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Slimming Shapewear for Holiday Party Dresses

I’ve been showing you all kinds of gorgeous holiday party dresses for cocktail events and Christmas get-togethers, but what I haven’t shown you is the little secret you might want to wear underneath!

Shapewear is the magic garment that will hide your tummy and tone your figure in a pretty party gown or anything else! Here’s a look at some bestselling, gut-busting styles of shapewear that will let you nibble on that extra appetizer without worrying it will show.

Spanx body suits

1. Open Bust Mid Thigh Bodysuits

Let’s be honest. Most shapewear doesn’t have a reputation for being comfortable. If you want comfort and function, then the closest thing I have found is the Spanx Open Bust, Mid-Thigh Bodysuits.  If you have never worn an open bodysuit before, they can look like quite the contraption! Initially, I was thought, “Really, I have to wear something like that?” but you know, bodysuits have turned out to be my go-to type of shapewear.

I prefer an open-bust bodysuit over shaping shorts because the straps hold up the shorts and eliminate the need for a waistband, which I find uncomfortable. Spanx is my favorite brand, and they have a few bodysuits that you can choose from, so let me tell you about the ones I have used and like best.

Spanx has three levels of shapewear. Personally, I don’t even bother with level one, and I skip level 3. Level, too, is where I find that sweet spot between compression and comfort. Spanx says level two provides a firm hug, and I’d say that’s about right.

When I wear something like a fitted sheath dress, I usually wear  Spanx Thinstincts Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit  (level 2). This bodysuit is made out of thin performance fabric, meaning if you sweat, the fabric will not retain the moisture. It also offers the most support to your lower tummy area. (This is a perfect one to wear in the summer, if you are on vacation or if you live in a warmer climate)

When I’m feeling bloated, or I’ve been eating more than I should, and I have more of a tummy (you know those days), then I switch to Spanx Power Conceal-Her Open-bust, Mid-Thigh Body Suit (level 2).  This is made from thicker fabric and is a perfect solution to a bulging tummy. It helps flatten your stomach with a built-in tummy panel, shapes your thighs, and lifts your butt. The Power Conceal-Her is Spanx’s biggest selling Bodysuit, and many customers like to wear it every day.

At level two, there is also the Spanx Haute Contour Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit. If you want something light like Thinstincts but wants extra support for your tummy and sides, then this is a good one. It is made out of a sheer fabric with thicker panels targeting your stomach and sides.  It sounds good to me, although I haven’t tried it yet.

Finally, there’s the Spanx Two-timing Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit (level 2) is made out of a silky smooth fabric that is lightweight and built to give you a flat surface. So if you are wearing something thin and silky like a satin dress, this would be ideal. I haven’t needed this, but I get the point of it.

That’s it for level two. At level three, the OnCore Sculpt Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit offers a total body transformation by helping sculpt your body, nipping in your waistline. It is made of a heavier fabric and provides the most amount of compression. It’s good for special occasions, but it’s not as comfortable and may leave some feeling a bit stuffed.


2. Spanx High Power Shaping Shorts

If you are not into bodysuits and need a quick fix for your tummy, thighs, and a little tightening in the bottom, these Spanx Higher Power mid-thigh shaping shorts come to the rescue! A robust compression fabric firmly controls the tummy, hips, and thighs and even offers a slight lift to the rear. Whether you’re wearing a dress or a jumpsuit to a party, these shorts are a good choice. If you prefer something like this without the thigh compression, then these go for these Spanx Higher Power Panties.

Spanx Assets Luxe and lean slip

3. A Slip That Sculpts

For a smooth shape that keeps that shape of your curves, you could go for an Open-Bust Full Slip or turn to the  Spanx Assets Luxe and lean Slip. This sexy slip sculpts the waist, tummy, thighs, and back so you can feel confident as you mingle and in your favorite cocktail dress at the party.


Spanx Believer Waist Sheers


5. Sheer Hose

When looking fabulous and feeling firmer is at the top of your holiday wish list, these Firm Believer Waist Sheers deliver. Made with a built-in shaper with a soft, dig-free waistband, these sheers are so fine they practically disappear on your legs.



7. Built-In Butt Lift

Whether you wear it for special occasions or everyday wear, the butt lifting panty will give you the lift and curves you want. These easy-to-wear panties provide all-day comfort and are seamless with any article of clothing.

Natori high waist lace thong


8. Pretty Panties With Tummy Control

When you don’t want all over control, a panty is a way to go. This beautiful Natori plush high waist lace thong is feminine and flirty. It smoothes your silhouette with a stretchy high-rise thong featuring tummy-targeting panels and dig-free scalloped lace trim.


wacoal shaping briefs


9. Disappearing Act

You’ve found the perfect cocktail dress for the holiday party. The last thing you want is panty lines showing. These Wacoal Smooth Series shaping briefs gently flatten your tummy and will turn you into a magician when the panty lines virtually disappear the moment you slip the panties on.

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8 thoughts on “Slimming Shapewear for Holiday Party Dresses

  1. My all-time go-to shaper was the Flexees 6569 “One Fabulous Body” (briefer). It was like the softest crumpled silk you ever felt overheated in, and it was between lite and reasonable control. Unfortunately, they stopped making them in that cut/texture, so; I now go with the Target knockoff of Spanx (called “Assets”) version in a similar style. I wouldn’t say I like the feel of something with shorts compressing the tops of my legs. If the event is a formal occasion (usually: a friend’s wedding), I’m picking out a dress for shaping tights that work just as well for toning the tummy/saddlebags (I mean, to me: they feel lighter as a smoothing option).

  2. Hi Deborah, I love your website. I love a Nancy Ganz body suit which is easy to put on and remove. It doesn’t have the shorts leg, but it does have an opening at the crotch, so it is easy when going to the bathroom. I mostly try to buy skim clothes, so I only wear them on special occasions—Merry Christmas from Australia.

    1. Hi Helve, Merry Christmas to you too. I love what shapewear can do too, but like you, I only wear it for special occasions or when I wear a sheath dress even though it is pretty comfortable.

  3. The critical phrase to smoothing any look is “high waist.” Muffin-top creating pants (bulky jeans in particular) and tight tees, only accent rolls and problem areas. High waist shorts and shapers are your best friend for virtually every outfit, and I never, ever skip wearing a perfect supportive bra out in public. Undergarments are your allies for looking your best.

  4. The under bra slip is a good idea. I have a couple that is shorts instead of a slip that allows me to feel good in bodycon dresses.

  5. I think, although I am sure the undergarments are just the right thing for some people, that iIwould rather wear something to suit my figure as it is.

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