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What to Wear to a Corporate Retirement Party?

After a lifetime of service, your boss is retiring from the corporation where you work. A formal party is planned in his honor. What should you wear? Read on to find out.

Retirement parties come in all shapes and sizes, but most corporate retirement parties are black-tie (tuxedos for men) or black-tie optional (tuxedo or dark suit for men). Women may wear a long gown or chic cocktail dress. Here are a few things to remember when choosing the perfect dress.

Keep it Conservative

A retirement party is about showing gratitude and respect, so don’t wear anything too trendy, edgy, or revealing. The party is spotlighting the person retiring. It’s not about you, so don’t distract from the central star.

Go for Elegant, Timeless Silhouettes

Choose an elegant dress with a simple, feminine silhouette that follows your curves, but it should not be tight. Less is more.retirement-party- what to wear1 | 2  2P| 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


Choose Luxurious Fabrics

A formal affair calls for luxurious fabrics. Velvet is stunning in fall and winter, while breezy chiffon is lovely in warmer weather. Lace, silk, embroidered, and beaded materials are always elegant and can add personality to a formal gown or cocktail dress.


Black is Always Appropriate

Darker colors are conservative and appropriate for this type of event. Of course,  you can never go wrong with black. Black is formal, classy, and figure-flattering. Long or short, you will always look appropriate. Just be sure to wear extra make-up; otherwise, you can appear drab and washed out.

Gold is Classy

Gold and silver and champagne are other great colors for a retirement party dress. Metallics are rich, regal, and a natural complement to black. A retirement party is much like an awards show; gold fits that theme.

Black and White is Timeless

White is another excellent choice, especially in warm weather. A white cocktail dress with a touch of black amongst a sea of black dresses looks formal and will give you a stand-out style without hogging the limelight. It also creates a lovely matching look when your partner is wearing a tux.

Navy looks Corporate

If you love black but find it washes you out, navy is a great alternative. It’s sophisticated and slimming like black, but softer and more lively. Navy is also an authoritative color and the classic corporate shade.

Whether you’re the guest or the guest of honor at a corporate retirement party, follow these easy guidelines to look classy, refined, and graced with executive elegance


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