Can I Wear Hose With Capris?

capris oer 40Dear Deborah,

I am 52 and have a black pair of capris I bought for work. Since it is spring and  my legs are still pale, is it ok to wear hose with the capris?  What about hose with Bermuda shorts? Teresa

Hi Teresa,

Capris or any kind of shorts should not be worn with hose.  Yes, some teens wear opaque hose with short-shorts, but that is  a junior trend that is meant to shock.

Capris and Bermuda shorts are casual attire and look best in warm weather with bare legs.  Adding hose will age you.  I’d suggest you try some self tanner instead.

There is possible one exception to all of this. The odd time you come across a dressy capris. In this case you might be able to get away with very sheer for hose and a closed toe pump or wedge. Even a flat closed toe shoe is fine. It’s hard to pull off though. You are better off waiting for warmer weather and getting a bit of color on your legs.

5 Summer Style Sins

With temperatures soaring… we’re all are trying to keep cool and still look great, but it’s easy to let your summer style slide. Here’s some lapses in judgment that we’ve seen this summer.

1. Capri pants +socks & running shoes


Capris are a cute sassy look that shows off your lower legs. Yes, they do tend to make your leg look a little shorter because they stop at the calf, but this can be balanced out by wearing a lovely kitten heel sandal or low wedge in the same color as your Capris. [Read more...]

Are Wide Capris Pants out of Style?

Hello Deborah,

I am leaving for Florida next week and would like to know what’s the verdict on the wider-leg capri pants we were all wearing last summer. I see that wider (long) pants are in, but I not sure about the one that hit above the ankle.

I have several pairs in flattering black crepe; they were a staple last year, and so easy/comfortable to wear. I do like the straight leg, snug fitting Capris — but do I have to put my wider ones away this year?

Thank you, Cindy

These types of capris are out of style, too short and the cuff is a no no.

These types of capris are out of style, too short and the cuff is a no no.


Great to hear from you! Your question is a good one.

I recently wrote a post about  the new version of the Capri and it is definitely different than last year’s, however if your old Capris are still in good shape you should feel fine wearing them.

Just don’t buy anymore like them on your next shopping trip!

If you still want to wear them, try updating them by wearing one of the new clunky wedges.




How to Wear Cropped Pants

When pants are too hot, shorts make you feel to exposed, or you aren’t in the mood for wearing a dress, cropped pants are the perfect answer.

They’re chic and playful, and can be dressed up or down depending on the whether you’re  the beach, at the mall or out to dinner with friends.

Remember Mary on the Dick Van Dyke show, and how darling she always looked?

…..Of course, Mary had a perfect body but no matter …..

… can look great in cropped pants too.

It’s all about finding the right style of cropped pant to suit your body type.

Here’s a few example of what to look for and what to avoid depending on your particular shape:

Drawstring-Disastrous or Delightful?
These drawstring cargo cropped pants  look great on this gal because of her gorgeous pancake belly and thin legs, however, if you have a midlife mommy tummy the drawstring waist, massive pockets and baggy legs will make you look like you are wearing a laundry bag. Choose something that doesn’t put all the attention at the tummy. (Nordstrom)
drawstring cropped pants
Wide Waisted and Wonderful :Black is always Audrey Hepburn elegant, and also figure flattering to a woman’s bottom half.  This wide waistband pulls in and camouflages that midlife middle. The tapered leg is slimming and sexy too. (Nordstrom)
black cropped pants
Heading South:When everything else is sagging at 40, 50 and beyond.. why would you want these pants to drag you down too? Instead of looking fashion forward, you run the risk of looking like you are wearing diapers underneath. ( Nordstrom) blue harem cop pants
Cautious wIth Cuffs:
Short? Don’t want to looks shorter? Then don’t wear pants with a cuff. You may think the roll up look cute but it will only cut you down and make you look stubby, and if you have a extra few pounds on you, wide too. These pants are best for med-tall gals with average legs. Any gal with bulky thighs should definitely stay from these as the huge pockets will only accentuate them. (Nordstrom)

cargo crop pant
Zipper free…Yippee!: Let’s face it. For a lot of us the answer to wearing pants and looking good in them is to wear your shirt tucked out, and these stretchy cropped pants are perfect for that. There’s no buttons, zippers or stuff to get in the way, so you have a seamless tower of white for which to place a pretty top over.(Nordstrom) stretchy capri
Low: O.K. loose and slouchy, but cool on the right gal. You need a flat tummy and a low waist to pull these off. Very fashion forward and all over Paris. (Nordstrom) baggy crop pant


3 Cruisewear Looks To Wear After 40

With everybody dressing so relaxed these days it’s nice to have a reason to dress up a little.  A cruise is one place you get to show off a great summer wardrobe.

So what do you take? When you’re traveling to a warm climate you want to feel comfortable, but also look sporty and classy too. Here are three tried and true recipes for cruisewear looks that you are going to definitely to want to pack.

1. Cropped Pants

cropped pants and tropical top


Maybe you like shorts or maybe there’s just no way you’d ever consider them, but a pair of cute, cropped summer pants is a must for everybody. Whether you choose just past the knee capris or pants cropped just above the ankle, be sure to select a pair that taper in for a more flattering, chic look.

What you wear up top is your choice, but it’s always nice to go with something slightly tropical in keeping with the cruise vibe. Look for tops that are halter, style, off the shoulder, keyhole or have an interesting detail so you look more vacation like and festive.

Wear your outfit with some cute dangly earrings ( dangly communicates fun and sexy) and a pair of  comfy, flat sandals for a laid back holiday look. [Read more...]