How to Create a Classy Outfit with White, Wide Leg Pants

There’s nothing like a pair of beautiful white pants to make you look modern and chic. And when they’re full or flared, well, all the more sophisticated!

Wide-leg pants have been trending, and I wanted to give them a go, so here’s a look at a gorgeous pair I picked up and how I styled them into a classy pants outfit.

white full leg pants


white wide leg pants and jacket

Choosing Wide-Leg Pants

When I came across these gorgeous pants, I was looking for something to wear to my son’s college graduation. I was planning on buying a lovely dress, but these were so white and fresh looking I decided to try them. As soon as I slipped them on, I was sold.

It’s been a long time since I wore flowy wide-leg pants, and I forgot how sophisticated and fabulous they make you feel. White in a luxurious fabric like this lightweight, satin-backed crepe looks stunning and can handle more abundant than black.

As for the style, it surprised me a bit. I never thought I’d go for a jogger-style drawstring waistband. I’m so used to tailored clothing that I figured a gathered waist would make my midlife stomach look heavy and the whole look would be frumpy, but surprisingly they look great. It just goes to show that you’ve got to try things on!

I’ve come to love these pants. The casual waistband, the flowy leg, and the extra long length create a relaxed, elegant vibe. They look classy, a little sporty, and super comfy.

white wide leg pants and black top

If you are wondering who makes them, they’re by a company called Reiss out of England. They are a new brand for me, and I’m impressed with their quality and casually elegant styles. I’ll be coming back to buy more.

white wide leg pants and jacket

What Top to Wear With Wide-Leg Pants

When trying out a new style of pants, it can be confusing to know what kind of top to wear, so here is a simple tip. If you go wide on the bottom, go fitted on top. This way, you balance things and don’t look boxy and shapeless.

There’s also a trend towards wearing big, oversized sweaters with loose, wide pants, but you have to be pretty confident to pull this off. If you go that route, try a half-tuck-in, so your sweater is cropped, has some shape, and shows off your waist. That’s less bulky and more slimming.

I already had this stretchy, short sleeve tee in my closet that I usually wear with black pants. Since it had an artsy black and white print, I thought it would work perfectly since my son was graduating from Drama school in NYC!

I love how it looked with the pants and showed off my modern waistband.

Best Jacket to Go With Wide Leg Pants

You can wear many jackets with wide-leg pants, from cropped to long, but I had this one in my closet and thought it was a perfect match. If you’ve watched my Amazon Livestreams, you know I’ve talked about this pink jacket a dozen times. It’s from Amazon’s Influencer Inspired line called The Drop, and it’s amazingly under $70.

What I love about it, besides that Barbicore hot pink color, is that it has a chic,  long, and slightly oversized fit, but it’s not sloppy. It’s light and casual, like a boyfriend jacket, and looks great when you push or roll up the sleeves. It also looks fabulous with jeans.


dean davidson cuff

Jewelry makes it Glam.

It always amazes me how a little piece of jewelry can instantly become uplevel an outfit. This is especially true when it is Dean Davidson jewelry. Dean is a Canadian designer who takes inspiration from his travels. His jewelry is sophisticated, minimal, and chic. I am a HUGE fan!

This stunning gold cuff and spiral statement necklace are from his newest collection called Eterna, inspired by Ancient Rome. The double huggie hoop earrings, which can instantly transform into a single hoop, are from a previous collection. The beautiful thing is all his jewelry mixes and matches. (Be sure to check it out and get 25% off with code Deborah25.)

white wide leg drawstring pants

What Shoes to Wear with Flowy Pants

I wanted something dressy but comfy to go with my flowy pants, so I wore these black strappy sandals with comfortable square toes and heels. I have worn these @amazonfashion reptile print slides everywhere this summer. They are medium-high and straightforward to walk in.

You could also wear a mule with these pants, or a trendy look is to wear a chunky white sneaker with wide-leg pants. The pants would be long and drapey over the sneaker, but that’s o.k. if you don’t mind the fabric pooling because that is the look!


white wide leg pants

Oversized Sunglasses

An excellent pair of oversize sunglasses finish off the look. I like this fine gold pair with the tiny crystals at the side because they go with the elegant feel. The lenses are slightly pink, which looks pretty with the bold jacket and give a feminine touch to this menswear-inspired outfit.


white crepe wide leg pants

And there is my white wide-leg pants outfit! E-leg pants. Have a look.

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