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Can You Wear Cut-Out Sweaters, Tops over 40, 50+ ?

A snip here, a slash there ….the newest sweaters are a real cut-up!  With so much skin peeking through, how can you wear these tops at 40, 50+?  Here’s how to look classy in cutout tops for the mature woman.


black cut out topBlack cut-out top | Spanx Black Flare Pants |booties | bag


1. Pinpoint and Highlight Your Best Bits

The way to look classy, not trashy, in a cutout top is to pinpoint and highlight the most flattering part of your body.  Choose a cut-out top that shows off your best bits without overdoing it. For example, this may be your shoulders, collarbone, chest, bust, upper arms, back, or even waist.

I like highlighting my shoulders with a cutout top, and I also love wearing tops with keyhole necklines.

One well-placed cut-out is far more striking than multiple random ones. Remember, less is more when wearing a cutout top.



Cutout Sweaters Green

2. Choose Quality Fabrics and Designs 

Some cutout sweaters I’ve seen look like the designer got bored and took a pair of scissors to it, while others look like a work of art. A lot of it has to do with the design and fabric.

If you want to look classy in a cutout sweater, choose tops with unique, well-stitched cut outs that are thoughful and intentional. This might include a cold shoulder top with cutouts at the upper arms, a top with a teardrop cutout at one side of the chest, a long horizontal cutout above the bust, or a keyhole 

High-quality materials like cashmere, merino wool, or soft cotton blends elevate the look. Not only do they feel better against your skin, but they also drape beautifully. 


Cutout Sweaters Black


3. Balance Revealing with Concealing

Balance is key to looking chic in a cutout top.  If you are revealing skin up top, cover up down below. For example, pair a cut-out sweater with high-waisted trousers or a skirt knee length or longer to maintain modesty and look sophisticated.

Cutout Sweaters Pink

4. Mind the Fit

Cut-out sweaters have a sexy vibe, so if you want to keep it classy, don’t wear them tight. This starts to look tacky.

On the opposite end, there are oversized, loose-fitting cutout sweaters. This is a popular, fashion forward look, and it’s your choice whether to go for it. Proceed with caution as these can make you heavy and sloppy, especially if your mature body is a little rounder and softer.

A well-fitting cut-out top will give you some shape and make you look polished.




    Fall Sweaters - Burgundy Key Hole


5. Choose Neutral and Muted Tones 

If you have concerns about standing out too much stick to a palette of neutral and muted colors. Shades like cream, camel, navy, or soft gray are always sophisticated.

Neutral tones also allow you to experiment with accessories or footwear in complementary colors, adding depth and interest to your outfit. This is not to say you can’t wear red, pink, or other bright colors, but the more brilliant the color, the more playful and sexier the cutout top.


brown cutout cold shoulder sweater

cut out sweater | faux leather pants | booties

6. Don’t Over Accessorize

Make sure to elevate your cut-out top with elegant accessories. A statement necklace, a pair of classic earrings, or a stylish belt can work wonders. Choose accessories that reflect your style and enhance your outfit’s overall elegance without overwhelming it. You don’t want to take away from the cut-out which should be the main focal point.

brown cut-out sweater

Brown cut out sweater

7. Own the Look

A  cutout top can be a classy way to look stylish and add some allure to an outfit, but if it doesn’t feel “like you,” don’t force it. There are lots of other ways to be sexy that are fabulous, too.  You can read about them here.

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