5 Cute Rain Jackets + Spring Outfits to Match

Rain, rain go away. Come again another day? We wish!

It’s the middle of spring, which means there’s still a lot of rainy weather ahead. What can you wear when you are out puddle jumping to stay warm and dry? Here are 5 cute rain jackets with spring outfits to match.

Rain Jacket - Pink Floral

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How a Spring Blazer Can Instantly Elevate Your Style

Do you have a casual outfit that needs a boost? Try adding a spring blazer.

If you’ve ever heard of the “power of the third piece” you know what a difference this can make. The third piece is a dressing trick were you take a run of the mill outfit and elevate it to the next level by simply adding a third piece (like a blazer) to tie your look together.

Start with any pair of jeans and a simple top. Then add a stylish spring blazer, and suddenly you have a much more polished and interesting look.  It’ kind of like adding a juicy tomato slice or a yummy avocado wedge to a plain, old bread and meat sandwich — the third “piece” makes it much more exciting!

Applying “the third piece rule” is easy this season because of all the fabulous new spring blazers we’re seeing. Here’s a look at 4 spring blazers that are loaded with personality!spring blazers for women- navy with white piping, white jeans, nude flats | styled by Fabulous After 40shop the look

Navy Belted Blazer

It’ not often you see blazers with belts, and I haven’t seen piping in years, so when I first saw this darling jacket, I did a double take. A navy blazer is such a handy piece to have in your wardrobe, but many times they are a little too serious looking. This 1901 Tie waist blazer is more sporty and modern, plus I love the nautical vibe. You can go wrong with this spring blazer.

Also, For those who work in a casual office environment and have have been wondering how to style a blazer for work, this a  pretty cute look! Continue reading “How a Spring Blazer Can Instantly Elevate Your Style”


Snuggle Up in Fall’s Coziest Shearling Jackets and Coats

It’s going to be a cozy fall if you jump on board one of this season’s hottest trends – Shearling jackets. Shearling certainly isn’t new, but the way designers are showing this year sure is. Gone are the big, bulky, shapeless styles that many of us associate with these wooly winter coats.

Today’s shearling has more personality and comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and textures.  Here’s a look at what’s new and some ideas on how to wear a shearling jacket with style. Shearling - Cream Moto Jacket

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The Boyfriend Jacket – You Still Love It!

There’s a good reason the casual boyfriend jacket has stuck around as long as it has. It’s hard to find clothes that are chic but comfy.

boyfriend jackets

If you’ve never been totally clear on what a boyfriend jacket is, it’s simple. Remember the days when your chivalrous date would lend you his jacket on a chilly evening?

That’s the idea behind this style of this jacket.  It’s slightly oversized, soft and slouchy, but not baggy, and it has a relaxed look and feel. Think of the casual boyfriend jacket as a great alternative to a fitted jacket. Continue reading “The Boyfriend Jacket – You Still Love It!”


How to Style Embroidered Boots

Even if you like to dress casually, it’s easy to pull in a couple of luxurious pieces to upscale your outfit and make you feel fabulous. Here are two beautiful things I just bought: elegant, classy, and right on trend!

velvet jacket

I love the classic look of an impeccably tailored jacket worn with jeans or leggings. This stunning velvet jacket pushes all the right buttons for me.

velvet jacket 2

Velvet is trending, and you are going to see a lot of it this fall. This particular jacket is by Theory. They call it their power jacket, and that is exactly how you feel when you slip this baby on.

It’s been a long time since I wore a jacket with strong shoulders like this (hello 1980’s), and I must say I like the crisp look and feel, not to mention how a structured shoulder makes the rest of your body look so sleek.

My jacket looks red in some of these photos, but it is actually more of electric pink. Here’s a similar jacket.

floral embroidered boots

Did you notice what else I bought? I treated myself to these breathtaking Kate Spade rose embroidered boots that I have been eyeing forever. I think they really pop against the all black, and their feel goes so well with the luxe velvet jacket.

