3 Chic Ways to Style Cropped Pants

This seems to be the year of the cropped pant. It’s the one thing that can make you look current and fresh. I wrote about wide leg cropped pants recently, which can be hard to wear, but here’s a better option.

Slim leg crop pants are more mainstream and more flattering to a wider range of bodies. I’m not talking about capris that end at the bottom your calf. The pants I’m referring to pants that are a little longer, ending a few inches above your ankle. This is a more sophisticated length than a summer Capri. Here are three ways to style slim cropped pants.
cropped pantsLook #1 – DARK FLORALS

If you like a pretty lady-like look with a modern edge, then try pairing you cropped pants with a moody floral top. (More here about dark florals ) This top has a flirty peplum style that a lot of gals love because it nips in your waist and hides a small tummy pooch.

Don’t like bare arms? Then add a white jacket that always looks chic in summer. Sexy heels (they don’t have to be this high) amp up the feminine factor.

As for the bag, it’s hard to break old habits. You might automatically reach for a plain black bag, but just look how much more interesting this print one looks. It’s got the same color and feel as the top, so works well and adds some playfulness to the outfit.  Now call up you husband and ask him if he feels like going out for dinner. You’ve got to go somewhere in a cute outfit like this! [Read more…]

What To Wear To The Office In Summer

Deborah BolandThere’s corporate, there’s casual, and then there’s inbetween. Figuring out what to wear to look professional, and appropriate in a relaxed office environment is a challenge any time of the year, but especially in summer.

Here are some ideas for how to look and keep cool on the job from stylist Morgan Mullin.

Summer is here- but unfortunately not every day can be spent on the patio in palazzo pants. When you’re at the office, you need to stick to the dress code without sticking to your seat in a puddle of sweat. To survive the dog days of summer in your cubicle simply:

orange pants and blue top

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Can I Wear Hose With Capris?

Capris Over 40Dear Deborah,

I am 52 and have a black pair of capris I bought for work. Since it is spring and  my legs are still pale, is it ok to wear hose with the capris?  What about hose with Bermuda shorts? Teresa

Hi Teresa,

Capris or any kind of shorts should not be worn with hose.  Yes, some teens wear opaque hose with short-shorts, but that is  a junior trend that is meant to shock.
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5 Summer Style Sins

With temperatures soaring… everyone is trying to stay cool and still look great, but it’s easy to let your summer style slide.

Here’s some lapses in judgment I’ve  seen this summer.

1. Capri pants +socks & running shoes

Capri pants +socks & running shoes


Capris are a cute sassy look that shows off your lower legs. Yes, they do tend to make your leg look a little shorter because they stop at the calf, but this can be balanced out by wearing a lovely kitten heel sandal or low wedge in the same color as your Capris. [Read more…]

Can You Wear Cropped Pants if You Are Short?

When long pants are too hot, shorts make you feel to exposed, cropped pants are the perfect answer.

There are: pedal pushers that come to just below the knee, capris that hit mid-calf and cropped ankle pants that graze the ankle bone.

But the question is… can you wear cropped pants if you are short or will they just make you look shorter?

Yes so long as you follow these guidelines:

1. Choose a slim CutWide cropped pants make you look wider and shorter. If you stick to slim pants that fit close to the leg- tapered or straight leg you’ll be o.k.

2. Go for a neutral color closest to your skin color-If there is no big contrast between your leg and your pants your legs won’t look cut in two. Light skin gals can try white, tan or light gray and dark skinned gals can wear black, brown or khaki.

3. Don’t wear cropped pants with large patterns. Solid are most slimming or if you wear a pattern keep it small so it doesn’t overwhelm.

4. Wear a heel or wedge to add a few inches. Flat shoes with cropped pants can make you look short and squat. A shoe can elevate your frame and make your legs look longer than they are.

5. Keep the top of the foot open by wearing sandals or low vamp shoes to expose skin and elongate the leg.

6. Stick to tops that skim the top of your capris/cropped pant. By showing more pant you give the illusion of a longer leg.

7. Tops with a wider neckline also help draw the eye up balance you out and make you look taller.

Just because you are short doesn’t mean you have a tiny figure to go with it. Here’s a few other tips for camouflaging problem areas.

Tummy trouble? -Be careful with a Drawstring Waist
These drawstring cargo cropped pants  look great on this gal because of her gorgeous pancake belly and thin legs, however, if you have a midlife mommy tummy the drawstring waist, massive pockets and baggy legs will make you look like you are wearing a laundry bag. Choose something that doesn’t put all the attention at the tummy. (Nordstrom)

drawstring cropped pants

drawstring cropped pants

Go for a Wide Waistband Black is always Audrey Hepburn elegant, and also figure flattering to a woman’s bottom half.  This wide waistband pulls in and camouflages that midlife middle. The tapered leg is slimming and sexy too. (Nordstrom)

black cropped pants

black cropped pants

Big hips and Thighs -Avoid Cuffed cropped pants:Don’t want to looks shorter? Then don’t wear pants with a cuff. You may think the roll up look cute but it will only cut you down and make you look stubby, and if you have a extra few pounds on you, wide too. These pants are best for med-tall gals with average legs. Any gal with bulky thighs should definitely stay from these as the huge pockets will only accentuate them.

cargo crop pant

cargo crop pant

Buy a pair of Flat front cropped pants Let’s face it. For a lot of us the answer to wearing pants and looking good in them is to wear your shirt tucked out, and these stretchy cropped pants are perfect for that. There’s no buttons, zippers or stuff to get in the way, so you have a seamless tower of white for which to place a pretty top over.

stretchy capri

stretchy capri

Test once and you will know -Low Rise Cropped pants: O.K. loose and slouchy, but cool on the right gal. You need a flat tummy and a low waist to pull these off. Very fashion forward and all over Paris.

baggy crop pant

baggy crop pant


3 Cute Outfits For Your Caribbean Cruise

Headed off to the sunshine this winter on a relaxing Caribbean cruise? Here’s a look at the latest cruisewear trends to make you look Fabulous After 40.

1. Cropped Pants

womens cropped pants

womens cropped pants


Maybe you like shorts or maybe there’s just no way you’d ever consider them, but a pair of cute, cropped summer pants is a must for everybody. Whether you choose just past the knee capris or pants cropped just above the ankle, be sure to select a pair that taper in for a more flattering, chic look.
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