Styling Wit and Wisdom Jeans from Nordstrom

Finding the perfect jeans is always a challenge, so I’m thrilled to partner with Nordstrom to tell you about their fantastic selection of women’s jeans, including my new favorites.

Deborah in space dye sweater with skinny jeans

When I need a pair of jeans, I turn to Nordstrom, and I mean that! Nordstrom has an excellent selection of jeans for all women, particularly for women our age. Getting older tends to make us a little rounder and softer, and they carry many great brands that do an excellent job of keeping everything in place (LOL!)

Some favorite brands they carry are Paige, Good American, Liverpool, and Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. I’ve worn all these, but Wit and Wisdom are the ones I’ve been rockin’ in the last several months.

Deborah in space dye sweater pink with skinny jeans

Nordstrom has a complete line of Wit and Wisdom jeans. There’s some for every shape and style of personality. I love this brand for a lot of reasons.

Deborah in space dye sweater jeans

First of all, their jeans are lightweight. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t say I like thick, heavy denim. It doesn’t feel good on; it looks bulky, and I do not need it!

space dye sweater, cowboy booties

Second, the fit is excellent. These are the Wit and Wisdom Ab-solution Modern Skinny Ankle Jeans. They have an elastic panel on the inside that smooths you in all the right places for an extra flattering fit. They fit slim in the leg and have built-in stretch, so be sure to go down one size.

Nordstrom also carries the Wit and Wisdom Luxe Touch High Waist Skinny Ankle – a similar style with even more stretch. They’re great, too! Then there are the Wit and Wisdom jeggings, which are a little longer if you don’t like ankle length.

space dye sweater earrings

I like to wear my jeans with colorful tops, like this festive space-dye sweater. I call this my sunset sweater because of all the gorgeous orange and pink shades. I find it so uplifting to wear these warm colors when it’s starting to get dreary out.

While I was at Nordstrom picking up my jeans and sweater, I came across these fabulous Jenny Bird earrings, which I think do an excellent job of dressing up my casual look.

space dye sweater, blue jeans

The other great thing I wanted to mention about Wit and Wisdom is that they are very clean-looking, classic jeans. There’s some fading and some whiskering to give them a modern look, but they don’t overdo it.

You know me, I’m not one for really faded jeans or too trendy washes or rips and ragged hems. These are modern and classy and give you a pulled-together look.



I usually prefer skinny-leg jeans, but these also come in a bootcut style, which is fabulous. They will be my next purchase! 

tan suede booties

I just wanted to finish by giving you one last look at the beautiful crop of these jeans- just above the ankle. Don’t they look fabulous when you pair them with these gorgeous suede booties (also from Nordstrom

Be sure to check out Nordstrom for your next pair of jeans. The nice thing is you can order a few teams, try them on at home, find the ones that work for you, and return the rest free of charge.

I love how easily Nordstrom makes it so simple to shop. Jeans take a lot of trying on and checking in the mirror from all angles, so doing that in the comfort of your home is ideal.

Please send me a photo of you in your new jeans. I’d love to post it in my private Facebook group!

*Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!

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8 thoughts on “Styling Wit and Wisdom Jeans from Nordstrom

  1. Hi Deborah. I have this sweater, and those colors bring out the best on my face. I had a color analysis in November and was told soft summer. My question is would you consider this sweater to have cool or warm colors? I am struggling with figuring that out. I am interested in your opinion that I finally have a top with the best colors for my face.

    A fellow Canadian that loves your blog!
    Thank you so much

    P.S. Do you know if Canadians can order from the Nordstrom USA site? I find the Canadian site does not have as much variety to match your blog, and just curious.

    1. Geez. I just noticed you said in the blog that the sweater has warm colors! I am baffled about the soft summer analysis, then!

    2. Hi Michelle,
      The color of this sweater is warm because they have yellow undertones. Cool colors have pink (bluish/pink) undertones. Soft means muted, and cool summer means cool, so you are muted cool. Did you get a color swatch with your analysis? Here are the colors you should wear:
      As for Nordstrom, we cannot order from the USA site during Covid. We used to be able to. Now we can only call off, and there is much less choice. I hope things return to the way they were after covid! Cheers, Deborah

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