Kate Spade flower embroidered boots fall 2017
Kate Spade flower embroidered boots fall 2017

Here’s a closer look at these embroidered boots. They’re a work of art! I’d be happy just to put them on a shelf and look at them all day, but I’m making myself wear them all the time, so I really get my money’s worth. ( Don’t you hate when we buy clothes and then don’t wear them?)

Kate Spade embroidered boots, theory hot pink jacket

Let me walk you through what’s behind this look. Both velvet and embroidery are part of what everyone is calling the Russian Doll trend….lots of velvet, embroidery, dark florals, plenty of red, black, luxurious details.

pink velevet jacket by Theory

I’ve taken a couple of these Russian elements and mixed them with a classic black column of color. Have you heard me talk about that before? If not, a column of color is simply a dressing trick.

velvet blazer black pant and top

To create a column of color, you wear black head to toe (in this case, a top and leggings). Then, you put a jacket, or long vest, a coat, or something like that in a bright or light color over top of the dark column.

The contrast between the long, lean line of black and the outside color running alongside it creates a visual illusion that will make you look taller and slimmer. Movie stars use this trick ALL the time.

velvet jacket casual look

So you see, you look relaxed but dressed up at the same time, and with my 40+ lifestyle I find I require that combo a lot.

pink velvet jacket black pants and top embroidered booties

Here’s one last look without the jacket. It looks good this way too.


Double-Up on Style: Double Breasted Jackets

If you happened to catch the Emmy’s last week you may have noticed over-40 glam gal Reese Witherspoon rockin’ a Prussian blue silk tuxedo dress.

Reese Witherspoon Emmys 2017
Reese Witherspoon Emmys 2017/shutterstock

This stunning color showed off her gorgeous blue eyes and the double-breasted styling helped prove that Reese knows a thing or two when it comes to current fashion trends.

Double-breasted styling goes in and out of fashion but it’s back with a vengeance this fall. If you’re shopping for a new coat or jacket, here are some fab options to try.


The 80’s double-breasted power jacket has made a comeback, only this time it’s a little more streamlined through the waist.

Theory is a brand known for their high-quality modern workwear, and the shapely vintage silhouette of this camogie power jacket definitely let’s everyone know ‘she’s’ the boss.



Pantsuits, which also haven’t been around in a very long time are also trending. This suit is a mashup of classic menswear tailoring and modern deconstruction.  The double-breasted plaid blazer  with raw edges on the pockets, cuffs and jacket hemline is fashion forward and downright cheeky.

Note of caution: As with any double-breasted jacket, steer clear if you are top-heavy. Double breasted jackets will bulk up an area that you want to make smaller. On the other hand if you are small/medium busted this type of jacket is very flattering.



Double-breasted styles with wide overlappping front flaps and double row of buttons have their roots in military clothing.  This commanding  black, flared double breasted long coat by Ralph Lauren is incredibly elegant.

This is that coat: the one you put on over top your jeans and a sweatshirt to look instantly polished and put together; the one that works perfectly with your Holiday party dress; the one that keeps you warm without making you look bulky…. You know the one.




Every woman needs an army style jacket in her wardrobe, whether you wear it with jeans or a little black dress like the French famously do, because they are just so utilitarian.

This super cute double-breasted infantry military jacket fits the bill nicely. The oversized cut with the rolled up sleeves is relaxed and comfy.




Double breasted jackets usually look a little more formal than a single breasted jacket which is why this gorgeous burgundy, double breasted blazer  is so unique.  Three-quarter length sleeves turn it into a more casual sporty piece that works perfectly to elevate your basics.

The longer length makes it a great choice to throw on with skinny jeans and a t-shirt for a Saturday look. It would look equally fab paired with a pleated skirt and block heels for work.



Okay you caught me, this striped satin blouse isn’t a coat or jacket but I wanted to show it to you because it is so pretty and different.
This classic pinstripe shirt gets a makeover with double-breasted styling, gently flared sleeves, a unique back cutout. (You can’t see that here but go online and you’ll see what I mean.) This is one basic blouse that is definitely not boring.


double-breasted trench coats are nothing new, but if you’re looking for a change from standard back and tan, then this purple corduroy trench coat  is a beauty. The classic styling, done in corduroy and this rich, regal purple hue is truly stunning.


