How to Communicate Your Style With Color

color theory

Do you know why doctor’s offices are often in pastels or why a bullfighter waves a red flag in front of a bull?

It’s because color has a powerful psychological effect on us. In episode 10 of The Fabulous After 40 Podcast, I talk about how the colors you wear can be used as a powerful tool in communication.

You will learn what color to wear to:

  • Project Authority
  • Radiate sexiness
  • Portray elegance and sophistication
  • Appear Calm Relaxed and Reassuring
  • Communicate Friendliness
  • Send a Dramatic Message
  • Play up Your Artistic Side

Let me give you an example:

RED: The color red includes true red, burnished red, bright Christmas red, and tomato red. Ligh shades such as pink, mixed shades such as Fuschia or dark shades such as burgundy are all included in red.

The positive psychological power of red is high energy, confidence assertive and excitement. Red can also be perceived in a negative way and appear to be domineering, aggressive, and threatening.

You need to feel confident to wear red since it is very powerful. This is why many women shy away from red, in fact, they are terrified of it. You will always stand out in red.

I personally love red. I think it is a gorgeous exciting shade and it gives me tremendous energy. I  agree with the famous quote by American designer Bill Blass, “When in doubt, wear red”

Choose Red

  • to project authority
  • to give a visual boost of energy
  • for occasions when you want to draw attention to yourself
  • when you want to attract the opposite sex.

Avoid Red 

  • when you are being interviewed on television
  • if your position is controversial
  • if you’re not prepared to defend yourself in your position
  • if you are overtired and overstressed

Learn more about the power of podcasts in this podcast: How to Communicate Using Color.

Do certain colors make you feel good when you wear them or seem to influence others? Let me know by commenting below.



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