5 Spring Outfits with Leggings and the Tops that Make Them Great!

If you want to put together a spring outfit that’s both comfy and modern, then leggings are for you! But just as important as the quality of the leggings is what you wear with them.

Here are 5 spring outfits with leggings and the tops that make them great.

striped tunic

This cute, 2-way stripe shirt with the breezy, nautical vibe is perfect for leggings, and here’s why. It’s long enough to cover your front and backside, which is the key to any classy leggings look. A button-up shirt that ends at your hips, worn with lightweight summer leggings, would look reveal too much, even if your leggings are black. Capris leggings like this are a chic option when it starts to really heat up. Continue reading “5 Spring Outfits with Leggings and the Tops that Make Them Great!”


Best Long Tops to Wear With Leggings: 5 Outfits!

Regular readers know I’m a fan of leggings for their comfort and versatility, but I’m also a stickler when styling them properly. Leggings are lighter and thinner than skinny jeans and pants, so they’re more revealing. This means you need a few long tops to wear with leggings included in your basic wardrobe.

The best long tops to wear with leggings cover your bum and your crotch. A longer top will make you look classy and feel confident wearing leggings over 40 and beyond. Here are a few styles of tops that work well with leggings and outfits to go with them. Continue reading “Best Long Tops to Wear With Leggings: 5 Outfits!”


Can You Wear Leggings Over 40, 50 or Beyond?

Hi Deborah,
I’m 54, and I wear skinny jeans but would like to try wearing leggings. Am I too old? Can you wear them year-round……
Confused in Cleveland

Hi Confused,

The short answer is, you’re never too old for leggings but, you’ll want to style them in a way that makes you look sophisticated, not silly. If you read my post on leggings vs. skinny jeans, you know that the main difference between the two is that leggings are not pants.  They’re lighter, thinner, and much more revealing, so it’s best to wear them with a long top.  You can wear them all year round. In the summer, some women prefer legging capris. Here are a few examples of leggings outfits you’ll love.

1. Leggings +  A Long Shirt or Blouse


black sheer button down blouse

shop the look

The older I get, the more comfort matters. I’m not willing to settle for anything that doesn’t feel 100% soft and good on my body, which is why I’m a fan of leggings. But over 40, or 50, you’ll look best so long as you go the sophisticated route.

Here’s a basic style recipe for leggings that is classy and casual. Take a black pair of leggings and wear them with a gorgeous, silky blouse like this black roll tab tunic. Add some faux leather leggings, leopard print mules, and a tan crossbody bag, and you’ve got a great weekend look. Continue reading “Can You Wear Leggings Over 40, 50 or Beyond?”


How to Wear Red and Pink Together (And Look More Modern!)

Red and Green may be the traditional holiday colors, but this Christmas you’ll look more modern in red and pink!

colorblock tunic Deborah Boland.2jpg

Here’s a cute sweater I just bought to show you what I mean.

colorblock tunic

Red and pink have been trending for a while, but if you are not used to wearing a lot of color, this may seem like a wild mix. However, it’s actually quite doable when you wear a single color blocked piece. This perky color blocked sweater combines 3 shades of red: hot pink, poppy and burgundy.  Think of it as your statement piece!

red colorblock tunic

Mixing these shades, tone on tone creates a bold, fresh and youthful look.

red and pink colorblo

Of course, the style of the sweater helps make it look modern too. The long tunic length and chunky knit also adds to the hip look and feel.

tunic sweater colorb

I’ve paired this tunic sweater with jeans and my favorite Stuart Weitzman cranberry suede boots.  For a less dramatic look, just wear black boots or booties.

colorblock tunic sweater

Of course red, pink and burgundy always enhance a woman’s complexion.  These colors can’t help but give you a lovely glow in the drab winter.

colorblock sweater turtleneck

Don’t you love those bell sleeves? They’re very festive, and I think the chic mock neck is so much more flattering than wearing a high turtleneck over 40.

colorblocked sweater red, pink, burgundy

Whether you wear this sweater while you are trying to untangle your Christmas lights (LOL),  or when you are going out to a friend’s for a Holiday party, you’ll look like one stylish Christmas fashionista in this cute and cozy color blocked tunic sweater!

shop the look

To shop the look, click the links above. It’s on sale now. Check it out.


How to Look Artsy in an Asymmetric Tunic Sweater

A lot of you have told me that since moving into your 40’s and 50’s you have felt the urge to dress a little more creatively. You want more of an artsy look, and you’ve asked me what to wear to communicate this new you. The answer is easy….

Buy an asymmetrical tunic sweater! Long asymmetrical tunic sweaters worn over leggings or skinny jeans are a very modern silhouette and will give you a creative fashion look.

Here’s a beautiful, ribbed asymmetric tunic sweater I bought recently that is exactly what I am talking about.


