5 Comfy Airplane Outfits for Your Next Trip

Have you ever been so busy packing for a trip that you forgot to plan what you would wear on the plane? If you’re tired of rushing off to the airport in old pants and a frumpy top, I don’t blame you! Here are five cute airplane outfits that are stylish, comfy, and always look great.

Airplane Outfits | linen pants, tee, jean jacket | styled by Fabulous After 40

1. Linen Pants

Linen is a popular travel fabric in summer because it’s light, breathable, and keeps you cool. These loose linen pants with the comfy drawstring waist are laid back and easy to wear. Team them up with a cute t-shirt, sandals, and denim jacket for a simple travel look with no fuss.

Airplane Outfits for Summer Travel | leggings, long olive button up top | styled by Fabulous After 40


2. Leggings + Long Top

Stretch is important when you are on a flight, so leggings are a natural choice for airplane outfits. Pair your favorite black leggings with a soft, long shirt or tunic, and settle into your seat with a good magazine.

5 Comfy Airplane Outfits for Summer Travel |Skinny Jeans with blush Slip on Sneakers | Styled by Fabulous After 40


3. Soft T-Shirt and Sneakers

Many gals like the simplicity of a comfy tee for summer travel, but with air-conditioning blasting, it can get quite cold on long flights. This 3/4 length sleeve blush-colored tee is the perfect solution to keep away a chill. Plus, the drawstring hem gives it plenty of style.

A cute pair of statement sneakers adds to this modern travel look and is perfect for those long hikes through airport terminals.

Comfy Airplane Outfits for Summer Travel | Striped Cotton Dress | Styled by Fabulous After 40

4. Cotton or Knit Dress

If you prefer a dress when you travel, this striped cotton shift dress is sporty and practical. Once again, 3/4 length is the favored sleeve length for summer travel. Backless sneakers with summer rope trim easily slip on and off at security checks. Comfy Airplane Outfits for Summer | Navy poncho with white jeans | Styled by Fabulous After 40

5. Cozy Pullover

Layering is essential when you travel as temperatures change from place to place. For that reason, this cute, lightweight cotton pullover is an ideal travel piece. Wear it on its own, or layer it over a t-shirt or tank top. Once you arrive, roll it up and tuck it into your carry-on if it’s too hot outside.

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7 thoughts on “5 Comfy Airplane Outfits for Your Next Trip

  1. Hi Deb, I’m enjoying your blog posts about updating my look, especially on the road. I recently retired from 2+ decades as an international stockbroker, so I have had many opportunities to mess up how I’ve dreI’ve traveled!
    The white pants made me laugh, as I would undoubtedly spill something on them immediately. (Anti-bacterial wet wipes seem to work to mop up most spills.)
    I’ve seeI’vemen wearing skirts or dresses with leggings underneath, which would seem comfier than just a dress as planes can get COLD. Would you have any suggestions for a +60-year-old about pulling this off with comfortable flats without looking frumpy?
    One suggestion about long-haul flights would be to invest in a high-quality black cashmere blanket scarf. In summer, I change it with a lighter-weight charcoal gray wool scarf that Nordstrom always carries in many seasonal colors.
    Alternatively, planes can get HOT; sitting on the tarmac with broken air conditioning once was enough! I now wear some light camisole or sleeveless top underneath.
    Because I see some luggage posted here as well, consider Swiss Gear. It’s pricey, butIt’sth every penny. I’ve had my car repaired TWICE for free by returning it to the luggage store where I bought it. (Though check the fine print as my older pieces had a LIFETIME repair guarantee, it appears some bags now only carry ten years.)

  2. I love the outfits. My suggestion would be to wear footwear that allows you to wear socks. You often have to remove footwear at security, which means you will be barefoot on the floor (along with many others) if you wear sandals. I guess you could always carry a pair of socks to slip into if you want to go barefoot in your shoes or sandals. Just a thought!

    1. Hi Janet, That’s a good suggestion because it feels pretty gross going barefoot at security if they make you remove your shoes. Imagine all the germs! That’s one reason I prefer to wear sockets with closed-toe shoes like statement sneakers. The other reason I wear closed toes shoes is for safety. A flight attendant once told me that they always recommend closed-toe shoes because if there were ever a fire or some problem on the plane where you had to evacuate, your feet would be protected. You never know. Thanks for dropping by! Cheers, Deb

  3. Hi Deborah,

    I love to get your emails!! I loved this article as well :).
    I would like to know what you suggest wearing on a long road trip, about 15-20 hours.
    I will travel during the summer and Thanksgiving Holidays. I live in Austin, TX, and am going to Philadelphia, PA, both times.

    1. Hi Michelle, Jeans are tight, heavy, and uncomfortable in the leg and crotch area after a while. (Sitting for hours in tight jeans can also give you a bladder infection!) My first choice would be leggings and a long, stretchy top or tunic that doesn’t wrinkle. You can’t get any comfier than that. In summer, you can wear capris or ankle-length leggings with statement sneakers or sandals. In the fall, you can wear full-length Ponte leggings and statement sneakers or booties. Also, don’t forget to bring along a light, long cardigan or a little jacket in the fall for when you stop eating. You will need it in November on your way up north. Thanks for writing in, and have a great road trip! Cheers, Deb

  4. I love to travel with a long top and leggings. They are very comfortable.
    But as per your suggestion, next time I will try “Linen Pants.”

    1. Hi Ava, Linen pants are light and cool in summer, but I wouldn’t suggest pure linen. They’re crisp and wrinkle too much, even though wrinkles are a part of the linen look. I’d recommend a linen blend that is light and comfy but less wrinkly. For example, linen/rayon blends don’t wrinkle much as linen, especially after several washing items. They also have more drapes.

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