5 Summer Style Sins

With temperatures soaring… everyone is trying to stay cool and still look great, but it’s easy to let your summer style slide.

Here are some lapses in judgment I’ve seen this summer.

1. Capri pants +socks & running shoes

Capri pants +socks & running shoes


Capris are a cute sassy look that shows off your lower legs. Yes, they do tend to make your leg look a little shorter because they stop at the calf, but this can be balanced out by wearing a lovely kitten heel sandal or low wedge in the same color as your Capris.

I’ve noticed a lot of women on vacation who go on walking tours wearing  Capris with socks and running shoes! This is a lethal combination that makes you look short, fat, and frumpy. If you need practicality and comfort, then try a cushioned flip-flop or ballet flat with your Capris, or instead wear shorts with running shoes for a sporty look. Frump city!

2. Nude Hose with Sandals

 Nude Hose with Sandals


If you want to wear open-toed shoes and are tempted to wear even the sheerest of hose with them, stop right there. Remember, nothing looks as tacky as this fashion faux pas. Many women are hesitant to use self-tanners because they are worried about having orange legs, but they’ve come a long way and give the subtlest result.

3. Short Shorts

Who wears short shorts? Not women after 40, unless you’ve been digging things out of your teenage daughter’s closet to wear. Short shorts (especially cut-offs) that let it all hang out are tacky and cheap. Save them for sun tanning and go with a cute skirt or walking short instead.

4. Visible Pockets

One of the freshest looks for summer is a pair of crisp white pants. But beware if those pants come with big visible pockets. That’s all anyone will notice! If your white pants show your pockets, simply have them taken out by a professional seamstress for a much cleaner look.

Summer white pants

5. Dark Bra Under Light Shirt

This is not classy. Nothing sexy about it. It looks sloppy, period.



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23 thoughts on “5 Summer Style Sins

  1. Hi, I just found this site, and I love all the tips. I want to comment on the dark bra. I think the point here is that the bra should match your skin tone under sheer fabrics and not be visible under the shirt. As an African American woman, I wear black bras/camis under white or light shirts because they provide invisible coverage against my skin. However, if I were to wear a white bra, it would stand out against my skin, not be very glam and distract from my fab look.

  2. LOL….very accurate. This reminds me of growing up in London back in the 80s. Us business folks in the West End would people watch tour groups around Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus and guess where tourists were from. You could always spot a middle age American. They dress like no other! Women would wear a knee-length skirt with nude pantyhose and clunky white lace-up sneakers. Men always a baseball caps with slogan tee shirts, knee-length cargo, and white sports socks with the same sneakers as their wives. Both were typically overweight (by British standards).

  3. I agree with all your points except for the pockets in the white pants. I’m a “form follows function” gal, and I don’t see the problem unless there is an obvious demonstration of shoddy craftsmanship or the wearer doesn’t make sure everything i. So much of fashion now is about layers and being see-through. This seems like a personal call. I USE my pockets!

  4. Hi Deborah!

    I love your website and have just finished going through my closet and am in the process of updating my fall wardrobe. I lost approximately 25 pounds and had to get rid of a lot of my fall and winter wardrobe last year. I will soon be 58 and am 5′ 1/2″ tall and petite. I know it is essential to wear solid color tops and slacks to make me appear taller, but I was wondering if little women can wear leggings with boots. If I wore it under a long top, but I’m if I wore them not sure it would work for me. My style is
    “Traditional,” but I thought I might like to try something new and different.
    Thanks so much for any suggestions and advice you may have.

  5. These are fine examples of things NOT to do. May I add that I also dislike the sight of horrible-looking toenails on aged women? Some women get gnarly discolored toenails, which is an “ensemble killer” when you look down at the feet. Even if done at home, pedicures are a must if open-toed shoes, flip-flops, and sandals are worn.

