Shoes That Are Age Appropriate

Hi Deborah,

My friend and I  met you a few years ago when we attended the More Reinvention Convention. You wanted to photograph us for your blog, but we had to leave before you had time to do it. We have been following your blog ever since. Thanks for all the great info.

I saw your post about dressing too young and you mentioned extreme platforms as being too young.

This shoe has great style and is age appropriate for any age!

I wanted to know what you thought of this shoe for a women at my age of 53. I have a bronze colored sheath  dress that is very simple and am looking for a pair of shoes to wear with it. I found these at Nordstrom and thought they had some style, but wonder if they might be too much for my age. I don’t want to look silly.  I don’t know why, but I struggle with this issue lately. (I am size 4 petite.)

Looking forward to hearing your opinion. Thanks, Donna McArthur

Hi Donna,

I get a lot of questions as to whether shoes are age appropriate so you are not alone. Your  shoe is absolutely fine and certainly age appropriate. I really like platforms like this because it gives the illusion that you are wearing a very high heel, but the platform makes it more comfortable!  The shoe below is like yours, but would look too young for a nice cocktail party.

This shoe from Steve Madden, looks a little young.

Since I wrote that article about extreme platforms being too young, platforms have become so much more “mainstream” and so are not as trendy as when they first came out. Funny how that styles that seemed  extreme when they first come out, once they are around a while, don’t feel so wild and become more mainstream.

Shoes are one accessory that can really help you look more youthful. I think it is easier to make a mistake of buying a shoe that is too matronly vs one that might be too young.

Have fun at your party!

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. I have always love beautiful and high heel shoes. Now I am sixty years young, and find that the shoes being made today are just to high for a woman my age. I would love to buy beautiful shoes made on todays’ style, but with at least 2″ to 1 1/2″ heel. If the shoe makers would consider older women in their style, the market for shoes would be even greater.

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    LOVE those shoes… I have a similar pair that I wear all the time and have them on with my black lace dress!

  3. Sorry I can’t spell…..taking down Christmas decorations , ha! That would be sling – back. Bonnie

  4. Being petite…5″ and normal weight range, I have a pair of black patent, slink-back open toe platform shoes I adore that are like a very expensive pair of designer shoes that I wear in the summer with dresses to church. I didn’t think anything about it cause having a size 5 foot always means hard to find shoes. I am past 50 . Mine are black patent and look something like this. Is this ok to wear? Hope you can see the pic….not real sure how to do this. Thanks in advance for you answer……..bonnie

  5. Great Shoe! I have the same one. I love the bling.