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My Favorite Summer Top with Sleeves for Aging Arms

If you prefer to cover your arms even when it’s hot out, you know that finding cute summer tops with sleeves is not easy. No worries! I have found a great one that’s especially perfect for arm-shy gals. Check out this fabulous top that makes you look modern and confident. 

blue and white batwing print top

blue and white batwing print blouse

Nothing is worse than stepping out and feeling self-conscious about a part of your body. For many women our age, that part is their arms. I get a lot of readers who just don’t feel comfortable with their jiggly, crepey upper arms and want to camouflage this area. There are a lot of tops that can help with this, and last week I even showed you a cute linen cardigan. But one of the best styles I have found to cover your arms is a bat-wing blouse.  

Recently I came across this darling chiffon blouse @amazonfashion that I loved so much I bought it in 3 colors ( and I don’t even feel self-conscious about my arms!)  It’s just a great summer blouse that works for everyone and just happens to solve a common dressing problem! The first batwing blouse I bought was this gorgeous blue and white print one. Those colors with white pants made me think of the Greek Islands!


pale pink wide sleeve top

A batwing sleeve is also known as a dolman sleeve. You can see here it has a wide, baggy, wing-like appearance. The sleeves start broad at the shoulders, and the top has deep armholes. The sleeves end a the elbow and slant up slightly, which is more slimming than cutting straight across the arm. The result is a relaxed, loose top that feels good and looks chic.

This fabulous pink is trendy right now, so I was curious to see how it would look on me with white jeans, and it didn’t disappoint.

pink batwing sleeve blouse

The other thing I love about these blouses is the waist tie front. The top is quite generous at the waist, and you can tie it as tight or loose as you want. Since it drapes over your stomach a bit, it’s excellent for camouflaging a mommy tummy!

The deep V-neckline is also super flattering. It opens up your chest ( particularly good if you are big-busted) and elongates your neck, making you look taller and slimmer.

polka dot batwing blouse

polka dot batwing sleeve top

Polka dots are so fun, and in black and white, you can wear this polka dot blouse all year round with jeans or black pants. This top is lightweight, loose, flowy, and elegant. I ordered a small and found it fit very true to size. It comes in 40 colors, so take a look. I’ll probably buy another because it has such a casually chic look. 

The best part is the price.- under $40! To shop this look click the links below.

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Prefer summer dresses with sleeves? You’ll find dresses with sleeves for those with arm wobble here.

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5 thoughts on “My Favorite Summer Top with Sleeves for Aging Arms

  1. Thanks for the ideas. Since turning 65, the skin under my armpits has been thin and loose. I work out my arms, but the triceps are tricky. So now I don’t wear sleeveless in public unless I am at the beach. It’s hard in this Texas weather. To stay calm, I wear tops of gauze or linen. I like puffy sleeves or a loose bell sleeve.

  2. We need clothing stores for older women who don’t want to show their arms. Also, we could use some clothing for older women with poor posture, with light shoulder pads. There is a lot of money to be made for clothing like this.

    1. Hi Jenny. I agree. I like sleeves because I’m always cold, but you’d be amazed at the number of women who email me about solutions for arm jiggles. These tops are pretty, no matter how you feel about your arms.

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