold blue color (primary colors are sporty), the short length  (shorter is sportier than long), and the youthful knotted belt, instead of the typical flat belt.  A great addition to any 40+ wardrobe!

Linen is sporty 

Sporty people are active (active=young), so, naturally, their clothes are lightweight, loose, and comfy. If you want to add that dash of youth to your look, try a pair of casual linen pants with a sporty drawstring waistline.

Rolled or pushed up Sleeves are sporty

Any sleeve rolled up or pushed up adds a dash of sportiness to your look.  It sends the message; I’m ready for action, which = youthful. Some women who have always been the traditional or elegant types may find it hard to incorporate sporty into their wardrobe because it’s too casual compared to what they are used to. This dress is great for those women because, although it is sporty ( shirtdress style, bright color, woven natural belt, and rolled up sleeves), it still looks very “neat and tidy.” (Nordstrom)

Totes are Sporty

One way to add a dash of sporty is with your choice of handbag. Totes symbolize sportily. What we like about this tote is it is not boring-sporty. Instead of just a plain neutral colored tote, this one has some personality.  It’s great for someone who is on the creative side but wants to inject a little sportiness ( youthfulness) into their wardrobe. (Nordstrom)

Sporty Stripes

Certain materials spell sporty (cotton, linens, natural fabrics, knits), so do certain patterns and prints, like stripes.  This fitted top with the deep V-neck is on the sexy side. The stripes  +  the shorter sleeves add a definite sportiness (youthfulness) to the look. The result is sexy/sporty.

Denim is sporty

 The ultimate in sporty is denim. This shirt sends the message sporty, but not in a rough teenager way. The smooth, soft wash on this shirt, plus the streamlined fit, give it a much more refined grown-up look. The metal jewelry also kicks it up a notch.

With her sun-streaked hair, natural make-up, sporty aviator glasses, jeans & tees, or short and sexy minis, she looks like the ultimate California gal.
Jennifer Anniston is a great example of a gal who epitomizes sporty.