The Secret to Wearing a One Shoulder Summer Dress

Do you love a flowy, romantic, one-shoulder summer dress, but have every excuse in the book not to wear one!

That was me. I figured a one shoulder dress would make my arms look bad and leave me feeling chilly. What kind of bra would I wear that was comfy and supportive, where would I wear one shoulder,  and wasn’t I too old for this style anyway?

Well, that turned out to be pretty crazy thinking!

one shoulder floral dress


I was stuck in a silly style rut, but once I decided to take a chance with this long, one-shoulder summer maxi dress, I was pleasantly surprised!


one shoulder floral dress 2

Here are the secrets I learned about wearing a dress like this with confidence.

one shoulder flower dress

Just Try It On!

You may think you know what suits you, but you really don’t until you try it on. The beauty of online shopping is that you can order a dress, slip it on in the privacy of your own home, and take a look without pressure. I was curious about this pretty, one-shoulder casual maxi dress from Amazon and figured, why not? It was easy enough to return.

I find it can sometimes take a few try-on to get used to a new style, and when you are at home, you can play with accessories to see if you can create that really is you!

one shoulder floral maxi

Buy a Good Strapless Bra

This is the biggie. I put off buying one-shoulder and off-the-shoulder styles for years because I couldn’t find a bra that felt good and stayed put. I got tired of looking, and I gave up. A few times, I tried tucking in my bra straps, but that only worked for about 15 minutes before I started tugging away, so I mostly avoided any style that showed my shoulders.

Determined to get past this, I did some research and found a fantastic strapless bra I’m thrilled with. It’s the Wacoal Red Carpet Convertible Bra, and it works like a charm to hold you up comfortably, giving you real support and a natural shape.

one shoulder floral dress

Forget about Your Arms

Please don’t fret about the look of your arms; no one else is. When the dress looks beautiful on you, that’s all people see. They aren’t looking at a bit of crepey skin or bat wings because, no surprise, everyone has them at our age, even if you are fit. Plus, how a one-shoulder dress is cut to swoop up at one side draws the eye up away from your arms and towards your beautiful face.

As for feeling cold in a one-shoulder summer dress, bring a wrap or sweater. I don’t know why this was hanging me up. It’s no big deal.

one shoulder dress floral

Buy the Dress, and the Occasion Will Come

When you love a piece of clothing that feels authentic to you, you will find a place and reason to wear it. Boho maxis like this are so popular you can wear them to dinner,o a baby shower, a pool party, family bbq, wine tasting, or on vacation.

Own the Look!

Have fun with a one-shoulder casual maxi dress. Add playful accessories like dangly rattan earrings, a hat,straw belt, and a straw bag. This is not a work dress. Keep it light. Own the look!

shop the look


To buy this cute one-shoulder summer maxi dress,  click the links above.

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