Can You Wear a Peek a Boo Cut-Out over 40?

Peek A Boo Cutouts
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Peek A Boo Cutouts

Ladylike dresses with sexy cutouts gave everyone an eyeful at the spring shows. Designers played peekaboo with fashion, exposing women’s waists, tummies, and shoulders in the most creative ways.

Now, your first reaction might be to dismiss this trend. It’s really just for thin, young girls who like to show off a lot of skin… right?  Ladies, remember that the runway is not always reality. Looks are exaggerated at these big shows, but a new look arrives in stores, it’s always much tamer.

peekaboo cutout

Keyhole Neckline

For example, A toned down, very wearable version of the Peekaboo trend is the keyhole neckline and all its variations.

Here’s another elegant take on the  Peek-a-boo trend. I love this long, flowing maxi dress with its very modest peek-a-boo cut out. Look how beautifully it flatters your neck and chest, bringing a touch of sexy and putting the attention up to your face and away from any problem areas down below. Can you see this on a cruise or poolside for entertaining? The buff, lemon zest, and tangerine colors all side by side are a beautiful example of the black color style that is so popular at the moment.

All you need to add to this maxi peek a boo dress is 3-5 colorful bracelets, ( an odd number always looks best), a sporty tote and simple silver sandals, and you have a casual, chic look.

How to Find the Right Cut Out for you?

Be strategic about the placement of cutouts. Highlight your best parts and draw attention to them with a peek-a-boo window. For example, A few cutouts at the collarbone or the top of the back can look very sexy without revealing too much. The peekaboo trend can work for you. All you need to remember is that less is more.

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