3 Things to Buy to Update Your Fall Wardrobe

It’s a good thing to know what you like, but every so often you need to push yourself a little. If you never move out of your comfort zone, it’s easy to get trapped in a boring style rut.

There are lots of things I never took to at first, but after trying them on and seeing how other women wore them, I was totally sold. I’m sure you’ve had this experience too. So this fall I challenge you to be a little more daring and take a second look at a trend you didn’t think could work for you.

Here are five things trending this fall that is easy to wear and will instantly update your wardrobe.


Plaid Blazer


1. Something Plaid

If plaid seems too conservative, too serious and too stuffy for you, then you haven’t seen some of the fabulous plaid pieces out there this fall and ways in which they are being styled. The easiest way to dip your toe in the plaid pool is with a relaxed plaid jacket.

This cute plaid blazer is polished, but not too perfect. The sporty roll-up sleeves help give it that cool gal vibe. Pair it with your favorite jeans, a white shirt or knotted tee and some cute white booties. Find out more about how to wear the plaid trend, here.

Ruched Olive Top

2. A Ruched Top

If you want to look updated without making a big change then why pick up a beautiful ruched top? This olive green blouse with its feminine ruched sleeves adds a whole lot of style to a basic pair of jeans. Pair it with modern details like a leather circle bag and western inspired booties. Find out more about ruching and why it’s a favorite with women over 40 by reading my fall trends post on ruching.

Beige Fall poncho - Skinny Jeans


3. A Poncho/Blanket Coat

If you are used to a traditional trench coat or other classic outerwear, then I challenge you to get a little more creative. The new ponchos and blanket coats will give you an artsy edge. You might be surprised how chic lightweight poncho like this can up your style factor when you are dashing around doing errands on a cool fall day. I own a few. Take a look at my favorite fall ponchos, and five other fall ponchos to jazz up your jeans.

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21 thoughts on “3 Things to Buy to Update Your Fall Wardrobe

  1. I love your site. I am not yet 40, but getting there. I have a midlife tummy and I am short. Your tips have given me great ideas. Thank you!

  2. I am delighted that I found your site; so many great articles and tips! It’s great to find fashion suggestions not geared toward a 5’9″, 114 lb, 20-something model. I’m typically very classic in style but it has begun to feel boring. I can’t wait to shop for that faux fur vest I’ve been agonizing over trying to decide if it’s age-appropriate or not! Decided, it is!

  3. Pushing the envelope was never a problem when I was younger, drawn to trends growing up in the 80’s at the Jersey Shore. Do I need to say more? Going into middle-age and a second marriage to a fashionista, I learned to dress more classic for every day and work and leave the trends for special occasions or our night life. I love to mix in vintage and upscale consignment with classic pieces. Working in a very conservative small office, I look at it as dressing up to play a part. Covered up and conservative but not afraid to add flare with scarfs, unique jewelry or trendy shoes. I enjoy reading your blog and find it encouraging to women over 40 to be stylish, age-appropriate which boosts confidence.

  4. Going to try everything. I love the sweater and knee high boots. However, I’m 4’11. Right now, I think I’m stuck. Need fashion tips bad. Never going to lose this website. Any suggestions for 4’11 about 140lbs? Carrying all in my mid section

  5. I’m 5’3″, size 1x, how can I possibly wear a poncho? I am apple shape, I love them but don’t think I can wear them. I am forever in hip-length cardigan jackets (Eileen Fisher) and black black black. I add color with shoes and expensive classic scarfs. I would love a change, any suggestions:

  6. Hi Deborah,
    I love the merlot boots! I have decided I have a shoe/boot fetish. Leggings are a definite staple, I have lots with my Ruby Ribbon collection. I am not sure about a poncho, Michigan winters get so cold and they are hard to put under a regular coat. I like the chunky sweater. I haven’t done any hats yet, maybe it is time to try one. What app/program do you use for your style boards? I love them.

    1. Hi Beth, I’m glad you like the boots. They were such an unusual color that I fell instantly in love with them. I live in Toronto, so similar weather to Michigan. I usually only wear ponchos up until Oct/Novemmber and then I usually need to switch to a coat. As for the style boards, we use polyvore to create many of our collages. You can check us out at polyvore here: Cheers, Deborah

  7. I love the new look for Fall. Recently attended a volunteer appreciation dinner and wore black leggings, black & white poncho with booties and a tan purse. Minimal jewelry. It got a lot of attention. Ladies in Colorado don’t dress classy. Being from California and stylish is a challenge when the uniform of the day in Colorado is sloppy jeans and shirts. How to find a middle ground without looking pretentious is hard. Will shop for some of the blush colored sweaters to go with my black leggings. Great look!

  8. Love the Merlot boots, but gotta call “make it stop” on the ponchos.Makes me think of an aging art teacher. Same with butterfly sleeves, handkerchief hems, caftans. I think if Mrs. Rhomer on Three’s Company.

    1. Hi Teija!
      I’m giggling at my desk over your comment about the aging art teacher because I had an art teacher in the 70’s who wore a fringe poncho all the time.
      Nevertheless, I still like the blanket coats and ponchos that are out right now. Many are less boho, more refined, which I prefer. Yes, they look artsy, but in a classy way if you put great boots and a bag with them. Thanks for dropping by to visit. Your comments are always welcome! What does everyone else think? Cheers, Deborah

      1. I agree with you. I found a waterfall style blanket coat with tight sleeves in a local shop. It is black with fringes and goes with everything I wear in the fall. It also has buttons at the side of the neck so it can be closed and the shawl collar and waterfall form a scarf. I got it for only ten euros as it looked awful on the hangar….but great when I tried it on!

  9. Would love to see some beautiful boot/shoe choices for those of us that can no longer walk in beautiful,very high heels.

  10. I’m going for a blanket coat, and I like cut out shoes which are also new. Although I cannot wear pumps anymore, one of my most beloved footwear purchases in the last year was a pair of Nicole 1″ heeled cut out boots with straps and buckles. They are comfortable, super stylish and make me feel fabulous!! Cinderella is right it is all about the shoes!!

  11. I’m definitely stuck in a rut with clothing. I’ve always hated shopping but when I attend events I think how nice someone else looks but I could never wear that. Since I have MS the shoes must be comfortable. I purchased a dress at Dress Barn and want to wear opaque tights with them, but don’t know what shoes to wear. Any thoughts? I need a personal dresser to say – BUY THAT! TRY THAT ON! THAT LOOKS GOOD! THAT LOOKS AWFUL!

    I love your blog and information. Many thanks.

  12. I love your stuff. I wish you would spend more space describing how to adapt styles for non-model figures. For example, at 5’1″ I can hardly wear over the knee boots and the fringy fuzzy sweaters make me look like stuffed teddy bear. One website I noticed was giving product detail for petite clothes and on the sidebar it described the 5’9″ model. Yeeesh! I look to this web side to be more helpful than the advert/magazine style website. As you feature more bloggers you are moving in that direction. I like Deb! Thanks for considering–

  13. All of the fashion items seem like too much on my 5’3″ frame. Except if I found a fur vest not too furry………I think that would be fun! We get too much snow to buy crazy heels like that.

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