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Hi Ladies,  There couldn’t be a better time to discuss lips and the popular City Lips Glosses because 3 new shades have been launched! Here are:

  • South Peach – NEW
  • Orchid – a returning City Lips shade
  • Coral Sunrise – NEW


Read on to find out why I love using City Lips and how they make your lips look full and glam,

How are yours? Have they gotten thinner, dryer, and more wrinkly lately?  Mine sure have, especially since having been through menopause! Some days, my lips feel like they are disappearing altogether!


City beauty lips glosses mirror


I’ve never wanted to go the filler route because I don’t want to end up with fish lips, but I’ve been looking for something to boost my itty bitty lips. Recently, I found a product I like from City Beauty. I partnered with them to try their City Beauty Lip Plumping Lip Glosses, and they work well for me!


What’s in them? City Lips are loaded with top-notch anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid. We all know it is a super skin hydrator helping visibly plump fine lines with immediate and long-term results.

 It also has oligopeptides. These enhance natural collagen production, which we lose as we age. Collagen is key to lip volume.

I’m no stranger to lip plumpers. I’ve tried others, but City Beauty’s Lip Plumping Glosses.  are the most luxurious and moisturizing. The Jojoba Oil & Ylang Ylang Flower Oil, infused in the formula, helps with that.

applying lip gloss

City Lips glides smoothly and easily and feels uber-rich and super hydrating. After a minute, I can see my lips looking more defined and plump like little cushions.

You can get City Lips in opaque, clear, and shimmery non-drying formulations. Shades range from Nude York, a peachy gloss, to Watermelon – a juicy opaque pink, to favorite, Tinsel Town- a light pink shimmer.

City beauty lips testers


Here are a few tips for applying City Plumping Lips Glosses and Creams for best results. Prep your lips by doing this:


1. Exfoliate: I like to make sure my lips are nice and exfoliated so I have a good, clean base to start from.  You can use something as simple as a facecloth, a sugar scrub, or City Beauty’s City Lip Night Oil ( not included in the sale)

2. Conceal: Next, I dab a bit of concealer around the outside rim of my lips to prevent color bleeding.

3. Line: Then, I use a liner to overline my lips just slightly, creating a balanced,  full area to fill in. You can fill in your lined lips with your lip pencil if you are using a gloss. Or, you can use a matte or opaque creme as a base and put one of the City Lips glosses over top.

Deb with City Lips glosses

4. City Lips!

Fuller, plumper baby, baby-soft lips immediately and over time.


So as you can see, you don’t have to live with thin, wrinkly old lady lips, if lip filler is not your thing. City Beauty’s Lip Plumping Lip Glosses and Creams can give you the perfect modern pout!

Pick up City Beauty Lips today!



*Thanks to City Beauty for Sponsoring this post. All opinions are mine.

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10 thoughts on “Get Plumper Lips without Filler – City Beauty Lips

  1. I tried a tube of clear City lips gloss, and it works! It also helps the fine lines above my upper lips (long-time straw user))

    1. Hi Kristine, So glad to hear you liked City Lips. I have a lot of lines above my lips but was never a smoker, and I don’t use straws so I think it’s just a stress thing of holding my mouth a certain way that caused those lines. Retinol and City lips helps!

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