What to Wear With a Wedge Mary Jane?

Hi Deborah,

What can I wear with a wedge Mary Jane to work? Thanks, Helen

Hi Helen,

I’m not a big fan of Mary Jane Wedges because they look too “school girl” for a 40+ gal.  However, I’m not the fashion police. You should wear what makes you happy, and I understand that comfort is often the priority. There’s no denying these shoes are popular.black suede mary jane

Quality Counts

I recommend that if you are going to wear a Mary Jane, look for one that’s high quality like this one by Ecco.  I like it  because 1) it’s well made 2) it’s finer looking than many of the clunky masculine looking Mary Jane’s out there and 3) it’s suede which makes it look fairly elegant. This one comes in black or navy.

Here are a few more Mary Jane shoes on the refined side:

Mary Janes look best with Pants

I think Mary Jane’s  are best worn with pants. I wouldn’t recommend you wear them with a dress a skirt or capris. They also don’t look great with skinny jeans. the problem is Mary Janes scream junior school and the wide straps across your feet visually shorten your legs which can make you look heavy, especially if you carry weight in your lower half.


modern mary jane

Here’s a pair I found that have a little more style and would work better with a dress. This taupe suede Mary Jane is a modern twist on an old fashioned shoe. It also looks more feminine and grown up than your traditional Mary Jane.

Other flat or low heel daytime options besides Mary Janes? …You can’t go wrong with a ballet flat or a classy wedge with no strap. They work with everything.


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Share Your Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. I am not a fan of Mary Jane style shoes. However, I have seen much worse. The GG’s said not to wear them with a skirt. In the winter, I noticed a very fashionable woman wearing them while shopping. She wore them with dark tights and a slightly above the knee cord skirt. A fitted cardigan topped the look off. I thought she looked great and comfortable.

  2. Katherine says:

    In response to Julie’s comment that chic shoes are not “Available in the specific, specialty size I need (for example, I wear a size 8 AA width shoe. Hardly anyone but the “frumpy specialists” and athletic shoe makers make those.)”, I have to disagree!! Just do a web search for sites which carry narrow width shoes: http://shoes.about.com/od/womens/a/narrow_shoes.htm has links to several. The Zappos site alone has 25 pages of AA width shoes in women’s sizes in every kind of style.

    My shoe size is 8AA with an AAA width heel (good luck finding much in that size combo, although they do exist!) and I’m currently wearing a pair of Charles David pumps in size 7.5B which fit like a glove: I find that European shoe brands or styles generally fit much narrower than North American ones.

    While I can’t offer any insight on individual foot pain or comfort, since those are so subjective, I have to agree with the Glam Gals – the Mary Jane wedge looks unflatteringly like something a schoolgirl would wear and there are more flattering, comfortable, supportive options.

  3. While they “scream high school” good quality Mary Janes are among those few styles of shoes that those of us with foot pain problems can often turn to as a shoe that is comfortable and that offers proper foot support. And it’s also one of the few styles we can wear with dresses.

    The reason some of us wear things that seem unfashionable or “woefully clueless” is because they address or prevent a problem that the “chic stuff” doesn’t or can’t. I’d love to wear “chic shoes” at all times, but the reality is that few of them are a) Comfortable b) Good for my feet or c) Available in the specific, specialty size I need (for example, I wear a size 8 AA width shoe. Hardly anyone but the “frumpy specialists” and athletic shoe makers make those.)

  4. Thank you Deborah! I forgot to say that my Mary Jane wedges are backless- I guess you could call them mules. Any way I really appreciate your advice & will wear them with pants!