Can You Wear White After Labor Day?

So here we are again… summer is over and Labor Day has come and gone. Have you put away all your white clothes yet or are you wondering if you can wear white pants after labor day?

The answer is it depends on where you live. You may have grown up with the rule,  No white after Labor Day… but rules are made to be broken! Here my take on it:

  • If you live in Florida, Southern California or tropical country or climate, it’s fine to keep wearing your summer whites all year round!
  • If you live on the Upper East Coast, Mid-West, or any area with a colder climate, it’s a little trickier. You can still wear some white clothes depending on the fabric.
  • Put away white pants, dresses and tops made from thin, light materials like linen and breezy cotton.
  • You can still wear white in more year- round fabrics like silk and denim. For example, a white shirt or blouse always looks right and white jeans can easily transition into fall.

wearing white jeans after labor day


    • Simply team white or off white jeans with a light t-shirt and fabulous fall poncho. Add some cool booties and a gorgeous fall bag and you’re good to go.

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What about white dresses? 

white clothes after labor day

Here’s a white dress that could easily move into fall by adding some classy neutrals. A taupe jacket and python bag helps bridge the seasons, and the dark shoes ground the look in cooler weather.

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Winter White vs. Pure White


how to wear a white dress in winter


  • Soft or creamy whites make your outfit look more fall/winter like than bright white.
  • Pair a Winter white or cream dress with black accessories to anchor the look.
  • A white wool coat always looks stylish in fall/winter, as does white corduroy pants.
  • The bottom line is, if you’re struggling to make a white item work, it’s probably a summer white. You’re better off putting it away until it gets warmer!

What are your feelings about wearing white in the fall and winter? Please comment below!

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. This is a really fun and informative post! I think you can wear white year-round- certainly white denim pants or jacket, silk shirts, or cotton button ups when paired with weather appropriate other items of clothing. This fall and winter, I’m getting mileage out of my white denim jeans by pairing with chunky sweaters and boots. I may even try out a head to tie white jeans, cream sweater outfit one beautiful fall day.

    Love, Mary

  2. I’m not able to see the links in any of the posts to shop the looks. I really like the blue and brown poncho in this post. Any suggestions on how to get the shopping links to appear?

    • Hi Rebecca, If you can’t see the links it is because you have your ad blocker on your computer turned on. You will need to go to your computer settings and turn that off. Hope that helps.

  3. I just bought a similar poncho and never thought about wearing it with white jeans. I love the idea, now that the weather has suddenly cooled off here in Northern Ontario and can’t wait to try it. I hadn’t worn white jeans in 25 years, purchased them this summer, and want to get more wear out of them. Thanks for all the wonderful tips Deborah.

  4. Cathy Balke says:

    I have never cared about ponchos until I spotted the one you featured. It’s not in “Shop this Look” – where can I find it, please? I’m really enjoying your blog!

  5. Hi Deborah,

    I totally agree that wearing white is dependent on geography. The color white evokes the idea of coolness, which doesn’t necessarily work in cold climates. I have always lived in tropical climates…first Florida and then several Asian countries, so cool is always the way to go!


  6. Corinne Garrett says:

    Sunny Florida. We not only wear white jeans (shorts!) year round, we wear white sandals. The old rules about “no white after Labor Day” went away with climate change.

    Central Florida and south fashion mavens adopt “Fall transition” attire throughout winter. It isn’t cool enough for us to comfortably wear multiple layers & heavy fabrics. We can barely get by with wearing a pair of calf-high boots it’s so hot. It all looks sweltering in ‘winter’ 80+ degrees.

    We have ugly Christmas t-shirt instead of ugly Christmas sweater parties and turn down the a/c so we can have a fire in the fireplace for ambiance.

  7. White in a coat, pants, boots, or long skirt is problematic in areas that get snow. The cars quickly end up dirty and that rubs off on your clothing.

  8. I live in West Texas and it has been in the triple digits all summer and is still in the upper 80’s and upper 90’s here. Is it ok to wear white pants until the temps. drop? We probably will not see lower temps until late October. I can not bring myself to wear white shoes but would love to get a little more use out of a new pair of white pants before I put them away until spring.

  9. I understand that, my fiance` is very stuck on that rule! But sometimes I like to wear my white denim jeans with flare leg @ chritmas time w/ a pretty red holiday sweater. Would that be ok?

    • Hi Sherry,
      Yes that would be fine and festive! Glad to get the chance to clarify what we mean. I never want to come across as “preachy” or that there are rules set in stone. Fashion is ever changing and that is what makes it so appealing to chat about! Cheers!!!

  10. I don’t care what the rule is. If you want to wear white jeans wear them!

    • Hi Sherry,
      Doing whatever you want is always fine but why not change things up? I enjoy putting my summer things away and getting out the fall. I often visit Southern California where you can certainly wear white all year.
      I’m not trying to be the fashion police on this site, just trying to up the fashionista factor and inspire you to have fun with your wardrobe!

  11. Stacee Munds says:

    Wonderful rules to live by.

  12. Well, this Southern girl is from Tennessee and you know what that means……Go Big Orange. TN is all orange and white so I plan to wear my white jeans with a great orange t-shirt today. It’s still in the mid to upper 80’s here. I think white (jeans, pants) are fine until it really starts to get cold.

  13. So glad to hear you say this! I have heard for several years now that it’s okay to wear white after Labor Day, but my thought has always been……..why would you WANT to? It’s fall…time to pull out those gorgeous colors. I do agree about Florida though. Summer fashions year-round in sub-tropical climates. You ladies rock!

    • Hi Kathy,
      Usually by September we find we want to move into fall clothes too. It’s a mind thing. Just like it may be warm enough in Sept. to keep the pool open and swim, by then we’ve had enough.

  14. I live in Toronto (Canada) and here are my rules for white after Labour Day:
    1) it depends on the temps! (last year it was still in the high 20’s in October; this year it’s already cool);
    2) never white from top to bottom! So white pants (not jeans) and a pinstripe jackets for example is OK
    3) absolutely NO white shoes (unless runners)
    4) heavier weight fabrication takes it later into the season (depending on temps)
    5) warmer whites are seasonless
    6) the appropriate white cocktail ensemble us always a knock- out ( especially in a city that loves black!)

    love your articles!

  15. Thanks for your response! You are so good to keep up with your comments! KUDOS to you both! ♥

  16. I just bought white jeans to wear in Florida this Fall! I probably won’t wear my white capris but I can’t wait to wear the jeans! I wear sandals in Florida all year long! So the white jeans will be cute, I think! You see people wearing shorts in FL year round! lol Great topic!

    • HI L.D.,
      Yes, people do wear shorts all year long in Florida, so you could even wear your capris. However, sometimes it can get surprisingly cool,even there! Make sure you check the weather before you go and have plenty of pieces to layer. The nights especially can be pretty chilly,so a sweater will be a must! Have fun!

  17. Jennell Thornton says:

    Since I live in Fl guess I will continue wear my white jeans-but my question is being quite warm still,what do i wear with them in order to look “fallish”?
    Thanks so much:)

    • Hi Jennell,
      Well the best way to look fallish, is to wear fall colors. With white you can do that pretty easily, if you wear cream it will look even better!
      The other way is to add a long scarf to your outfit. It will give you the sense of a fall accessory with out making you hot!
      Also, Change out your sandals for boots. If you want to be adventures…the open toed boots and booties are all the rage for fall and what better place to sport them, than in Florida where your toes won’t get frost bite!! Good luck! and always great to hear from you!!!