This sweater is bold, colorful and slightly off-kilter which gives it that edginess that is artsy. Imagine if I had worn these black jeans and booties with a short, traditional cable-knit sweater? The look would have been completely different.

It’s the stunning asymmetric neckline on this long tunic that makes it so original and gives it a creative vibe. This sweater can be worn as is, or you can pull it slightly off your shoulder on one side for an even more dramatic look.

I love the chunky knit which gives this sweater a cool oversize feel when you wear it with skinny jeans or leggings. The high-low hem gives this sweater a double dose of asymmetric style.

Another thing than that makes this asymmetric tunic look rockin’ is the vibrant reddy-orange color. When you want to look creative, bright colors against dark backgrounds ( in this case, dark pants) creates high contrast, which looks dramatic.

The leopard bag also adds a daring, creative touch.

I recently wore this outfit to our local art gallery to see to a new art show by a hometown musician. It was the perfect thing to wear for mixing and mingling with artists and creative types.

Since I photographed this outfit, the sweater seems to have sold out! But, I hope I have given you some idea of what to look for when you want to look artsier. Plus, I have linked a very similar sweater below, I also love.



So take a look,  and maybe try a long tunic sweater,  and tell me how you do. Please send me a photo. I’d love to see your artsy new look!


What Asymmetrical Tunic Tops with Leggings Can Do For You!

Sometimes all you need to liven up your wardrobe is to look at it from a fresh, new angle! Asymmetrical tops and tunics let you do just that. These trendy off-kilter tops and tunics have become fashionable to wear because they have a lot to offer. For example:

asymmetric striped tunic and leggings


  • Asymmetrical Tunic Tops Have an Artsy Vibe: Even the most conservative of us have days when we want to look a little more creative. An asymmetrical tunic top tunic worn over leggings is a  subtle way to express the artsy side of your personality.


  • Easy to Style: Whether your asymmetrical top is slanted across the front, side or back, it makes a strong style statement. You don’t need to wear much else to look stylish, except for a pair of black leggings.


  • Youthful: When you look slightly edgy, you look modern, and that translates into youthful. Notice, I’m not saying young- none of us wants to look like a teenager, but youthful (vibrant) is excellent. An asymmetrical top with leggings ( especially leather leggings ) makes you look more youthful than if you wore jeans and a conservative button-up shirt.


  • Slimming: Bonus! Asymmetrical tops with their uneven hemlines draw the eye upward, creating a long, lean line that makes you look tall and slender. Plus, these tops flow, which helps camouflage any belly bulge beautifully. For gals who love to wear color, a color-blocked asymmetric tunic, to help sculpt your figure. Visit my post on color-blocked dresses to learn how this works.


  • Asymmetric Tunic Tops are Comfy: I’m a stickler for comfort, but I also want to look chic. An asymmetrical top with leggings is an outfit I can wear sitting at my computer when I go out to dinner, shopping- you name it. It feels good. It’s casual, classy, and comfortable.

You can even wear an asymmetrical top with a jacket if you want even more of an edgier vibe. Just keep the jacket within the same tonal range as the top, so you don’t come off looking like a  colorful chopped up puzzle. Here are 3 Asymmetrical tops and tunics that are trending right now and fresh new ways to style them.


1.  Mixed Media Asymmetric Top

Leopard Print Asymmetrical Tunic Top with Riding Boots

Some of the artsiest asymmetric tops combine mixed patterns, fabrics, and prints. For example, this top above combines leopard print with a floral print with an asymmetrical dotted hemline. This funky asymmetrical top worn with classic riding boots and a structured tote to balance the top is a sophisticated, old money look. This outfit pops, and you will look like one chic mama.


2.  Asymmetrical Handkerchief Hem Tunic

Asymmetrical tops for women


Sometimes an Asymmetric top has the asymmetry front and center like we see n this handkerchief hem top. Wear this outfit, as is, for a slightly artsy look, or crank up the creativity by adding funky jewelry or some layering pieces. To see how to make an asymmetric top and leggings outfit look artsier, check out this post.


3.  Long Sweater with Asymmetrical Hemline

Gray Asymmetrical Sweater Leather Leggings

This cozy sweater tunic with the modern mock neckline is another great look. Since this sweater has plenty of texture, try pairing it with some sleek black faux leather leggings for a beautiful contrast. Play up the edgy vibe with these cool stitched boots and a fab leather bag with lots of hardware.

Are you a fan of asymmetrical tops or tunics worn with leggings? Let me know how you wear them and which of these outfits you like best

Take a look at these slightly off-kilter favorites that pair so perfectly with leggings.


Eileen Fisher Fall Tunic is Easy and Elegant

This is the time of year when the requests start piling in for easy, comfy tunics to wear with jeans and leggings. Today, I want to show one I just picked up that I think you are really going to love!

blue tunic black jeans 1

This pretty blue tunic is from, you guessed it, Eileen Fisher, who seems to have become the queen of high-quality, luxury tunics. Nordstrom carries a big selection of this brand year-round, so a top like this or some variation on it is pretty much always available, all the time in seasonal colors.

eileen fisher jersey bateau neck tunic


I think it’s pretty obvious why a tunic-like this sells. The easy slip-on style, the graceful cap sleeves cut, the perfect length, and the super comfy stretch jersey make this a wonderful staple in every woman’s wardrobe.