Are you a fan of double-breasted jackets, blouses or coats?


Colorful Moto Jackets For Non-Biker Chicks!

If you like the biker look, but you’re far too feminine to feel at home in black leather, then go for a moto jacket in rich fall color.

Green leather jacket

Green Leather and Suede Jacket

Edgy but pretty, this soft as butter green draped moto jacket is a cool statement piece. The key to making it work is to keep everything else subtle so the jacket pops. Continue reading “Colorful Moto Jackets For Non-Biker Chicks!”


The Military Jacket – How to Style it Over 40

Can I wear this look after 40?

Hi Deborah,

I am so glad I found your wonderful website.  I have a question that relates to what is “age-appropriate.”

I am 43 and very petite.  I am in love with a trendy jacket, although I usually stay away from trends.  The jacket I am talking about is the military jacket.

My only concern is the age-appropriate perception of this jacket due to the adornment?  My idea would be to wear it with some nice fitted jeans, a simple white top underneath and simple, sleek black or metallic heels.  No excessive accessories.  I have tried the jacket on, and it fits beautifully.

Your thoughts on the age-appropriateness of this ensemble are greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Gail
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Fringe Trim Jackets Add a Hip Vibe

One of the best ways to pull together a casual outfit is with a jacket, but you don’t want one that looks too serious and stiff (making you look old). A fringe trim jacket solves this problem.



Sporty tweed jackets like this with raw, unfinished edges and detailing are fabulous for a few reasons:

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Fashion bloggers over 40

Jacket Society – She’s Got The Look

I’m always inspired by women who manage to turn a lifelong passion into a career. It’s an accomplishment to be able to come up with an idea and then have the drive and determination to make your dream a reality.

Nora Minassian did just that when she created her stunning collection of women’s jackets.

Jacket Society was born out of  Nora’s love of fashion and a need to fill a gap in the women’s apparel industry.

It’s only been a year, but already Nora has a thriving business. I love seeing her model her unique designs on her popular blog. Nora always looks fabulous, and there’s so much you can learn by studying her chic styling ideas. She’s got the look that many women 40+ are after.  I recently chatted with Nora about her jackets, her success and what makes her a Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer.

Deborah Boland miniDeb: Nora, What inspired you to become a jacket, designer?

Nora: I am a fashion designer by profession, I graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in 1988 and have worked in the fashion industry for many years, and I even had my own label called Nora Minas which was a full collection at some point.  Continue reading “Jacket Society – She’s Got The Look”

Fashion bloggers over 40

Style Ideas from 40+ Fashion Bloggers

This week meet 4 bloggers with distinct personal styles. From polished to adventurous, to cool and casual, these ladies prove that fabulous doesn’t stop at 40. Take a look and see what I mean.

how-to-wear-pants-over-40.jpgLet a Jacket Do the Talking

Whether you are heading off to the office or out to dinner, a fitted jacket with a good shoulder jacket is a great way to show off your figure and dress up an outfit.

Here Susan layers a graphic black and white jacket over her monochromatic top and pants. This crisp look works for daytime or evening. Susan keeps her accessories including her clutch to a minimum so that the jacket can be the star of the show.

See more of Susan’s classic style on her blog Fifty, not frumpy. Continue reading “Style Ideas from 40+ Fashion Bloggers”


How to Wear Black Leather Over 40

Black leather has never been more popular, but if you wonder whether it’s too rock n’ roll for a grown-up gal, just look at Olivia Newton John.

oliva newton john black leggings

These days she’s rockin black leather just as well as she did when she starred in Grease, and she’s no spring chicken anymore! Her classy striped blouse is a great example of what to wear with black leather pants. It’s simple an sophisticated and elevates black leather, making it look more refined.

Leather is stylish over 40, but how else can you wear it so you don’t look like a worn out biker chic?  Continue reading “How to Wear Black Leather Over 40”