The Best Sundresses for Women Over 50, 60

Cute sundresses for women in their 50’s and 60’s are hard to come by! They’re either too short, too bare, and as sweet as can be (better suited to our daughters than us) or too long, dated, flowery and frumpy,

Where are the sundresses for older women that aren’t too young, too old, but just right? Well, you’re in luck because I finally found a few. Take a look!


Sundresses for women over 50- Pink


One of my biggest pet peeves about sundresses for women in their 50’s and 60’s is that most are sleeveless. Sometimes that’s fine, but often I want some arm coverage. Long sleeves are hot and heavy in the summer, but a dress like this with a 3/4 length sleeve is perfect.

Isn’t this the cutest dress? Not only does it have sleeves, but it’s got a really beautiful cut -so streamlined and chic.  And the length is perfect- short but not too short.

Pink is always such a cheerful color, and when you pair it with white accessories, it looks so feminine. This is definitely a wow sundress for me!

Midi Sundress

Sundresses for Women over 50 - Tan Wist Tie


Many women 50+ ( myself included) have times when we feel like wearing a sundress, but we prefer, for whatever reason ( pale legs, veiny legs, heavy legs, modesty), to have some leg coverage.  It’s hard to find long sundresses that look chic.

Here’s one I came across that I would buy. There’s a lot I like about this dress. First, it’s a midi sundress, so it still shows a bit of leg, which is nice because too covered up can look dowdy. You just have to wear a bit of a heel or wedge with it so you don’t look dragged down.

I also love the simplicity of this button-up style and the elegant neutral color, which so classy. This is a less is more dress, and I think that works well when you want a grown-up, sophisticated sundress look.

Cute but not Cutesy Sundress

Sundresses for Women Over 50- Navy paisley


Sometimes you want to look and feel cute in a sundress, but you don’t want to veer into the CUTESY territory, which looks junior and desperate. I think this dress is a good middle ground.

It’s got a sweet look to it, but it really is ageless.  I think the classic cut, print, and navy and white color combo keep it grounded and appropriate for a mature gal. Plus, it has those nice sleeves which cover some 50+ arm jiggle quite nicely. It’s on the short side, but that’s o.k. Suppose you like it that way. The rest of the dress is quite conservative.

Colorful Sundress

Sundresses for Women Over 50 - Embroidered


Sundresses are meant to be playful fun in sun-type dresses, which means they are often very colorful. But some mature women find a lot  of bright colors can be really harsh against their aging skin or hair. So one way to get the color in is with a dress like this. This cute sundress had a crisp, clear white base and then splashes of summer color embroidered into the dress.

This is a gorgeous sundress, not just because of all the bright shots of color, but the classic sheath shape is so figure-flattering too. I love this dress. It hits all the right notes.

Shirtdress Style Sundress

Sundresses for Women Over 50- Navy Stripes



Shirtdresses are super popular with women over 50 partly because they are just so clean and sophisticated looking and partly because the straight up and down cut is very flattering to a thicker midlife middle.  This gorgeous striped maxi shirt dress is a fantastic choice for a sundress for a woman over 50. The collar frames your face, the stripes elongate, and you get some great leg coverage. You can’t go wrong in this sundress perfect for a woman over 50!

There’s more. Here are some other Fabulous Sundresses for women that are classy, ageless, but also particularly suited to women over 50!


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4 thoughts on “The Best Sundresses for Women Over 50, 60

  1. Hi Deborah…I will be going on a Mediterranean Cruise this September…and the weather will be quite warm. I am at a loss as to what to wear. I want to look stylish but I am 73 and don’t look good wearing shorts, skirts or capris as my legs are not my best feature. I am about 5′ 3″. If you have any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

  2. Most older women do not want to show their upper arms or their knees. When will designers wake up! Im not just speaking for myself but every woman I know.
    Arms are not as firm and legs smart to show wrinkles around the knee and can we mention the scars from knee replacements/

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