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  1. Love the ideas and would also love to have the sources. Great business casual examples that would work for my workplace. What’s the brand of the pleat necked floral top in the first illustration, please?

  2. Deborah,
    Many thanks for this timely article. A great alternative to the pants ‘n top look I love to wear in the summer. I’m retired but do volunteer work and still want to look professional. I’ve also pinned this article.

  3. Per usual, love the fashion suggestions! I must agree with Deborah about the hose looking “old ladyish”, None of the women in my office would wear hose, the look is entirely out of date. However, if you prefer to wear them to cover untoned legs,veins, dark spots, that is your own personal choice, The goal is to look and feel your best!

    • Yes, I definitely agree with your statement that we all should do what makes us look and feel our best. As for the “debate” on whether or not hose look old-ladyish, I wanted to mention that Kate Middleton was photographed in Paris a year or so ago wearing hose. And Kate is a fashion icon and certainly young. It seems to be a matter of perspective, though I do think they are generally considered to be more acceptable than they were a few years ago.

      • Hi Charlene,
        I’m glad we’ve moved past this silly notion of bare legs. Some women just can’t do it, either because they are very pale, or they have legs with a lot of veins, or their legs are just a little worn looking. I once saw a woman in her late sixties dressed to the nines, but with no hose and her legs were not as youthful as they once were (that’s being polite). Her bare legs drew so much attention it ruined her stylish look. You have to do what is best for you and that may mean some ultrasheer stockings just to smooth things over a bit. Nothing wrong with that. Cheers, Deborah

  4. Love this. My retail work “uniform” is black slacks or dark jeans and a black or white top with sleeves. But I could wear these everywhere *but* work and would love to do so!

  5. I wish to comment on your direction not to wear hose–especially with peek-toe and sling pumps:

    1.In my office, hose are required
    2. Tanning solutions give some cover but do not begin to handle veins, dark spots from too much sun and the general “wear and tear” older skin shows–let alone fix “tone”.
    3. My husband likes my legs in hose.

    So, for my peek-toe and sling pumps, I wear the most sheer hose I can find with a nude toe…and plenty of compliments still come my way–at age 70!

    • I agree, that with peep toe pumps it is just fine to wear some sheer hose. I just warn about wearing hose with a strappy sandal. That is just old lady looking in my book!

      • Hmmm. In my case, I have these three options: One,Wearing very sheer, nude colored hose with sandals (sheer toe, of course, and making sure the seam is tucked on the underside of my toes). Two ,Baring my blindingly white legs and feet to the world with all the issues Linda mentioned above (age spots, broken veins, toning badly needed, etc.). Three, doing without sandals at all. I love sandals and therefore I choose option two. People are always completely surprised if and when they find out I’m wearing hose. Many hose these days are virtually invisible. I respectfully disagree that it’s an old lady look.

  6. Love the dress, bag and jewelry, but I’m just under 5 foot 10 and the thought of 3 inch heels makes we break into a sweat. Are there alternative shoes to the high block heel?

  7. Love these outfits!

    I like to wear camisoles but mass market camisoles do not provide enough coverage for me. Any leads on some with more modest necklines?

  8. I like it if you posted more like this. The total look and why certain items were chosen. It all made sense when you gave the reasons. Thanks.

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