Quince Linen Clothing Try on and Review

I’ve written a lot about linen clothing and how to style it, but what is the best kind of linen to buy? Quince is a brand specializing in linen that has been getting a lot of buzz. Curious to know more, I’ve partnered with Quince to try out a few of their summer linen pieces.

Here’s what I ordered, how it looks, and what I think about this popular brand known for its great quality and reasonable prices.


quince linen outift

What makes Quince Different?

Quince is a direct-to-consumer clothing and home brand from San Francisco that sells luxury essentials at “radically low prices”. There’s no intermediary so you can buy linen, cashmere, silk, and other high-quality fabrics for far less than your average retailer.

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Great Pricepoint

Here are the pieces I ordered. Look at those prices: Under $40 for all those 100% European Linen pieces (and sometimes under $30!). This is exciting, because since summer is only a few months of the year, so I don’t want to spend much money on summer clothes, but I still want quality.

Quince is Classic

The first thing that struck me when I placed my order was that Quince linen (and all of their clothing) is simple and classic, with a relaxed, modern look and feel. The pieces have minimal detail, and the colors are mainly neutral. Quince is casual but has an air of elegance, which makes it perfect for mature fashionistas who want to dress classy/casual.

It Mixes and Matches Well

Quince Linen ranges from pants to shorts, tops to dresses, and more. I love how everything mixes and matches. It’s so easy to create a fabulous capsule wardrobe for travel, for example.

The three pieces I’m wearing in the photo above are the: European Linen PantsLinen Camp Shirt, and Linen Fitted Tank. They make a  classy outfit.



quince square neck top

Here are the same pants with this fabulous square-neck linen tank. The pants have an elastic,  three pockets and are available in 11 colors/prints.

quince shorts outfit

This is the striped Linen Tank with the matching high-waisted Linen Shorts!  This is such a fun look.  The tank has a smocked zipper back, so it’s stretchy and comfy. When you wear the shorts with the top, it almost look like a romper.

You can wear this outfit as is, or slip on the Linen Camp shirt and wear it over the top knotting it in the front. (See the photo below)

Fit is Good!

For reference,  I’m a size 6 and normally wear a size small. Everything you see here is a small and its fits well, no problem, although I would say it is a tad on the close side.

If  you are between sizes or like your linen loose, you might want to go up a size.

I love how super soft Quince linen is! You know how some linen is a little stiff and scratchy? Not so with Quince.

Wrinkling is another story, but that is part and parcel of wearing real linen. You either love linen and everything about it or you don’t.

quince linen shorts set

I should also mention that these are their longer shorts. They have an elastic waistband and a 5″ inseam.

The also have a sporty pair with front patch pockets and a 3.5-inch inseam, but I thought they’d be too short for me.

These shorts are a nice blue-gray color, but look a tad green in some of these photos because of all the greenery around us where we shot. You’ll see that they look much bluer below when I’m in the sun.



quince pink linen top

Here are the same loose and comfy shorts paired with this darling pink linen tank. This pink is very soft, like a shell pink.

The cut is super flattering and practical for mature gals who want to go sleeveless but don’t want to feel too bare.

Now, here’s that same pink tank again, but this time with the European linen pants! See how versatile these pieces are.

Eco Friendly

Another good thing I learned about Quince is that they are eco-conscious.

Not only do they use sustainably produced materials, like linen, but they are eliminating all virgin plastic in their packaging, and all of their packaging will soon be 100% compostable.

They also have factories that provide equitable wages and safe work environments for their workers, which I like.

You can see the great cut and quality of those pants in the photo above.


So what do I think? I’m thrilled to have discovered Quince.  It offers quality and affordability, elegant styles  and colors that are easy to mix and match, and very comfy pieces.

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Quince is also know for its cashmere, and I can’t wait to try that in the fall, too. They also has a lot of nice dresses, which I will be sharing in a new post next week, so watch for that.

To shop Quince, just click the links in the post text or carousel above!

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  1. I have noticed everything from Quince is from China. I don’t feel I could trust this brand because of those low prices leave me skeptical. Am I the only one?

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