Shoes That Are Age Appropriate

Hi Deborah,

Most comfortable shoes for women

This shoe has great style and is age appropriate for any age!

My friend and I  met you a few years ago  We’ve followed your blog ever since. Thanks for all the great info.

I saw your post about dressing too young and you mentioned extreme platforms can look too young.

I wanted to know what you thought of this shoe for a women of my age, 53?

I have a bronze colored sheath dress that is very simple and am looking for a pair of shoes to wear with it. I  thought these had some style, but wonder if they might be too much for my age?

I don’t want to look silly.  I don’t know why, but I struggle with this issue lately (I am size 4 petite). Looking forward to hearing your opinion. Thanks, Donna

Hi Donna,

Most comfortable shoes for women

Chunkier is less elegant and not as sophisticated for older women.

I get a lot of questions about whether shoes are age appropriate, so you are not alone.

Your  shoe is absolutely fine and certainly age appropriate. I really like platforms because they give the illusion that you are wearing a very high heel, but the platform makes them more comfortable!

The shoe below, left, is similar to the one you chose, but it’s not as refined and I think refinement is the way to go over 40..

Have fun at your party!

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