How to Wear a Jumpsuit After 40 & Plus Size

You probably wore a jumpsuit back in the ’70s (along with Charlie’s Angels).  Can you wear one now at 40+ without looking like a bad flashback?…. Absolutely!  A jumpsuit is an elegant option when you don’t feel like wearing a dress but want to look sexy and modern.

Even if your body is a little rounder and heavier than before, you can still rock a jumpsuit. Here are seven ways to look sophisticated and slim in this 70’s inspired trend.

Off-The-Shoulder Poncho Jumpsuit

1. Consider a Dark Color

Solid colors are more slimming than prints. Dark colors hide pounds more than light/bright colors but don’t think that black is your only choice. If black washes you out, try another dark neutral like navy. It’s just as slimming but more lively.

2. Choose Soft, High-Quality Fabrics

When your body is curvy, soft, flowing, stretchy fabrics that follow your figure are more flattering than stiff, crisp fabrics which add bulk. Take a look at these plus-size jumpsuits below that drape the body beautifully!

Striped, Tie-Waist Jumpsuit

3. Define Your Waist

If you try to wear a jumpsuit without somehow defining your waist (especially a loose, flowy type of jumpsuit), you are going to look like you are wearing a big garbage bag. It would help if you whittled your middle to create more of an hourglass shape, and the best way to do this is by 1) choosing a jumpsuit that has a definite waistline or 2) belting your middle in a tasteful but not tight way. The most flattering style of jumpsuit cinches in just above your natural waistline instead of right at it.

4. Flatten Your Tummy

Some jumpsuits can be clingy. If you carry your weight in your tummy, this can be a problem. High waist shapewear panties can help smooth and flatten your middle. Jumpsuits with Draping and ruching can also trick the eye into making the tummy look less prominent.

One piece jumpsuits for women - wide leg

Flattering navy jumpsuit with sleeves

5. Go For a Wide Leg

If you have pear-shaped bottom or heavy thighs, stay away from skinny leg jumpsuits. Instead, go for a jumpsuit with a wide or flared leg to give you more of an hourglass shape. Don’t forget to wear a pair of strappy heels or sexy booties to elongate your frame and make you look tall and slender.

Garden Print V-Neck Jumpsuit

6. Choose a Flattering Neckline

The right neckline can make all the difference, whether you say yay or nay to a jumpsuit. A boat neckline is an excellent way to balance visually out wide hips. A V-neck or deep scoop neckline makes your neck appear longer, which in turn makes you look taller. If you are big-busted, a V-neckline or a wide scoop neckline is the most look slimming.

Puff Sleeve Jumpsuit

8. Sleeves Can Help

If you worry about arm jiggle, then you may want to find a jumpsuit with long sleeves, but you have to be careful here. Long, opaque sleeves can make your whole look heavy. You are better to go for sheer sleeves, lace sleeves, or 3/4 length sleeves, which are very flattering. All these types of sleeves let some skin show which is more attractive and youthful.

7. Go Easy on Accessories

You want to look modern and sleek, so don’t junk up your jumpsuit with gobs of jewelry. Keep your look streamlined and classy by choosing a couple of pieces of unfussy, modern jewelry with a touch of drama to look sophisticated.

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I need more styling ideas for how to wear a jumpsuit. Take a look at these celebrities over 40 who have been spotted wearing dressy jumpsuits at awards shows and parties. They look fabulous and you can too!

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3 thoughts on “How to Wear a Jumpsuit After 40 & Plus Size

  1. I just bought 2 jumpsuits! I love them! They are both tailored and sophisticated! Welcome back jumpsuits!!!

    1. Great tips here! The jumpsuit can be an amazing outfit. So many beautiful styles, prints and colours. Better than those frumpy dresses which can be restricting too. So many jumpsuits to choose from, so versatile, to wear anywhere and great with heels, wedges, flipflops. Cool, modern, trendy for any age but may not suit everybody but the choice out there, I’m sure there is one for every woman. I have a pull on beach jumpsuit and one for lunching with the ladies. Be daring, ditch the dress and have fun!

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