7 Sizzling Summer Party Dresses for Women Who Love Maxis !

Break out the margaritas and put on the shish-kabobs, it’s time for a summer celebration! What will you be wearing this weekend to the backyard bbq or neighborhood pool party? Pants can be heavy, and shorts may not feel right, but a maxi dress is sure to wow. Here’s what to wear to look sizzling and summery.


Sizzling with a Dash of Sexiness

When you want to show some skin, this dress is the one you’ll reach for. With a plunging neckline and thigh high slit, this beautiful printed maxi dress reveals your best parts.


Bold Prints are Beautiful in the Backyard

Things can get pretty hot, hot, hot at a summer party, so why not fiesta and party in this stunning green and white foliage print, twist front maxi? The twist front serves as a focal point and helps to highlight or create a sexy hourglass shape.


Boho and Breezy Is Always Better in the Summer

Set your boho spirit free in this breezy cotton maxi that has an abstract bandana print, a low scoop back with a flouncy ruffled hem. This is a playful option for warm weekends and beach trips when paired with a chunky sandal.


Lovely in Long Sleeves

This bold tropical print maxi dress has has what many women are looking for – long sleeves.

I love the vibrant pops of exotic orange, blue, and green that make you definitely look twice. Blouson sleeves give you coverage when you don’t want to expose your arms, and a self-tie waist gives you a nice shape. This is such a pretty dress when you want to make a statement on a hot summer evening.


This Dress is in the Top Tier

The perfect summer maxi is loose and airy and will keep you comfortable when the temperatures rise. This flowy tiered maxi dress is a versatile day-to-night dress that keeps you cool no matter how high the temps sour. Toss on a denim jacket and a pair of flip flops for a casual look or a blazer and wedge heels for a dressy vibe.




Silky for Summer

This silky smooth stretch-silk maxi dress has a subtle flouncy ruffled hem that adds to its overall appeal. And the lightweight silk has the addition of spandex to keep you comfortable for all-day wear.


Halter Neckline Shows Off Your Shoulders

Can you say ‘show stopper’? This gorgeous, chiffon floral print maxi with the sexy halter neckline is sure to turn heads. Lightweight and flowy, you’ll look hot but feel cool all at the same time. All you need are a pair of pretty low-heel sandals, and you are all set.

Puff Sleeves Are Trendy

This romantic maxi dress with a smocked, puff-sleeve bodice and a flowing, tiered skirt has retro vibes with a very modern update. I’m seeing this style of dress everywhere this season, and it’s been very popular with women over 40.


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19 thoughts on “7 Sizzling Summer Party Dresses for Women Who Love Maxis !

  1. Hi I am looking for a maxi dress suitable for a spring wedding. Have seen a couple of possibles on
    Your website but can’t access details of the dresses and when ‘shop the look’ appears that doesn’t work.
    Please advise, thanks

  2. Thank you for this post. I love all of the maxi dress choices you featured. I’m a little distressed by the other comments saying that the dresses are too young or they can’t be worn by more mature women because the dresses are sleeveless, show too much skin, etc. I wouldn’t want anyone to wear something that doesn’t feel comfortable but I wonder if we worry so much about how we think we look rather than enjoying the beautiful clothes that are available to us. I just turned 55 and I’ve never been a “skinny mini” but I like feeling pretty and wearing pretty clothes – including lots of cold shoulder tops and dresses – and I decided I’m not going to worry about the fact that my arms aren’t thin or may jiggle when I move. If I like it, I’m wearing it. I think our beauty comes through our confidence, not our weight.

    1. Love your attitude Anita and I am in total agreement! Life is no fun if you are always worrying about trying to have a perfect body, (and of course, there is no such thing.) Cheers, Deborah

    2. Absolutely Anita. Ignore the nay-sayers. This is 2018. We 50-somethings are free to wear all those beautiful fashions and hot hair styles. We deserve to look our best and feel our best!

  3. I love these maxi dresses, especially the “by the sea” blue one at the top! Even though some ladies mentioned in the comments that these wouldn’t work for mature women, I think they would definitely work for a fun vacation dress when we might get a little more sun on our arms. They could also work as a casual evening dress with a little self tanner on the arms and shoulders. I think these dress choices are beautiful!


  4. I love the way you put clothing together and it always makes me rethink my wardrobe, my only qualm is that your models are all tall and thin, I am short and not that thin with ample backside and bigger arms could we please have a section with models under 5’5 Thank you

  5. I love the dresses, but struggle with what type of bra to wear with spaghetti strap and backless dresses. I’ve yet to find a comfortable strapless bra.

  6. THANK you. I’ve been looking at these maxi dresses for awhile but most of them are just completely impractical (spaghetti straps) or unflattering (tent-like) unless you are a skinny mini.

    I really love the first dress (blue Chloe empire). It gets everything right. It’s comfy, chic and flattering: the Holy Grail. I was so inspired by it that I did a full analysis of why it works on my own blog (

    Keep up the great work – it’s very much appreciated.

    1. Thanks Belinda,
      I switch the photos of dresses around often, as they sell out so come back and check out this post in a month and you may see more dresses you like. My audience is so diverse it is hard to find dresses that appeal to all. I prefer a thicker strap myself on a maxi, so I liked your choice of the blue maxi. Great blog by the way and the paintings on it are gorgeous!! Did you do them? Cheers, Deborah

  7. Unfortunately , all your lovely dresses are are sleeveless. Most mature women I know would not wear any of them because of that fact. Even the Blogger you featured from Las Vegas stated she NEVER goes sleeveless. Please feature fashions for mature women.

  8. I like the idea of this site and the information that it provides, however all of your models are young when you are supposed to be promoting fashions for over 40 year olds! Why don’t you use mature models to demonstrate what looks good. I would be far more interested in seeing mature models of all shapes and sizes.

    1. Hi Carolyn, Yes that is a problem. We show clothing from department stores and chains and they all use young models. If you can find a store that uses mature models, please let us know. In the meantime we encourage readers to send in photos of themselves in stylish outfits! Cheers, Deb

  9. Hello,

    So far I have been wearing maxi dresses alone – as maxi dresses. I would be interested in ideas how I can wear them differently to wear them more often.


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