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How to Dress To Meet a Celebrity – Advice From Styleblazer Tanya Foster

She’s a 40+ go-getter with a love of film, fashion, and fun. Meet Dallas lifestyle blogger, Tanya Foster. Tanya’s blog draws on her experience chairing many of the city’s major charity events and her lifelong passion for fashion.


Her lovely posts cover everything from attending high-end fashion shows to meeting top celebrities, going to film festivals, travel, restaurants, the latest beauty procedures and more.

I recently had the chance to chat with Tanya about her exciting life and her chic style. Here’s my interview with this Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer.

deborah boland pink dresDeb: How would you describe your style?  What are the key ingredients of your signature look?

Tanya: I would describe my style as classic with a little bit of casual chic.


Deb: Trends you are loving right now and why? Trends not for you and why?

Tanya: I love a good riding boot, and I think it never goes out of style. Although I do love a great Over The Knee Boot, I think it has been overplayed. It’s not for everyone, especially if your thighs are not your friend. You know what I mean?


Deb: Current favorite casual go-to outfit? 

Tanya: AG Boyfriend jeans, a white button-down crisp shirt, blazer or jacket, black leather booties. Accessories: Scarf and Hermes Birkin bag!

tanya foster

Deb: You’ve done quite a bit of traveling. Any places that have heavily influenced your sense of style? If so, how?

Tanya: I think you can tell that I have German roots by the way I dress. My mother is German, and we lived there part of my childhood. I gravitate towards well made, investment pieces that will go a long way in my wardrobe. Trendy is not my thing. I’m a European girl at heart!


Deb: You’re part of a great group of Dallas 40 + bloggers, many of whom I have profiled. All of you look fabulous!! How would you describe the Dallas look?

Tanya: I think Dallas gals can get away with more. Bigger is better in Texas, and we can incorporate that in our wardrobe, jewelry, accessories, and hair. We tend to think “more is more”! Grunge doesn’t work here, and we like a lot of color (although I do have a lot of black in my wardrobe). We’re southern and happy, and that translates in our look/feel.


Deb: How does being part of a such fashionable group like this influence/inspire your style? 

Tanya: It makes me want to be better and always be dressed appropriately. There’s not an “off day” in this group. No one is running around in something that they would want no one to see them in. Heck, even our workout outfits are fabulous. And coordinated.


Deb: Everyone has style challenges. What is yours and how do you work around it?

Tanya: Hmmm, that’s a good question. I think I am hypercritical of my body and tend to find something that I don’t like about myself in the fashion pictures that I post. That’s part of the business of blogging – you look at your pictures every day.

My blog photographer is amazing (Mary Summers), but I will always find some little thing about the shoot that I don’t like. For example, in the warm summer months, I don’t like to show a lot of leg because I feel like that is where you can really see my age. So you won’t see me posting any swimsuit or shorts fashion posts.


Deb: You work on/attend many charity events.  How do you dress for these events and your style suggestions for women who might be new these types of events and are wondering what to wear? 

Tanya: I love all of the events I attend and work on whether as a volunteer or as part of Tanya Foster consulting. Dallas is such philanthropic community and gives so much that you could attend 2-3 events each week. My basic rule is that if the invitation says “black tie” you need to be in a long gown.

If it says “cocktail” then short is appropriate. Luncheon events are always meant to be a nice dress or luncheon suit. Same for fashion shows. Under no circumstance should anyone be dressed “casual” for any of them. Horrors!

And don’t always wear black. It’s not a funeral. Find your favorite dress in a color you love and wear it.


Deb: Through your work as an actress and in non-profit you’ve met a lot of celebrities and have an interesting take on What to wear when you meet a celebrity. Tell us more.

Tanya: Oh gosh, I certainly have. When I was the President and CEO of the Dallas Film Society, I really dealt with a lot of celebrities when we produced the Dallas International Film Festival. Oddly enough in that capacity, they are dressed very casual. But casual still means “pulled together”. But if you meet them at a charity event, step it up a notch. The luncheon attire rules apply.

tanya foster marissa tomei

When I am at a film festival (EX: Sundance Film Festival), everyone is extremely casual. Jeans, sweater, great jacket, boots.  As an actress, the same rule applies. About the only time, you see actors dressed up is on a red carpet.As for color,  If I know I am going to meet a celebrity I always wear BLACK (or something monochromatic).The reason for my fashion answer is that you don’t want to upstage the celebrity.

As for color,  If I know I am going to meet a celebrity I always wear BLACK (or something monochromatic). The reason for my fashion answer is that you don’t want to upstage the celebrity.


Deb: A  big part of your blog focuses on beauty, and you are very open about the various rejuvenation treatments you’ve tested out. What do you think are the best treatments you’ve tried for looking vibrant and youthful? 

Tanya: Honestly, I have really liked everything I have tried. A great dermatologist and facials are an absolute must for taking your skin to the next level. I wish I would have known that in my 20’s. You are never too young to start having a good daily skin care regimen. My readers really like that I am open and honest with them about these procedures. The before and after pictures speak for themselves.


Deb: You have fabulous, to-die-for hair. Your secrets, please!

Tanya: Ha! Thank you! Consistency is the key for good hair. My tresses are in the magnificent hands of Michael Flores at the Michael Flores Salon. All of my hair care products come from his salon, and I completely trust him on my style. Once I asked if I should cut it off when the long bob was all the rage, and he didn’t let me. I appreciate his honesty!

Also, I only wash my hair every 3-4 days.


Deb: I enjoyed your post about how Forever 21 is for everyone. Often women over 40 feel like these types of stores will offer nothing appropriate for them. Any tips on how 40+ women get make the most out of their shopping experience at stores focused on a younger audience?

Tanya: Yes! When you try to shop at any of these types of stores, look to see what the store merchandised and styled on the front mannequins or on the home page of their website. Go with that. If you go to far down the rabbit hole, you will get lost in a world of youth. And we don’t need to be there. I love to combine these clothes with higher end accessories to give them a higher end look. Never, ever, ever wear these brands head to toe. Actually, that’s true of any brand.


Deb: You make it look easy. Any advice for women who may be struggling to find their style? 

Tanya: Be yourself! That’s all I am doing. If you feel comfortable and good about yourself in what you are wearing, that’s all that matters.


Deb: Anything else you would like to add?

Tanya: Get up every day, get dressed and put on your make-up. I even did this when I had my babies and was going to be home all day. If you get dressed and put on your make-up, you will be ready for your entire day ahead. And you will feel better about yourself. No matter what lies ahead.

Thanks Tanya for sharing your impeccable style with us. Ladies, be sure to visit Tanya’s blog, Tanya Foster to see more of her fabulous style.

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