Classy Cocktail Dresses for Every Style Personality

Choosing the perfect cocktail dress for a party or wedding is easy when you know your style personality. Here are six gorgeous dresses to help you express your unique inner essence.

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Classic Style Personality

You are conservative, dependable, and appropriate. You like timeless, neat styles. Matching and coordinating your clothes and accessories is essential to you.

This pretty blue cocktail dress (available here, here, and here) is an excellent choice because of its traditional look and feel. It has a figure-flattering A-line cut and is modest, with a hemline just below the knee. Blue is conservative and appropriate for all occasions. Ribbon rosettes and a hint of sparkle give it a glamorous look without being overdone.


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Romantic Style Personality

Romantics are caring, gentle, and supportive. You are attracted to soft, feminine flowy styles often with an old world feel and like dusty shades, as well as pastels. Many of your clothes have ruffles, frills, lace, beading, ribbon, florals, and intricate details.

This pretty, blue mermaid gown is lovely for a romantic. It features a pretty sequin design, chiffon insets, and a delicate, romantic lace wrap.


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Dramatic Style Personality

Cosmopolitan and fashion-forward best describe the Dramatic Style Personality. You like dark, intense colors and sleek architectural shapes that command attention.

This navy-fitted sheath dress is a striking choice. It is powerful without being intimidating, and its all-over sparkle gives it that wow factor. The dramatic touch is the bold, asymmetrical neckline which makes this chic and modern.


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Elegant Style Personality

You are refined and sophisticated and like perfection and balance. Quality and a perfect fit are essential to you.

Long gowns appeal to you and complement your natural poise and grace. This stately black gown is perfectly in sync with your “less is more” style of dressing. A sheer neckline and ¾-length sleeves, plus a crystal collar neckline, give this dress a regal look.


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Alluring Style Personality

You are glamorous and sexy. Bright solid colors, body-skimming clothes, attract you. Dangly sparkly jewelry that moves as you do is your go-to.

This hot pink wrap dress is feminine and exciting. It’s made of figure-flattering compression fabric which follows your curves, giving you an hourglass shape. The above-the-knee length highlights your legs, and the stunning sparkle embellishment at the waist is magnetic.

sporty evening wear


Sporty Style Personality

You are friendly, casual, and approachable. You value comfort and like clothes that are unfussy and easy to wear.

If you are the Mother of the Bride and don’t know what to wear, consider mixed separates or a dressy pantsuit. This pretty silver cowl neck top is relaxed and fun. The wide-leg chiffon pants are flowy and easygoing, and make it easy to move around and also dance!

You’ll know you’ve found the perfect cocktail outfit for a party or a wedding when you slip it on and instantly know it feels like you! When your dress matches your style personality, your beauty and confidence shine through. 

*All dresses in this post from @alexevenings


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