Are Cold Shoulder Tops Still in Style?

Cold shoulder tops are a favorite with women our age because they give an outfit a subtle, sexy vibe. Recently, I’ve had a few emails asking if they are still in style.

Although they’ve peaked, cold-shoulder tops have held their own and are still fabulous in warm weather. Travelers love them because they have a fun, carefree vacation vibe.

Here are some of the best cold-shoulder tops available right now.


Cold Shoulder - Floral

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Long Sleeve Cold Shoulder Tops

I’m always asked about long sleeves in summer, and here is the perfect top. This pretty cold-shoulder blouse gives you the arm coverage you crave but keeps you cool with its ruffled shoulder cutouts. Pair it with bootcut jeans, a pink bag, and neutral sandals for a casual but classy look.

Cold Shoulder - Black

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Slit Sleeve Cold Shoulder Tops

One of the most elegant types of cold shoulder tops has fine slits rather than large cutouts. This sleek black and white cold shoulder top is a great example.

The sleeves remind me of long, flowy curtains that someone has opened just a tiny bit to give a sneak peek. This is a classy-looking top, especially with white pants and black accessories.



Cold Shoulder Tops - Pink

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Floral Cold Shoulder Tops

Cold shoulder tops are flirty and feminine, especially those with floral prints.  The dark floral type (bright florals against a dark background) is always popular because they tend to look more sophisticated. A dark floral cold shoulder top dresses up your favorite jeans or black pants. 

To style this kind of top, choose one of the colors in a dark floral cold shoulder top and look for a bag to match it. This pink purse brings the dark floral to life and makes the outfit look coordinated.


Cold Shoulder - Navy

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Cold Shoulder Tees

T-shirt-style cold shoulder tops are a great twist on a casual classic. They’re natural with shorts or jeans in the summer or on vacation. Lately, ruffle sleeve cold shoulder tees have been trending and are a great way to look summery but cover the flabby bit of upper arms if you are self-conscious.


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10 thoughts on “Are Cold Shoulder Tops Still in Style?

  1. I like & appreciate Also, I agree w/ Lulu, who said, “…they are now a little dated but can still be worn another season or two. I just purchased one from Old Navy…I think it looks pretty; I wish it were here to stay.” I wish it were here to stay too. Why can’t it be here longer than a couple more years? Many women like cold shoulder tops & I’m sure many guys like seeing women in them too. Of course, there are hard shoulder tops I don’t like, but others I’ve loved since they came out & will continue to. Some fashion comes & goes while others are timeless classics, but why can’t those of us who love cold shoulder tops request them from stores & make them (or at least try to make them) more timeless than just a couple? More years? Just as there are always options of many types of necklines & sleeves for different tastes, in a perfect world, the cold shoulder would continue to be made available to women who like or love it & no one would judge others about it.

    Clothing manufacturers often push something new to SELL more. I’m not talking about the creative folks in fashion design. I mean the cold, complex world of business, including corporations. Corporations don’t care about millions of families’ limited wardrobe budgets or that, often, the money someone is about to spend unnecessarily on fashion could better be donated to refugees, etc. Sometimes (not always), it’s people who are relatively shallow or self-centered & who have money to throw around who proclaim things ‘out of fashion because *their* high-flying budget allows them to change even their furniture when they so much as get a little tired of it. I love the fabulousafter40 dot com website & fashion tips. Also, nothing beats the company of women! Just remember that w/ gas & housing prices as they are, & things looking like we might be going into recession, people’s 1st-world problems such as ‘what might that shallow/judgmental person over there think of my cold shoulder top’ start looking a bit different. I like fashion, but a sense of perspective & a higher value system can be called for, too. There are videos on youtube about how Americans see America when they come back (at least to visit) after living abroad for years. One of the video makers said the 1st thing she noticed was “consumerism & materialism mentality…” which other returning-American video makers saw. Forex, this is a perfect video for anyone interested (just copy & paste the title to youtube): How I See the US After Living Abroad for 15 Years [CULTURE SHOCK]

  2. Admittedly, they’re not my favorite style of tops. However, cold shoulder tops will have their periods of waning popularity, and like a phoenix, they’ll rise from the ashes. I don’t want to see CS tops oversaturating the retail market like they did a few years ago.

  3. I don’t understand why these cold-shoulder tops are popular. To me, they look sloppy, show an odd part of the body and look unflattering to everyone.

  4. I don’t like them much, but it’s good to have to stay calm if you don’t want your upper arms but have good shoulders. They can hide that aging thing under your underarms. Some fashion bloggers say these tops are out; I haven’t seen any in the stores.

  5. My friend called cold shoulders “covid vaccine tops” cuz they make it easy to get your vaccination :-)

      1. I love your site, Deborah. I went out and got three new pairs of long shorts this week after reading about them here :-)

  6. I’m glad you posted this. I’ve been wondering the same. My take is that they are now a little dated but can still be worn another season or two before they look downright dated. I just purchased one from Old Navy, a blue tropical floral. I think it’s such a pretty look; I wish it were here to stay.

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