Stay Snuggly in Spanx Fleece Leggings in Faux Leather

There’s nothing comfier than a pair of leggings, and now there’s nothing cozier, too! Spanx fleece-lined leggings are a game changer. Here’s a look at these fabulous leather leggings and why they are perfect for fall and winter.

Deborah Boland amongst fall leaves wearing Spanx faux leather fleece leggings and long, green sweater

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I love wearing leggings, once it starts to turn cool because I love to feel warm and snuggly.

Spanx faux leather leggings are my favorite because they are super comfy and figure-flattering.  Their new fleece-lined faux leather leggings are no different, just warmer!

They have no buttons or zippers and pull on like regular leggings. I’m small in clothes ( size 6), which are small and fit comfortably, although they feel tight to climb into!

Deborah Boland in woods wearing Spanx fleece lined leggings with green sweater


Spanx has put a lot of work into making leggings that shape and lift. I appreciate that as my midlife bottom starts to drop! (Oh, to have a bottom like the model wearing these new leggings has – Goals 2024 (Lol!)

Of course, I’m a big fan of Spanx’s slimming power waistband. It gives me the best core compression without making me feel like I have to run to the bathroom all day long. It’s firm across the tummy but not tight and holds in any jelly belly!

And I just noticed a new thing—no more camel toe, ladies! The center of the fleece-lined leggings is seam-free, meaning nothing shows.

For years, I’ve been saying that you need to wear long tops to cover that area.  A long green tunic sweater like this  looks fabulous but with these leggings you can wear a shorter top if you wish! I love this smart idea. It makes my leggings so much more versatile.


woman sitting in woods wearing spanx faux leather fleece leggings and green sweater

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Spanx Faux Leather fleece-lined Leggings are sleek and smooth. Plus, you can get their fleece-lined Moto style, too, which is a little edgier.  I love wearing these leggings with a big, cozy tunic sweater, cute booties, or tall, flat boots. Then, get ready to rock and roll!

If you wear leggings, you will love this snuggly pair. If you don’t wear leggings, you are missing out on feeling cozy this fall. Check out these Spanx faux leather fleece-lined leggings, and tell me what you think.

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2 thoughts on “Stay Snuggly in Spanx Fleece Leggings in Faux Leather

  1. I love the fall shot! Today, we finally got down to a temp where I can wear long sleeves and jeans without burning up, and I thought of you, Deborah! But fleece-lined leggings…I WISH! ;-)

    1. Hi Catherine! Yes, I’m very lucky to live up north and have the four seasons, gorgeous fall leaves and all. Those leggings are new, but they also come without the fleece. I have both. Have a lovely holiday season!

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