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What Color Shoes to Wear With a Gold Dress?

Hi Deborah, 

I bought a lovely gold sheath dress for a Christmas party and wanted to know what color shoes to wear with it? I’m stumped. Thanks, Lisa

Hi Lisa,

This is a tricky one. Any shiny or sparkly metallic dress is automatically going to command a lot of attention. You want to be careful to select a shoe that lets the dress remain center stage. Your shoes should complement, not compete with your dress. Deciding on the perfect color of shoes to wear with a gold dress will depend on a few things. First,

What color shoes to wear with a gold dress

Wear Gold with Gold

A light gold shoe can look lovely with a gold dress. You get that continuous flow of color from the dress to the shoe which creates a nice, long, lean line. If you are wearing a gold dress with gold shoes, you need to be careful to coordinate the color of gold and the intensity of each. There are so many shades of gold. Gold dresses can range from champagne gold to yellow gold to pinky rose gold. You want a gold shoe that has similar look and feels to blend in.

For example, If your dress is shiny or sparkly gold, then go for a less sparkly shoe. If your dress is matte, then you can have sparkly gold shoes. It’s nearly impossible to get the exact color shoe as your dress, and you wouldn’t want to anyway. Go for a gold shoe that is slightly lighter or darker than your gold dress, and that should be fine. A champagne-colored shoe is like a gold shoe but softer. It is an excellent choice!

Nudes Shades go with Gold

Another option is to wear nude or champagne-colored shoes with your gold dress. This creates a subtle look and plays up the dress.

Black Shoes are an Option

Black shoes can work with a gold dress and are a popular choice, but I find they work best if your dress is a deeper, darker shade of gold, even bronze, or if your gold dress has some black in it.

Black shoes worn with a light, bright gold dress can be so high contrast, that they look heavy on your feet, and ruin the uplifting feel of your gold dress. This is especially true when you have light hair. However, if you have dark hair, sometimes the dark hair and shoes balance each other out.

Evening Bag Guidelines

As for your evening bag, in all cases, don’t be matchy-matchy. For example, if you are wearing nude shoes, try a gold or black bag. You can even carry a similarly colored nude bag but in a different finish or texture.  The bottom line is, to mix it up in terms of color/finish to look modern.What color shoes to wear with a gold dress

What Color Shoes to Wear with a Silver Dress?

It’s really the same. You can wear black or pewter shoes with a silver dress. The Navy can also work. I like silver shoes with a silver dress.

Do Colored Shoes Go with a Silver or Gold Dress?

Some women may try to wear a  jewel-toned shoe such as emerald-green or ruby-red with a silver or gold dress, but I find these colors stand out like a sore thumb and can make you look like an overly decorated Christmas tree.  Jewel tones against silver are high contrast, very bright, and loud. They can come across as tacky, not classy, especially if the dress itself is classic and elegant.

What color shoes to wear with a gold dress - Bronze

What to Wear with a Bronze or Pewter dress?

Bronze is gold mixed with black.  Pewter is silver mixed with black. If you wear a bronze or pewter dress, black shoes will look wonderful because they’ll pick up on the black in the dress and balance the intensity of the dark metallic.  See how striking the dress above looks with black sandals.

Whatever you decide, keep in mind that a little sparkle and shine is better than too much glitz, if you want to look elegant and chic over 40.

Here are a few more ideas for shoes to wear with a gold dress:

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3 thoughts on “What Color Shoes to Wear With a Gold Dress?

  1. I have wondered if specific shoes are age-appropriate for someone over 40. I am 63, petite, size 2 or 4. I am no fashion expert, but I have learned a few things. Regarding age-appropriate shoes: if you feel ridiculous in them, you will probably look silly. Extremely high platforms resemble stripper shoes, in my opinion. I sort of limit myself to a 4-inch heel. I have fallen a few times into higher shoes. I think you can get away with wearing a higher heel with a longer skirt or dress instead of a mini skirt. One question I am wondering about is the stiletto sneakers. Fenty by Puma has some cute ones. Have an outfit that would look cute with them, but I don’t want to look like I am trying too hard. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Delta,
      The term, age-appropriate, seems to have fallen by the wayside. There are no actual rules, and it’s up to the individual what she wears and how she wears it at any age. I checked these shoes out: http://tinyurl.com/z8xjrd2, and all I can say is they wouldn’t be for me. I find them much too trendy. I always like a more subtle nod to any trend at 50 or 60+. Congrats, though, if you can walk in heels that skinny and high.
      Cheers, Deborah

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