Slip-On Sneakers: The Must Have Casual Shoe

I’m always running around picking up kids, doing errands, whipping out to exercise, or going shopping, so it’s no wonder that slip-on sneakers are a favorite! Every gal needs a shoe that’s casual, practical, and a little fun and that’s why this new casual shoe is a big hit. Plus, they look pretty darn comfy too, and isn’t that a treat!Slip ons - white jeans lilac top

Can you wear slip-on sneakers at 40, 50, or more?

If you’re ready to dive right into the sneaker trend, you’ll find slip-on is the easiest to rock after 40. Somewhere between a loafer and a running shoe, they’re edgy enough to add some impact but are still very wearable. You’ll see classic skater sneakers in every possible pattern and texture. There are suede, quilted, and leather slip-on sneakers. You’ll also find quilted, mesh, metallic, woven, graphic print, lace, floral, and even wedge sneakers. You name it, and it’s out there.

Classic Van’s skater style sneakers (the originals) go for as low as $55, or you can splurge on a designer version by Prada, Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Lanvin, and many at prices as high as $500 or more. Slip-on sneakers are the new ” it shoe” for everyday casual wear, which makes them perfect for traveling in summer too. These women’s black slip-on sneakers below are a great example. Just slip them on and go.

Slip - ons - Leggings


slip on sneakers

What to Wear With Slip-On Sneakers?

1. Slip-on Sneakers work well with athletic-inspired pieces like:

  • silky jogging style pants
  • shirtdresses
  • tennis-style skirts
  • sporty sundresses
  • shorts
  • mesh clothing
  • or any sporty daywear


2. They also look chic with chic tailored wardrobe staples like:

  • skinny jeans
  • cropped pants
  • boyfriend jeans

Slip-on sneakers look especially cool with boyfriend jeans- that is, looser-fitting denim that slouches a bit at the ankle. They add a relaxed, nonchalant vibe to your look.

Slip-on Sneakers Striped Dress

3. Finally, believe it or not, sneakers wore with feminine pieces like a summer dress, skirt or a dressier look add a sporty twist that’s modern and hip. These white slip-on sneakers are perfect with this cute striped summer dress, above. Check out this post to see them paired with a pencil skirt.

What about Lace-Up Sneakers?

If slip-on isn’t your style, there’s lace-up too. The cardinal rule of wearing any sneakers for style? Don’t choose ones that you’d work out in. Street sneakers should have a flatter sole and slim profile, unlike the ones you wear at the gym.

Also, skip the day-glow neon types and styles splashed with logos. They tend to be too much “fitness” and not enough “fashion.”

A Tip About Canvas Sneakers

Abstract patterns, pastels, and fabrics with texture for sophistication and an age-appropriate look. Prints can work but make sure it is not too junior of a print.

What Accessories To Wear With Sneakers to Look Sporty Chic?

Since the sneaker trend is part of a larger athletic-inspired trend, add other sporty elements to your outfit. For instance, a bold watch really adds oomph while keeping your look casual.

Your bag should be casual. It’s nice if it has a nod to athletic fashion, like mesh details or strong stripes.

As for bling? Stick to simple jewelry to create the most impact.

Will you be wearing slip-on sneakers this spring? Here are a few cute slip-on sneakers and outfits that look fabulous with them.

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12 thoughts on “Slip-On Sneakers: The Must Have Casual Shoe

  1. I have a trip to San Francisco later this year, and I’ve been browsing for comfortable, stylish walking shoes! I was looking at slip-on sneakers but decided to pop over and see what Deborah suggested…I’ve found the answer here! So happy that I was on the right track. ?

  2. Deb, not sure what you mean by boyfriend jeans that are looser and slightly slouchy around the ankles. Have you posted an example of them that I may have missed in the past? Thx, K

  3. I have been doing this for years-canvas sneakers with almost everything. Use fingernail polish remover on a cotton ball o keep white rubber looking clean.

  4. Unfortunately, with my 11AAAA foot, slip-on sneakers are slip-off sneakers. I did find a pair of lace-up ones that I could keep on by lacing them tightly and putting a liner in them. I wish there were more options for long slim feet, but sadly, there are fewer options each season.

  5. Fun and practical looks! I just got a pair of slip-on Roxy’s with a leopard print. Loving them!
    Dawn Lucy

  6. You can wear a slip-on like you can Toms (or similar styles).

    I go for pink, lace, and other girly elements (in small doses); that is my personality, and, though I am 41, people think I look ten years younger. There are things I’ve had to put aside (more from the weight I’ve gained in the past few years than from a particular age number) because I can’t get away with them anymore, but I plan on using girly accent pieces (tastefully and in moderation) for as long as I want!

    In many ways, other than the flabby bits (ha!), I’m growing younger than when I was 25; not in a “trying to look young” kind of way but in a youthful spirit and because I am more comfortable with who I am now than I was in my twenties and even my early thirties.

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