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The Best Sundresses for Women Over 50, 60

A cute summer sundress makes me feel like I’m walking in sunshine, but finding just the right can be tricky. Where are the sundresses for women over 50 and 60+ that are pretty bare and junior looking? I’ve rounded up some of the best for summer. Have a look.

blue and white striped sundress

striped sundress | sandals | straw bag | earrings

Summer sundress season is here, but before I share some favorites, let’s define…

What’s Considered a Sundress?

A sundress is a causal, lightweight, loose summer dress worn to feel comfortable and cool on sweltering days. It’s usually sleeveless,  bare at the neck, and sometimes at the back. Sundresses can be short (above the knee) or longer – midi length is popular. They’re typically made from natural fibers like cotton and linen, often have texture, and are brightly colored, giving them a festive summer feel.

blue sundress

Sundress vs. Summer Dress

It’s easy to confuse the two. An easy way to remember the difference is that all sundresses are summer dresses, but not all are.

Here’s the problem with sundresses over 50, 60 ( even 40 sometimes) that you may have noticed too.

Many sundresses are

  • too bare – I see a lot with tiny spaghetti straps or an open back, leaving you feeling cold or wondering about a bra.
  • Too short – above the knee is perky, but thigh-high mini can leave you feeling too exposed, especially at our age when we are battling loose, crepey skin, age spots, veiny legs, and the rest.
  • too loud – bright, bold colors are fun, but some gals at a certain age may find them to be too jarring next to an aging complexion; exceptionally bright prints
  • lack of support – many sundresses are made for going braless, which gets much harder to pull off as “the girls” head south
  • too junior –  frills, smocking, ruffles, ditsy floral prints – all these things can make sundresses appear junior

So what’s the solution? You can wear:


dress | sandals | tote | earrings

1. Sundresses with Wide Shoulder Straps

This cheery yellow sundress is pretty and practical, with wider straps that make it easy to wear a bra.

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dress | sandals | bag | earrings

2. Midi/Maxi Sundresses

Many women 50+ (myself included) have times when they feel like wearing a sundress, but we prefer, for whatever reason ( pale legs, veiny legs, heavy legs, modesty), to have some leg coverage.  It’s hard to find long sundresses that look chic. In this case, a mid or maxi dress looks fabulous.

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dress | sandals | bag | earrings


3. Sundresses with Sleeves

Prefer to cover your arms? Some sundresses, especially artsy tunic styles, have wide and loose sleeves to keep you cool. This stunning coral linen dress is a good example of hiding your arms but looking chic.

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dress | cardigan | sandals | clutch | earrings

4. Minimalist Sundresses

To look more mature in a sundress, go for clean lines and a  minimalist style. Choose dresses with strong classic shapes and modern prints like this graphic print shift dress.

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green dress | hat | shoes | tote |earrings

4. Neutral or Muted Colored Sundresses

Sundresses are meant to be playful fun in sun-type dresses, which means they are often very bright, bold, and colorful. If you like colorful sundresses, by all means, wear them! But some mature women find bright colors appear harsh against their aging skin or hair. So, if bright, bold sundresses are not your cup of tea, neutral sundresses in tan, white, olive, khaki, and black can look more mature.


dress | jacket | sandals | bag | earrings

5. Sundress Coverups

If you find a sundress you love and it’s rather bare up top, you can buy it, wear whatever bra you want, and then add a layering piece like you see above.
You can layer a sundress
  • With a light summer Cardigan
  • Under a Denim jacket Jacket
  • With a button-up shirt open or tied in a knot at the waist
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Here are some other Fabulous Sundresses for women that are classy, ageless, and suited to women over 50!


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5 thoughts on “The Best Sundresses for Women Over 50, 60

  1. Hi Deborah…I will be going on a Mediterranean Cruise this September…and the weather will be pretty warm. I am at a loss as to what to wear. I want to look stylish, but I am 73 and don’t look good wearing shorts, skirts, or capris as my legs are not my best feature. I am about 5′ 3″. f you have any s0gestions, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

  2. Most older women do not want to show their upper arms or knees. When do all designers wake up? I’m n just speaking for myself, but for every woman I know.
    Arms are not as firm, and legs are smartly showing wrinkles around the knee. Can we mention the scars from knee replacements/

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