Best Necklines For Narrow Shoulders

Narrow shoulders may have been no problem when  shoulder pads were in style but since they are not used so much now, what tops and jackets can you wear to make your body look more balanced?

Ah, those shoulder pads. They worked wonders, didn’t they, making everyone look like they had the smallest waist and most balanced hips. The only problem, if you wore shoulder pads today, you’d look pretty silly (unless you were trying to make a dramatic high fashion statement)

If you are narrower on the top and wider on the bottom (pear-shaped) and want to balance your figure, then here are some tops that will broaden your shoulders in a more modern way:

Bateau (Boat) Neckline
This type of neckline that is high and cuts straight across will make your narrow shoulders and chest seem broader. Horizontal stripes also create that visual width and so you get a double shot of looking more balanced up top with this cute stretch top  by Michael Kors
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What to Pack for a Summer Adventure To China?

Robin Di Jefferson
Di (on the right) is off to China and asks, “What should I pack?”

Hi Deborah!

My husband, a college professor, was just offered a summer teaching opportunity in Nanjing, China!  We will be there for 6 weeks and I understand the weather will be very hot!  This will be an adventure!  I will definitely be packing my workout clothes – but beyond that I’ve got to start working on a plan!  I’ll turn 59 while on this trip (July/August) – so maybe this birthday won’t count?  Here is a picture of me at my recent 40th high school reunion (on the right).  My friend with me is Robin – we’ve been best friends since we were 13!!

My thoughts are lightweight summer, easy care dresses, skirts and tops.  We will probably have several functions as well as trying to sightsee and tour.

Can you brainstorm on my packing challenge?  Thanks!  Di

Hi Di,

First of all I’d like to compliment you and your best friend on being true Glam Gals. You both look terrific!

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How Low Should You Go When Showing Off Your Cleavage Over 40?

How low is too low? What is age appropriate when trying to dress and be a little sexy when you are over 40?

I ran this photo of a lovely woman in her late 40’s recently, wearing this overall conservative outfit, except the blouse was low cut.

Is this outfit age-appropriate?
Is this outfit age-appropriate?

In the comment section one of our readers wrote in, “…can you please address the question, how low can you go when it comes to dressing after 40?”O.K. you are right, we have not addressed the issue of how much cleavage is too much cleavage. This is a tricky one, since  there are a lot of things to factor into that equation.

First off, let’s look at Stacey (seen here). She is dressed fashionably, yet conservatively (long skirt and long sleeves, nothing too tight, fabric is not clingy or form-fitting). She is not extremely busty, and so even though she is wearing a low cut blouse, your eyes are not going to her bust because  she has filled the chest area with a bold necklace that draws the eye up.

She was also on vacation and traveling, not at work, so we think this look on her is totally appropriate. Moreover, she just happens to be single as well!!!  So, she is dressed just fine and age appropriately.
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5 Reasons People Think You Look Old

Let’s frumpy womanhave a reality check. Do you look old?  How can you tell?

Here are five common mistakes of women over 40 that make that make them look older than they are.  Could you be guilty of these mistakes?

1. Your shirt is too baggy

Many women walk around in loose oversized clothing because they say it is hard to find things that fit. This is partially true, but no excuse to looking frumpy.  In truth, the real reason most women wear baggy clothing is that they fear fitted clothing will expose all their bulges. Not true! Fitted clothing made from quality fabrics skim your curves and therefore fit and look 100% better.
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How to Accessorize When You Wear Glasses

glases over 40Dear Deborah,

I wear glasses and love to wear jewelry but I always worry that the look is too heavy. What are the rules for eyeglass wearers?

Thanks, Timas

Hi Timas,

This is an excellent question. Your eyeglasses are definitely an accessory and need to be recognized and counted.

Here are some rules to follow:

  • Take note of what color your glasses are. Are they silver, gold, or bronze? The rest of your jewelry, belt and purse hardware should coordinate.
  • Do your eyeglasses match your wardrobe style? If you like to wear traditional clothes, your glasses should be traditional. If  your style is more modern, then your glasses should be modern too. If you live a double life and dress one way for work and another on your days off, consider having several pairs in different styles! There are lots of  funky colored and patterned glasses out there that are fun for weekends.

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