Palazzo Pants – How to Wear Them With Pizazz!

There’s something that feels so glamorous about swishing around in a pair of silky, wide-leg pants. They’re feminine, comfy and they have the power to make your legs look lovely, long, and lean. Here’s how to wear Palazzo pants with style.

palazzo pants Melanie Griffiths Vanessa Williams
Melanie Griffiths and Vanessa Williams in palazzo pants and fitted top.

1. Balance With Skinny on Top

Palazzo pants are flowy and very wide on the bottom, so it’s important to stay fitted and short up top. Otherwise, you’ll look out of balance, and your outfit becomes one big, baggy mess.

You have two options: a fitted top -You can wear a semi-fitted/fitted tee, tank, or shirt. Tuck your tank/tee in to show off your waist and highlight the angle at which the pants flare out. (A belt can look fabulous with this look.) Or, if you prefer, you can half-tuck in. brightly colored palazzo pants


2. Choose Color and Print

You’ll find many palazzo pants for women in bold, vivid colors and prints. You are best to pair these with a neutral-colored top like white, black, or gray, for example. Your other choice is to wear a solid color top in one of the colors found in the pants. .. A quiet color looks good with loud pants.

If you are bottom-heavy, palazzo pants with a busy print or in very bright or contrasting colors may not be your best choice. A dark pattern with less contrast is a good solution if you are short or heavy.

3. Finish with Show-Stopping Shoes

The key to pulling off the palazzo look is all in the shoes. There are a couple of ways to go.

If your pants are very long and full, you will need some lift to counter the fullness of the pants and make you look tall and slim, especially if you are not so tall, to begin with. But, don’t worry, you don’t have to wear towering stilettos. With flowy palazzo pants, wedge sandals are a natural choice. They fit in perfectly with the casual, bohemian feel.

If you are of average to tall height, then you may not need a wedge. You can go for flat slides or sandals. Just make sure they are adorable because your shoes will be at the front and center of all that swishing around. black and white palazzo pants


4. Don’t Skimp on Length

Length is also key to getting the look right. Too short, and you’ll look chunky, too long, and you’ll look sloppy. Yes, your pants should be on the long side, but the billowy bottoms should barely touch the floor. Your pants should swish along as you walk, but you shouldn’t be tripping over them or fraying the bottoms.

blue and white palazzo pants

5. Add Soft/Slouchy Accessories

Silk palazzo pants demand accessories with the same relaxed look and feel.  A soft bag with a slouchy shape that echoes the silhouette of your pants is your best choice. Avoid anything stiff and boxy.

The same goes for jewelry. Make it long and loose, dangly and fun, and if you can incorporate some boho texture into your look, in the way of leather, suede, fringe beading, or embroidery, all the better to go with this fashion theme. A big floppy hat is a perfect topper for palazzo pants style.

Wondering how to wear CROPPED wide-leg pants? Here’s a look at this new style with five tips that make it a cinch.


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18 thoughts on “Palazzo Pants – How to Wear Them With Pizazz!

  1. Can you suggest what style of top I can wear with navy blue palazzo pants.
    I’ve been invited to a christening and would like to wear somthing dressy.
    Thank you
    Regards, Luana

    1. Hi Luana, you have so many choices..something lacy or silky is pretty and dressy for a Christening. You could also wear a camisole with a nice dressy jacket. The key is since you are wearing wide on the bottom, go narrow on the top otherwise you will look wide all over – boxy. Have a great time!

  2. Will be picking up a pair and will be wearing them with a pair of light blue Nine West platforms that I bought last year…I even like the idea of sewing a pair instead of buying!

  3. Unfortunately, I think cropped palazzo pants are a crime against humanity. Long palazzo trousers look alright during summer p, but only on the right figure.

  4. Being 5’6 1/2, 100 pound, arms are well define but skinny, I do not have wide hips, but my derriere is little big for my weight I wonder if I can wear a Palazzo Pants. please help.

    1. Hi Maria, You can’t be 100 pounds at that height and have a big anything! Did you perhaps write down the wrong weight? For bottom heavy women I’d suggest trying a dark solid palazzo pant in black for example and see how you look. Hope that helps. Cheers! Deborah

      1. Some people think if you are skinny, you have a flat derriere and no bubbies, but in my case is the contrary. I don’t mean my bottom is huge like the fake bottom of Kim Kardashian; of course not. However, a large bottom runs in my genes as I am Latina from the Caribbean. I feel uncomfortable wearing something that is not appropriate for my age or body type. At least I do not have wide hips. Perhaps that helps when I wear palazzo pants.

        Thanks for your help

  5. I love the look of these pants, but being 5′ 2 and with a short waist which makes buying “the right length top” difficult, they are NOT ever going to look good on me!! UNLESS you can show me some options for us short girls????

  6. I just bought my first pair of Palazzo Pants,and I LOVE them!!! The only thing I didn’t care for about them is the fact that if your not toned in your thigh area,they tend to accentuate the “jiggle”! So I just wear a pair of thin,fitted leggings underneath and that took care of the problem! Love getting your emails!
    Pam Rhodes

  7. You are going to laugh! I teach pattern making and sewing, and I recently had a pants class where students learned how to draft pants that fit using their own measurements and sew them. One of the projects was a pair of palazzo pants. They looked at me like I had two heads! Then they started researching and found that palazzo pants are the “in” thing this year; suffice it to say, they made the pants for the class, and once they tried them on, the students were sold and made several other pairs!
    I LOVE my palazzo pants and wear them with a specific top made for another class demonstration. They can be used for pretty much any occasion and are extremely comfortable, not to mention a great teaching tool to fit the top part of the pants and then start tapering the leg. My class really benefitted from the recycled look that I am so glad is back!

  8. Palazzo pants don’t work unless you are tall and willowy. At 5’4″ and thin, I would be overwhelmed by all that fabric and just look frumpy.

    1. Hi Dina I don’t agree with your assessment of palazzo pants. They actually look good on many body shapes and add height because they should be long (1cm above the floor with heels) The fabric should be something with drape and they should also be high waisted. Worn with a fitted top they are very slimming. I would not recommend using a cotton twill or anything in a similar hand but with a jersey or charmeuese that drape well the end result will be very flattering. I know my students absolutely love them!

    2. I agree Dina! I am slightly shorter than you, and despite the drape or fabric of the pant, getting the combination right is a bit too tricky for me. I find the length of tops a challenge. i am however, considering learning to sew……in what spare time!!!? :D

  9. Where do we buy these palazzo pants? I’m not seeing any links? Love both the blue prints you show here!

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