Help for Your Raccoon-Like, Dark, Undereye Circles

dark circles after 40
Dark circles around your eyes age you. A good concealer is your best friend.

Waking up with dark circles under my eyes is not the most fun morning surprise, and the older I get, the more it seems to be happening.

I talked with celebrity make-up artist Sana Young to find out what’s up with these black circles, how they can be prevented, and how to cover them up so I don’t look like a raccoon.

Q: Sana, first and foremost, why am I getting these terrible dark circles under my eyes?

A: It could be due to a variety and combination of different factors. There are several reasons women get them. It could be hereditary; you could have thin skin under your eyes, a lack of sleep, too much caffeine, too much alcohol, and iron deficiency.

Q: What can I do to prevent getting dark circles?

A: Take vitamins, get adequate sleep, exercise, and drink lots of water. Avoid salty foods, caffeine, and alcohol before bed.

Q:  I’d love to invest in a good eye concealer for dark circles, but I’m worried I’ll choose the wrong color. How do I know what color will work for me? 

A:  It’s a healthy balance between picking a shade that’s not too light but not too dark. A great rule of thumb is to go for a concealer one to two shades lighter than your skin color.

220Q: What is the best concealer for dark eye circles? 

ASelect Cover Eye Concealer Mac: If you are fair, I think the best dark circle eye concealer is Garnier’s “Anti-Dark-Circle Roller,” “Light” color.

Other concealers for under-eye circles that work great when you are medium-skin-toned are Garnier’s “Anti-Dark-Circle Roller” and “Medium.”

If you’re darker than Beyonce,  “Select Cover Concealer” by Mac is a top-rated eye concealer in my books.

Estée Lauder also has a perfect undereye concealer for mature skin.


Here is a video on how to conceal dark eyes with the Garnier anti-dark circle roller from Fabulous After 40 Make-up artist Sana Young.

Q: I’ve seen some concealers do the opposite of what they are supposed to do by highlighting fine lines, making women look more aged and tired. Why is that? 

A: This effect is probably the result of one of two things:

1. Powder under the eyes
Powdered makeup fills in the lines under your eyes and makes you look older and not well-rested. Avoid using powder under the eyes to ensure you look your brightest.

2. Thick liquid concealer
Liquid concealer that is too thick will also expose and highlight your fine lines. This is not a suitable type of under-eye concealer for mature skin.

christian-dior-hydra-life-pro-youth-sorbet-eye-creme-Q: Do I still need to moisturize under the eyes if I use concealer? If so, do you have any favorite moisturizers?

A: Yes! Be sure to moisturize, and allow some time for the moisturizer to absorb before you begin applying makeup.
I have a few favorite moisturizers for eyes: “Hydra Life Sorbet” eye creme by Christian Dior and “Do Not Age Triple Peptide” eye creme by Dr. Brandt.

Q: What’s the best way to apply concealer to achieve maximum coverage?

A: The best way to apply an eye concealer is to use your finger to start at the inner corner of your eye and spread the concealer outwards. I don’t recommend applying foundation over concealer. Again, this will tend to highlight the lines under your eyes. If using a full face with eyeshadow, apply concealer when the eyeshadow is done. This will help avoid pulling or straining on the delicate skin under your eyes.

Q: Any last tips? 

A: Yes. If you can keep eye cream in the fridge, this helps bring down any swelling. Also, remember that not wearing concealer is a mistake. It makes you look older than you are. So try some, and I promise you will see a real difference.

Thanks, Sana. These are great tips!

Sana Young is a celebrity make-up artist and the owner of Message.


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  1. Great post for those with dark under-eye circles. Mine isn’t dark … just terribly puffy if I have had too much salt or slept on my stomach. Any great products to recommend?


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