Do’s & Don’ts To Look Sensational in White

White Summer Dresses for Women

White always shows up come summer, but this year it’s front and center stage, worn head to toe. Done right it is effortless summer chic.

Here are a few DO’s and DON’TS to keep in mind.

DO be sure to freshen up your whites because nothing looks worse than last season’s white t-shirts that are now this season’s yellowed ones.

DON’T be afraid to wear all white - It won’t make you look fat if you follow these guidelines.

DO mix up different tones of white for more sophisticated look.

DON’T pair an all white outfit with white shoes and handbag. It’s too sterile. White looks rich paired with nude hues, metallic or wood shades.

DO pair white with accessories that have a bright pop of color like cobalt blue, red, yellow etc. for a more energetic, youthful vibe.

DON’T wear white pants that you can see through or that reveal pocket lining etc.

DON’T wear white pants that are too tight because they will show every lump and bump.

White Pant Suits for Women

Heather, my reader looking fab in white.

DO wear white with the right undergarments. Wear skin tone underwear and a skin tone bra, not white, which will show through.

DON’T ever wear white stockings with a white dress. Even nurses don’t do that anymore!



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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Always store your whites in proper garment bags , wash a white item you haven’t put on in some time , I have white blouses and pants that I have had for many years and they are still white one more thing only wash your white together with no other whites like towels, socks etc…

  2. I don’t mean to sound like a commercial, but from personal experience, Oxyclean or Borax added to your regular laundry soap really can save your whites. It brought back many of my slightly yellowed t-shirts, cotton blouses and white towels. I think it keeps things whiter too.

  3. So so very glad I found this repository of all things gorgeous. It makes me think the looming jubilee year look more like a jubilee than a march to the geriatric gallows.