Slimming Tops That Hide Your Midlife Tummy

Many of us have it… that darn spare tire!  It arrives midlife, sits stuck in the middle between our bust and our hips, and gets extra big and flabby in January after a month of holiday feasting. How To Hide Your Midlife Tummy - Midlife Tummy

How can you dress to hide your stubborn midlife tummy that annoys you to no end?

Dress to Distract

Dressing to hide your tummy is all about the art of distraction. A top with an interesting neckline draws the eye up, puts the focus on your chest and face, and takes attention away from your tummy. For example:

pink v neck top

V-Necks Lengthen

Wearing a top that opens up your chest area and reveals some skin makes your neck look longer and your whole body leaner.


Embellishment Attracts 

A top with studs, beads, sequins, or anything decorative keeps the focus where it needs to be –  by your face.

Shoulder Detail  Distracts

A neckline with added shoulder detail also works because it tricks the eye to look up at your shoulders and not down at your tummy.


Bling Keeps the Eye Busy

The same principle applies here. Where does the eye go? – to the bling and not the bulge!

teal blouse with bow tie

Something at the Neck  Shifts Attention Up

This pretty bow blouse is just enough at the neck to make you want to look up. No one will notice your tummy with this pretty detail happening up top.


Off the Shoulder Solves the Problem

Like the cold shoulder, the off-the-shoulder is a fantastic way to look sexy in a subtle way, all while taking the emphasis off a jelly belly.


Now, here’s a little test to see if you have been paying attention.

which top slims - most slimming

Which of these two tops is most slimming and why? Can you guess? ( Answer at the end of this post)

Here are more tops with necklines that will distract from your midlife middle.

Answer to question- which top is more slimming, A or B?

Top B is more flattering because the detail at the top draws the eye up and away from the tummy. Top A has all the detail at the tummy, so that is the first place your eye goes. Not good if you don’t want people looking at your tummy!


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11 thoughts on “Slimming Tops That Hide Your Midlife Tummy

    1. Hi Alison, most times there are links to the clothing I feature. If there are no links then the item has sold out.
      I link mainly to big American chains, some which deliver worldwide so have a look at the individual store shipping policies and you may be in luck.
      For the page you are looking at, these are sold out and I will be updating in the spring. Thanks, Deborah

  1. I disagree about A and B, because the attention is focused on strong black and gray line more than on the top on B. I think that both tops are not very flattering.

    1. I would agree that top A is better because it distracts from the “mommy tummy” with pattern. I have learned that plain tops in lighter colours show every bump and lump. Top B is in this category. Fabrics that cling, like sweaters, are in this category. Top A, on the other hand, has two layers: one close to the body, and a top layer that doesn’ t cling.. This was a trick question!

  2. Hello! Do you think the cold shoulder look will still be in style next winter? I found a beautiful one with crushed velvet that really flatters my tummy for only a fraction of the price at my local WHBM. I can’t wear it this winter, as getting ready to have surgery, but don’t want to waste any money for something that will look completely out next year.

    Here is the link.

    It is cuter on than the model, and is actually a bit shorter and fuller in tummy area. Do you think it’s worth the risk to buy? Thanks

    1. Hi Lulu, I think will still be in style next year because off the shoulder is a good way to look alluring in a classy way and a lot of women are looking for that. I like that it is blue too because you can wear it in the spring with white pants as shown here and in the early fall as well. Burgundy velvet which has also been popular is more seasonal. It’s on sale, which is good too, but you really have to think about how many times you will wear to know if you will get your money’s worth. I say if it looks great on you and you love it, go for it!

      1. Thanks so much, Deb. I can get it for $25, which I think is fairly inexpensive for the store. I’m guessing I’ll wear it 2 to 3 times next winter.

  3. This red top with shoulder cutouts from Calvin Klein looks amazing. And my second option is pink top from Macy´s. o)

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