I like it because it is light, it doesn’t cling, and it covers your bottom, which is what you want if you wear it with leggings.

eileen fisher silk jersey tunic

And isn’t that color fabulous! When you are wearing a bright solid shade, you’re bound to turn heads.

eileen fisher jersey tunic

This gorgeous scarf is a fantastic layering piece that adds texture and personality. The dreamy pattern reminds me of soft, puffy clouds. I think my Kendra Scott Pendant also adds a nice touch, creating a long, lean line down the very slimming front.

Suppose you are not one for scarves, no problem. This gorgeous jersey top looks simple and modern on its own.

I haven’t mentioned my pants. They are from Eileen Fisher too, and they are a very comfy Ponte straight leg. I just wore them in my recently in my mustard sweater post.

I think when you’ve got a lovely jersey tunic like this that is soft and flows and drapes so well, you want to wear pants with the same kind of vibe. Stiff, heavy jeans wouldn’t do this tunic justice. The Ponte pants are in keeping with the soft, luxurious look and feel.

black suede toeless booties

The shoes are pretty fabulous. I love a suede slingback like this for fall. It makes the perfect transitional shoe in the fall, and the chunky heel makes it easy to walk on.

This is the kind of outfit I love because everything is no fuss. It’s easy to wear, easy to care for, and fantastic for travel when you want something soft, easy, and wrinkles-free. Eileen Fisher is a little higher priced than some, but it’s quality and luxury..and I think it’s worth the splurge.

This blue tunic is something you can style so many ways, and you will wear it over and over again!


How to Wear a Fall Poncho

Lately, I’ve been talking about accessories, like jewelry and gloves, and how they can help you Tweak your Chic.

Colorblock ponchos for women 

Today I’m partnering with Nordstrom to bring you one more accessory that I think should be in every woman’s wardrobe – a fabulous fall poncho.

Rust women's poncho 

I’ve always had a thing about wraps, ponchos, capes, you name it, because of how glamorous they make me feel. Nordstrom has a fantastic selection of ponchos for women at the moment.  A poncho-like is the ultimate accessory because you slip it on over a simple outfit, and you look like a million bucks! Continue reading “How to Wear a Fall Poncho”


How to Wear Leggings Over 40, 50 or More

The great thing about leggings is you can wear them at any age. In fact, Leggings are a great way to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall and winter to spring. The recipe for looking fabulous in leggings over 40  is very simple.

Step 1: Buy Dark, Opaque Leggings

leggings over 40| Fabulous After 40 | Deborh Boland


Black always works. It’s a very slimming color for your bottom half, and it is the perfect neutral backdrop for any other color you want to put with it. You need your tights to be fairly thick and opaque otherwise; it will look like you walked out of the house in stockings and forgot to put your skirt on. Too much information! You know what I mean? Continue reading “How to Wear Leggings Over 40, 50 or More”


How To Wear Digital and Abstract Prints

Bold, busy prints of all kinds are making their mark this season. I’ve talked a lot about the graphic black and white stripes everyone is wearing and about the wild floral patterns out there, but there’s another kind of print that also stands out.

Digital and Abstract Prints
Digital and Abstract Prints


Digital prints with a futuristic look are trendy. Many of these colorful computers generated looking patterns are as graphic and detailed as a microchip. Not everyone is going to go for such a “look at me” pattern, so designers have offered tamer techno-inspired prints too.

Graphic patterns in neutral colors and simple repeat patterns are easier to wear for the average woman. Laser-printed photos on tops, skirts, and other clothing pieces are also a part of this new trend.  If you want to experiment with one, go ahead. You’ll look totally up to date. However, I wouldn’t spend a lot on something like this, as it is probably only passing through this spring.

Here’s a look at what else is out there and how to wear Digital and Abstract Prints: Continue reading “How To Wear Digital and Abstract Prints”


Tunics with Leggings That Hide Your Tummy

When you have a tummy, one of the best ways to cover that midlife middle is with a long flowing top or tunic worn over top of leggings.

plus size leggings

For example, that can be an airy, flowing kimono worn underneath a silky long shirt, a long button up blouse or a slip-on tunic. A cute leather jacket adds dimension.

long tops for leggings

This sheer button up blouse worn over a tank looks artsy and modern. Be sure your shirt is more a-line than straight up and down so it doesn’t pull across the tummy.

black plus size leggings

Black on black is always great because it creates a long lean line that makes you look tall and slim. This outfit, top and bottom has plenty of stretch.

black leggings orange top

A pop of color can also look fresh and fun with black leggings.