What to Wear with Cozy Shearling Boots

One of the joys of winter is the cozy feeling you get when you slip into a big chunky sweater or some thick, snuggly socks. This year, you can add shearling-lined boots to that list. 

Here’s a look at this latest boot trend, and how to style shearling boots to look casually chic.

shearling bootie with heel

My favorite shearling bootie

If shearling booties haven’t appealed to you in the past because they seemed big and clunky (UGGS), you need to look at them with fresh eyes. These lovely suede shearling-lined booties are fabulous.

I love that they are so sleek and fine, and the shearling isn’t overdone. These booties are understated but luxe, and the comfy wedge makes them easy to walk in too, which is something I’m all for these days!


shearling lined boots

1. Wear Shearling Boots With Leggings

There’s no lack of styles when it comes to shearling booties. One of the more elegant types is a shearling wedge bootie.

Be sure not to cover up all this beautiful detail by wearing pants over the top. These look best with leggings or skinny jeans to show off the boots and give a fun, modern vibe. This long tee is perfect to wear with leggings and looks great with the gray suede. A cute gray bag with this cool chain stitching adds some nice texture too.

Shearling lined boots

2. Pair Lug Sole Shearling Lined Boots with Jeans

It’s different strokes for different folks. Some gals prefer a trendier, more edgy kind of shearling bootie, and if that is you, you will like this one. Lugged sole booties are trending. These really make a very cool statement. The tan laces and giant tuft of shearling down the middle makes these real attention grabbers.

A boot like this looks great with a natural look like jeans and a cozy long cardigan. I love this bucket bag with the booties- such a nice flow from one to the other. You’ll look comfy but hip in this rugged look.

Shearling lined boots

3.  Pair Tall Shearling Boots with Leather Leggings

For anyone who loves riding boots, this is a great variation on a theme. I mean, how many black riding boots can you have? These tan shearling booties with the commanding shearling trim have a natural elegance to them. ( They’re similar to the first bootie we saw but tall).

You could wear these with a sweaterdress, with jeans or leggings, but I’ve paired them here with faux leather leggings, a burgundy sweater, and added a leopard bag to give the outfit a little oomph!

4.  Try Winter White Shearling Boots

Most shearling-lined boots are a variation on a hiker boot style, like this one comes in both black and this off white pumice shade. It is more rugged in black, and in this color, it has a slightly more feminine feel. I’ve noticed many light-colored taupe or cream shearling booties like this, and yes, you can wear them with dark-colored pants. But how about trying something different and doing a winter white look?

We all know by now that white jeans in winter can work ( so long as they are too thin). Pair them with a cream sweater and these sporty shearling booties for a lighter, more romantic look ( if hiking boots can be romantic – lol!) You know what I mean- sweeter look! This gorgeous creamy bag with the silver chain instant upscale the look.

Here are some more great Women’s shearling boots and booties in stores right now.

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