Dress Sportier to Look Youthful and Modern

woman over 40 wearing sunglassesNo matter what your personal style, the shortcut to looking more youthful after 40 is to dress a little sportier.

What is sporty dressing, and how can you borrow from this style but still be true to who you are? Let’s take a look.

Short and Bright is Sporty

Trench coats are an excellent staple in any wardrobe, but as they are pretty traditional and conservative, they can sometimes make you look old and boring after 40. That’s not the case with this one!

What keeps this trench looking young and hip?…. The bold blue color (primary colors are sporty), the short length  (shorter is sportier than long), and the youthful knotted belt, instead of the typical flat belt. A great addition to any 40+ wardrobe!

Linen is sporty 

Sporty people are active (active=young), so, naturally, their clothes are lightweight, loose, and comfy. If you want to add that dash of youth to your look, try a pair of casual linen pants with a sporty drawstring waistline.

Rolled or pushed-up Sleeves are sporty.

Any sleeve rolled up or pushed up adds a dash of sportiness to your look. It sends the message; I’m ready for action, which = youthful. Some women who have always been the traditional or elegant types may find it hard to incorporate sporty into their wardrobe because it’s too casual compared to what they are used to. This dress is excellent for those women because, although it is sporty ( shirtdress style, bright color, woven natural belt, and rolled up sleeves), it still looks very “neat and tidy.” (Nordstrom)

Totes are Sporty

One way to add a dash of sporty is with your choice of handbag. Totes symbolize sportily. What we like about this tote is it is not boring-sporty. Instead of just a plain neutral-colored tote, this one has some personality. It’s great for someone on the creative side who wants to inject a little sportiness ( youthfulness) into their wardrobe. (Nordstrom)

Sporty Stripes

Certain materials spell sporty (cotton, linens, natural fabrics, knits), and so do specific patterns and prints, like stripes. This fitted top with the deep V-neck is on the sexy side. The stripes  +  the shorter sleeves add a definite sportiness (youthfulness) to the look. The result is sexy/sporty.

Denim is sporty

 The ultimate in sporty is denim. This shirt sends the message sporty, but not in a rough teenager way. The smooth, soft wash on this shirt, plus the streamlined fit, give it a much more refined grown-up look. The metal jewelry also kicks it up a notch.

She looks like the ultimate California gal with her sun-streaked hair, natural make-up, sporty aviator glasses, jeans & tees, or short and sexy minis.
Jennifer Anniston is an excellent example of a gal who epitomizes sporty.

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9 thoughts on “Dress Sportier to Look Youthful and Modern

  1. I’m a happy, proud, 43 yr old, 5’6″, 135#, modest, work-from-home mom. I have been to an image consultant, read Carol Tuttle’s book, watched her videos, and scoured your site.
    I know what colors are best for me, the length of the skirt, neckline, sleeve type, and to avoid black, but I am having a terrible time finding clothing that fits these parameters. Our town is small, have spent hours searching brands/stores online. Thanks so much.

  2. This site is a walk-through for all the tips you wanted but didn’t know who to ask. Thanks for the great post.

  3. I dress for myself–shorts, white tee or colored tee with a white long sleeve shirt, button down collar over the top. I get my glamour from within. YEA! 53!!

    1. Hi Diane,
      OOOH, I love the all-white look! So classic and looks good on everyone! I have found that I enjoy buying and wearing all white to my yoga classes! Most people seem to wear black, but when it is summer, and I put on my all-white outfit, I feel so fresh and happy!!

  4. I love linen pants. They’re cool and matched with the right top; I can still wear them to summer business meetings. Then after work, I can switch to a tank or t-shirt for casual fun.

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Good points! So many women are afraid of linen, but it is such a cool and natural fabric that it is super comfortable! If you can find linen pant that has a little lycra in it, they do seem to hold up a little better!

  5. I love dresses but hate my varicose veins and spider veins caused by standing at attention for years in the military. What can I do to camouflage–either leg makeup or clothing or???? I’m 5′ 3.5″ tall. Is there anything that works without surgery? I’m on a very tight budget.

    1. Hi Brenda,
      You are not alone; many have started seeing veins as we age. Yes, leg make-up or spray tan does work to even out the legs. However, for dressy occasions, you might want to wear sheer pantyhose, but please with pumps only, not sandals.

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