How to Look Artsy in an Asymmetric Tunic Sweater

A lot of you have told me that since moving into your 40’s and 50’s you have felt the urge to dress a little more creatively. You want more of an artsy look, and you’ve asked me what to wear to communicate this new you. The answer is easy….

Buy an asymmetrical tunic sweater! Long asymmetrical tunic sweaters worn over leggings or skinny jeans are a very modern silhouette and will give you a creative fashion look.

Here’s a beautiful, ribbed asymmetric tunic sweater I bought recently that is exactly what I am talking about.


This sweater is bold, colorful and slightly off-kilter which gives it that edginess that is artsy. Imagine if I had worn these black jeans and booties with a short, traditional cable-knit sweater? The look would have been completely different.

It’s the stunning asymmetric neckline on this long tunic that makes it so original and gives it a creative vibe. This sweater can be worn as is, or you can pull it slightly off your shoulder on one side for an even more dramatic look.

I love the chunky knit which gives this sweater a cool oversize feel when you wear it with skinny jeans or leggings. The high-low hem gives this sweater a double dose of asymmetric style.

Another thing than that makes this asymmetric tunic look rockin’ is the vibrant reddy-orange color. When you want to look creative, bright colors against dark backgrounds ( in this case, dark pants) creates high contrast, which looks dramatic.

The leopard bag also adds a daring, creative touch.

I recently wore this outfit to our local art gallery to see to a new art show by a hometown musician. It was the perfect thing to wear for mixing and mingling with artists and creative types.

Since I photographed this outfit, the sweater seems to have sold out! But, I hope I have given you some idea of what to look for when you want to look artsier. Plus, I have linked a very similar sweater below, I also love.



So take a look,  and maybe try a long tunic sweater,  and tell me how you do. Please send me a photo. I’d love to see your artsy new look!

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