  6. Ladies – I think you missed the worst styling sin of all, and that’s the tatoo lady. Guess I’m showing my age, but I’ve seen way too many girls, up and into their 40’s, covered in tattoos, and what might be an ordinarily attractive woman is YUCK!!. I can’t wait until that skin starts to sag :) You might get away with the hose if you’re wearing a peep toe sandal, but not that full-length one

    1. Hi Tasi,
      Well, that is one view that we know can be heavily debated. It does seem that tattoos are becoming very popular with all ages. The only problem is they are permanent. At least when a dress or shoe goes out of style, we can give them away. Tattoos are forever, or if you get tired of them, you have had to undergo painful laser removal. We would say think twice before getting one; however, if you have one, enjoy it!

  7. About those crocs. Unfortunately, I have a foot problem; alas, CrocsRx is the only slip-on shoe that addresses my issue. I have tried everything, and these are the sole shoes that truly feel like heaven for me.
    BUT wear the bright colored ones. I will not do it! They look ridiculous. So I purchase only neutral and understated colored crocs and ones that look more like a clog without those awful telltale holes. I will then wear them around the house, running to the store, and driving. This works with me and spares my teenage daughter from giving me a hard time! :=)

  8. Stockings with sandals. Ugh. Men don’t like socks, period. Men also like thong underwear, I hear. But I don’t think that is good with white pants. Men don’t want bra straps. But I’m not sure I care what men want or don’t. I don’t wear stockings because they are uncomfortable. I don’t have pockets that show, or short shorts, etc. My very own summer pet peeves are cut-off jeans shorts with hanging bags ad low-slung jeans with fat hanging out over the top. I am all for comfort, but if it looks terrible, don’t wear it.

    1. Hi Judy,
      Good points… and boy, as you mentioned, I have been seeing a lot of low-slung jeans and shorts with the tummy hanging out this summer! YUCK!!!
      Men are funny and have commented on our site before on what they like and don’t like. As you can imagine, they have varying opinions. We assume that you will attract the type of person with similar likes and dislikes. That is why we should dress authentically and be aware of how we dress. It sure says a lot about who you are!

  9. Oh, MY Goodness!! I am guilty of sin when it comes to wearing walking shoes with anklets and capris!!!! If I am just out for the day- light shopping, movies, etc.- I don’t do that. And I make sure I hem my capris so they don’t fall relatively as low as in that pic.

    But- if I am doing something like an entire day of walking, like at the zoo, the State Fair, etc.- I care more for my poor feet than looking glam! LOL, My poor feet would KILL me if I tried not to wear supportive shoes on a strenuous day!

    I’m guilty!!!!

    Never mind the sandals with hosiery- in that picture, those shoes don’t fit that woman! Now, THAT looks bad- she’s hanging over them everywhere!

    1. Hi Gramma Deb,
      I hear you about walking all day and trying to look glam. No need to worry if you are at the State Fair or zoo…we are talking about going out to shop at the mall or store.
      Thanks for your sense of humor! I never want to get “preachy” here…and you seem to take life with a wink and smile…I LOVE your kind!!!!!

  10. All good choices for fashion blunders… But you forgot to mention the biggest summertime problem: bra straps hanging out of summer wear! Unless you’re r on the runway in Paris, is it appropriate for a women’s bra strap to be exposed? At no time, Especially the 40+ crowd. Talk about frumpy! A good strapless bra is worth the investment or accepting that other fashions may be more appropriate for our bodies.

    1. Hi Smaller,
      The bra strap issue is a touchy one. There are a lot of variables for do’s and don’t. We have seen women on a contrasting or colorful bra that has been able to pull that look off, but it depends on many things. You have to have the right bra first. A beige or white, ratty, thick strap will never work. However, a pretty, fresh thin strap can look just fine.
      However, the strapless bra is a beautiful invention and can be worn more than one might think. Thanks for bringing this topic up. It is one worth discussing a little more!

  11. I, too, am reminded of Glamour Don’ts, which I read wincingly for fear of finding myself behind that black anonymity rectangle! But good to see all from a different vantage point. A happy check mark next to all but the white pants pockets, a garment I only recently added to my wardrobe following a welcome weight loss. Happy to officially say for the first day of life, I’m now joining the Fabulous after 50 demographic.

  12. Funny stuff! It brought me back to the Glamour mag Dos and Don’ts page I used to adore. The capri pants with running shoes crack me up.

  13. I wear sheer hose with sandals all the time and love it, but I grew up in the seveties and eighties when everyone did, men love it!

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