How to Style Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

I’m a big fan of anything Spanx, so it’s no wonder I love Spanx Faux Leather Leggings. And while there are a million and one ways to style them, I tend to fall back on a few favorite style recipes that I think make me look casually chic. Here are six ways I wear my Spanx Faux leather leggings.

spanx faux leather leggings,mustard top

1. Wear a Chunky, Oversize Sweater

This is probably the most fun way to wear them, but first, a bit about the leggings. These are Spanx Faux Croc Leggings, which are new and pretty cool. They’re a great color- a very dark chocolate brown with a textured croc finish that looks very upscale.

I always find that a chunky oversize sweater looks so chic with faux leather leggings.  The wide-over skinny silhouette is always so figure-flattering, and if you can find a sweater with rich fall color like this mustard to go with the dark faux leather, well, that’s a match made in heaven. Make sure you wear booties to create that dramatic inverted triangle shape!


spanx faux leather leggings sweatercoat


2. Cozy Up in a Long Cardigan

Another great look with faux leather leggings is to wear a tee with a long cardigan—the softer and finer the cardigan, the more elegant the look with faux leather leggings. I belted my cardigan because my tee is short underneath.

I wouldn’t wear this open with a short tee and leggings, but you could if you had a longer top—otherwise, too much information with tight leggings, as they say.


spanx faux leather leggings sweatercoat

pink sweater (similar)

3.  Think Pink

O.K. Here’s another long sweater with faux leather leggings, but this one is not as oversize, and it still looks good! (You have to be in the mood for a dramatic sweater like that first mustard one because it can overwhelm you!) What I like about this sweater is that icy pink pastel color with dark leather leggings. When I bought this, the cashier said, Oh, you are buying our Candy Floss sweater”, and I thought, yes, that is pretty much the color.

So it’s the sweet feminine colored, soft sweater with the edgy leather leggings that makes this outfit such an exciting combo. Here’s a similar pink sweater. Girl meets boy, sweet innocent meets biker. Notice these leggings are not croc, but they have some very subtle texture, which is lovely.


Spanx faux leather leggings red sweater

4. Try a Tunic Sweater

If you want to better look at this tunic sweater, (similar) check out this leggings post. You will see that this is a long sweater with slits on the sides, so it is a very sporty look with these leggings. These are the same leggings as above. They are called Spanx Faux Leather leggings they are a bestseller. They fit like a glove.

I got a small since I’m a size 6, and boy was it murder getting into them the first time! But now they have loosened up, but not to the point where they don’t hold everything in! They have an ultra-comfy power waistband to give you a flat gut, which you need when wearing leggings.


Spanx faux leather leggings tunic

5. Slip on a Long Belted Blouse

This is a cute look. Here are the same leggings with a darling belted tunic blouse that I bought at Zara. It’s high at the front and low at the back, which is great because it covers your bum, and it’s also very stylish. Plus, it’s got those long side slits, so as you move, you get a glimpse of the sexy faux leather at your hips.

I wore contrasting booties to make the black leggings pop. If you are short, you could go with a dark bootie to elongate the legs. ( I’m 5’7″, in case you are wondering)



Spanx faux leather leggings, white sweater

6.  Wear a Long V-Neck Sweater

This is another high-low sweater, although it’s hard to tell here because I am sitting; you get the idea. You want to cover your private parts and bottom; however, a top that cuts straight across is not very flattering.

It’s boxy and will make you look wide if it cuts across your widest point. A high low gives you the coverage you need and creates a diagonal, revealing some hip at the side. This is more slimming.


So, there are 6 chic and cozy ways I wear my Spanx Faux Leather Leggings.

I have linked the bestselling faux leather leggings, croc leggings, and a few more like their moto faux leather leggings.

For more ideas for styling leather leggings, click here.

Many of the tops I’ve had in my closet for a long time, but I’ve tried to find some long and chunky sweaters to link to. I hope I’ve given you a few ideas for wearing Faux Leather leggings, and if you have never worn them before, you can now approach wearing them with confidence.

I have also linked my makeup for the shoot. I’ve been using Charlotte Tillbury, and I love it!


*Thank you to Spanx for sponsoring this post. All opinions are mine.

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5 thoughts on “How to Style Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

  1. I have just taken receipt of Spanx faux leather leggings in xs, which fit pretty tight, but a size small would be baggy on my knees. I am 5f & have quite chunky thick legs. Do you think you need thin legs to carry them off? It’s tough to trim the fat off your legs after menopause. I’m in two minds about retiring them.x

  2. This was a great post. I’ve been trapped in just wearing peplum blouses over my leggings. Also, I thought leather leggings were a younger and nightclub ensemble. You presented me with so many options.

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