How to Get Rid of Cleavage and Chest Wrinkles

Much attention is paid to getting rid of face wrinkles, but what can you do about annoying cleavage and chest wrinkles? A well-cared-for face with wrinkly, crepey decolletage is not a good look.

chest and cleavage wrinkles


What Causes Cleavage and Chest Wrinkles?

Usually, a wrinkly decolletage is the result of natural hormonal changes in midlife that cause your skin to thin in this area. Years of too much sun can also cause a lot of damage. Sharp fluctuations in weight over the years and even some medications can cause crepey cleavage and chest wrinkles. And, of course, sleeping on your side doesn’t help.

Whatever the reason for your cleavage and chest wrinkles, it’s sad to think that they can lower your confidence to the point where you feel the need to cover up your chest. Many mature women avoid scoop or V-neck tops because they feel self-conscious; these are two of the most flattering and youthful necklines for a woman at any age.

What Can You Do About Chest and Cleavage Wrinkles?

Great moisturizers, Retin A, and Vitamin C creams can help smooth out this area, but they’re not a total fix. There are also surgical options like Fractional laser, which burns away fine lines and improves skin texture, sunspots, and discoloration, but it comes with red skin and downtime. A fractional laser also takes a few treatments and can be costly.

If you want a more detailed, more instant result, then Décolleté or chest silicone pads are a great solution.

What are Silicone Décolleté Pads?

Silicone Decollete pads have long been a favorite with celebrities who need to look red carpet ready in their formal chest-baring gowns.  They turn to sticky pads made from 100% silicone to reduce wrinkles and make them look hydrated and youthful.  There are lots of these types of pads on the market. SiO SkinPads is one of the more popular ones.

Here’s how they work.

How Do They Work?

Just place a medical-grade silicone pad between your cleavage at night and go to bed. The silicone draws hydration into your chest and separation, and in the morning, no morning creases! You peel off the silicone pad (I tried it, it’s painless), and your chest looks like someone let you borrow and iron! Of course, it’s not permanent, but it gives you a tremendous temporary result that lasts the whole day!

Chest wrinkles before and after SiO beauty

Other Things You Can Do to Minimize Cleavage and Chest Wrinkles

Other lifestyle changes will enhance the results you achieve with these silicone pads. It’s essential to keep hydrated- drink plenty of water, get lots of beauty sleep-sleeping on your back is best,  and stay out of the sun. These all help make a good thing even better.

Try them out, and let me know what you think. You will find SiO SkinPads here and many other cleavage and chest wrinkle pads, which are all highly rated.


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  1. I don’t have this problem yet (probably because I’ve never been much sun worshipper), but if you are wearing a deep V top and have a lot of tanned wrinkly skin, you can look leathery and old. This seems like a good fix.

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