Say Hello To Yellow This Spring!

In the midst of this gloomy winter, I’m excited to see that yellow is starting to pop into the stores for spring. Designers have gone crazy for this happy hue that has the power to make both the wearer and others feel enthusiastic, confident and optimistic.

Yellow is a strong color. The key to dressing in yellow without feeling overwhelmed is to:

Yellow - Striped Top

1. Get the Right Shade

This year you’ll find yellow in many different shades from marigold to sunny yellow, pastel yellow, and Chartreuse. It all about getting the right shade for you. If you have warm ivory skin and gold based hair, go for a sunnier yellow. If you have cool pink skin and ash hair, then more of an ice yellow or pastel yellow is better.

Any yellow with white always looks crisp, summery and sophisticated.

Yellow - Floral Midi Dress


2. Balance Yellow with a Darker Color

If it feels too bright to wear all yellow, then balance yellow with a darker color or wear it as part of a pattern. Here’s a very pretty dress in navy and yellow. The navy is such a grounding, slimming color while the high contrast yellow florals give it life.

Yellow - Cut out Sleeve Dress


3. Pair Yellow with Neutrals and Pastels 

Some yellows are as bright as lemons, and in this case, you can lessen the effect by pairing yellow with neutral accessories. This citrus yellow spring dress looks softer when paired with a pink blush purse and nude shoes.

Yellow and blush are one of the most popular color combinations this spring and will make you look instantly updated. I’m a huge fan of yellow in spring, and this cheery yellow dress is a favorite of mine.

Yellow - Print Scarf and jeans


4. Wear Yellow as an Accessory

Yellow is a positive color. Even a small dash of it up near your face will give you life.  This pretty,  blue and yellow scarf with the paisley print is a  great example of how even just a touch of yellow in a scarf can make you shine!


Yellow - Yellow SKinny Jeans

5. Team Yellow Up with Chambray

Soft blue always looks great with yellow which is why chambray is such a natural fit. It tones down yellow and gives it a softness that makes your outfit look relaxed and easygoing. Tan leather slides and bag are in keeping with the casual vine. Do you like yellow? Would you wear it? Let me know.


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7 thoughts on “Say Hello To Yellow This Spring!

  1. I wear a lot of yellow and every time I do someone says something like, What a cheery color” or “you look like spring”. Then they say they should start wearing more yellow. So funny, it happens every time. Love your site. Cheers, from Sudbury, Ontario

    1. Hi Lynda, Thanks for dropping by and leaving that interesting comment. A little yellow is nice, especially this time of year in Sudbury! Canadian winters can be so drab. I’ve always wear bright colors when I’m feeling a little tired of the weather. It perks me right up! Yellow is so happy and positive.
      Cheers, Deborah

  2. Yellow near my face makes me look sickly. I am thinking about a yellow handbag, handbag accessory, or a bracelet.

    1. Hi Melanie,
      If you look at the four seasons, there really is a shade of yellow for everybody. It just depends on the warmth or coolness of the yellow, the clarity, the intenseness.
      If you prefer to keep it away from your face, then yes, that is a good idea to wear it as an accessory. That way you add some cheeriness to your outfit in a more subtle way.
      Cheers, Deborah

  3. I’ve never found a shade of yellow that looks “good” on me. I’ll keep my eyes open for the right shade of yellow or right combo of colors but I’m not too optimistic. Maybe a yellow handbag will look good ?

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